Final Fantasy screenshot

Final Fantasy X - Sphere Grid

Sphere Grid Basics

The Sphere Grid becomes accessible right after Rikku explains how to use it in a short tutorial. Each character who joins the party has a pre-designated starting point on the grid. While each of the characters has his or her own section, you can remove the locks between the different sections by using the appropriate key sphere is have 4 levels. Meaning that the possibilities for characters are endless.

Ability Points and Sphere Levels

As the party defeats enemies, everyone involved in the battle received Ability Points, or also known as AP. When enough AP is collected, the character achieves a Sphere Level. This is why it is essential to switch every party member into a boss fight for at least one turn, since so much AP is at stake. If possible in regular fights try to do the same.

Each Sphere Level enables a character to move one node forward on the Sphere Grid, or up to four nodes backward if desired. Open the Sphere Grid and press "X". After selecting the Move command, the number of nodes you can move in any direction is highlighted. Move to the desired position and press "X" again, and then confirm that you would like to remain at the selected position. You can change your mind and cancel out before deciding. Moving forward is essential to activating new sphere nodes and gaining new abilities.

Sphere Nodes

After moving a character's marker to a new location on the Sphere Grid, press "X" again. Select the Use Command, and a window listing the available spheres opens. Use the spheres that you've collected to activate nodes in the vicinity. You can activate the node that the marker is positioned on or an adjacent node.