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Final Fantasy X - Mix List

Here are the list of attacks that Rikku may conjure up when she mixes things/items together using her Alchemy ability.

Non-Elemental Attack Mixes

Attack Name Ingredients
Sunburst Three Stars x2
Frag Grenade Three Stars + Power Sphere
Pineapple Stat Sphere + Power Sphere
Cluster Bomb Lvl 3 Key Sphere + Power Sphere
Potato Masher Lvl 2 Key Sphere + Power Sphere
Blaster Mine Musk + Power Sphere
Tallboy Lvl 4 Key Sphere + Stat Sphere
Calamity Bomb Musk + Stat Sphere
Chaos Grenade Lvl 3 Key Sphere + Musk
Hazardous Shell Map + Musk
Nega Burst Shadow Gem + Power Distiller
Black Hole Shadow Gem + Pendulum

Support Mixes

Attack Name Ingredients
Mega Vitality Stamina Tablet + Stamina Spring
Hyper Mana Mana Tablet + Stamina Spring
Freedom X Twin Stars + Stamina Spring
Hyper Vitality Stamina Tonic + Stamina Spring
Super G Three Stars + Stamina Spring
Hero Drink Fortune Sphere + Power Sphere
Miracle Drink Stat Sphere + Fortune Sphere
Quartet of 99 Underdog's Secret + Lvl 3 Key Sphere
Quartet of 9 Doorway to Tomorrow + HP Sphere
Vitality Hi-Potion x2
Mana Ether + Potion
Mega Mana Turbo Ether + Potion
NulAll Artic Wind + Potion
Mega NulAll Artic Wind + Hi-Potion
Freedom Mega Phoenix + Ether
Mighty G Remedy + Power Distiller
Super Mighty G Chocobo Tail + Winning Formula
Hyper Might G Lunar Curtain + Winning Formula
Hot Spurs Supreme Gem + Teleport Sphere
Mighty Wall Lunar Curtain + Power Sphere

Restorative Mixes

Attack Name Ingredients
Hyper NulAll Stamina Spring + Stamina Spring
Megalixir Stamina Spring + Power Sphere
Super Elixir Lv 1 Key Sphere + Stamina Spring
Final Elixir Stamina Spring + Door To Tomorrow
Eccentric Amulet + Twin Stars
Ultra Potion Potion + Potion
Mega Phoenix Phoenix Pinion + Potion
Final Phoenix Mega Phoenix + Potion
Panecea Antidote + Potion
Ultra Cure Sleeping Powder + Power Distiller
Ultra NulAll Healing Spring + Lunar Curtain
Mega NulAll Lunar Curtain + Map

Ice Attack Mixes

Attack Name Ingredients
Snow Flurry Artic Wind + Antidote
Ice Blizzard Ice Gem + Antidote
Hazardous Ice Silence Grenade + Antarctic Wind
Krysta Silence Grenade + Artic Wind
Winter Storm Ice Gem + Skill Sphere

Fire Attack Mixes

Attack Name Ingredients
Heat Blaster Bomb Fragment + Antidote
Firestorm Fire Gem + Antidote
Brimstone Silence Grenade + Bomb Fragment
Abadoon Flame Silence Grenade + Fire Gem
Burning Soul Fire Gem + Skill Sphere

Lightning Attack Mixes

Attack Name Ingredients
Thunderbolt Electro Marble + Antidote
Rolling Thunder Lightning Gem + Antidote
Electroshock Silence Grenade + Electro Marble
Thunderblast Silence Grenade + Lightning Marble
Lightning Bolt Lightning Gem + Skill Sphere

Water Attack Mixes

Attack Name Ingredients
Waterfall Fish Scale + Antidote
Flash Flood Water Gem + Antidote
Aqua Toxin Silence Grenade + Fish Scale
Dark Rain Silence Grenade + Water Gem
Tidal Wave Water Gem + Skill Sphere