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Final Fantasy X - Characters


Age: 17
Joins: He's present from the beginning
Description: Tidus is a cheerful, rising blitzball star playing for the Zanarkand Abes. He has long resented his father, who was a renowned player himself before his untimely death. Tidus's quick moves allow him to attack even the swiftest foes with ease.
Tidus Avatar


Age: 17
Joins: Besaid island, after leaving Besaid village
Description: Daughter of High Summoner Braska. Honest and determined, Yuna embarks on a pilgrimage to obtain the Final Aeon and defeat Sin. Yuna is learning the mystical art of summoning aeons - powerful spirits of yore.
Yuna Avatar


Age: 22
Joins: Besaid beach
Description: Coach and captain of the local blitzball team, the Besaid Aurochs. Wakka plans to retire from the sport after this year's tournament, so that he can devote himself fully to serving as Yuna's guardian. His deadly blitzball is especially useful for shooting down aerial enemies.
Wakka Avatar


Age: 22
Joins: Besaid island, after leaving Besaid village
Description: One of Yuna's guardians. She and Wakka think of Yuna as a younger sister. Lulu's stoic and self-possessed nature makes her appear insensitive at times. She specialises in the art of black magic.
Lulu Avatar

Kimahri Ronso

Age: 25
Joins: S.S. Liki
Description: A young warrior of the Ronso tribe, Kimahri has watched over Yuna from her youngest days. He speaks little, but is deeply devoted to Yuna and serves her loyally as a guardian. Kimahri can learn enemy skills with his Lancet ability.
Kimahri Avatar


Age: 35
Joins: Luca, during blitzball tournament
Description: The legendary guardian who, together with High Summoner Braska, defeated Sin ten years before. A man of few words, he guides Yuna and Tidus on their mission to vanquish Sin once more. He swings his gigantic sword with such power that even the toughest fiends are cut asunder.
Auron Avatar


Age: 15
Joins: Moonflow - North bank
Description: A young Al Bhed girl. Her personality is upbeat and positive, and she is not afraid to speak her mind. She works hard to restore her outcast people to their former glory. Rikku handles mechanical devices with ease, and can steal items from enemies too.
Rikku Avatar