Final Fantasy screenshot

Final Fantasy X - Specials

Special MP Description
Flee 0 Helps party flee from battle.
Steal 0 Steal items from target.
Use 0 Use special items.
Pray 0 Restores a small amount of health to all allies.
Cheer 0 Raises party's strength and defense.
Aim 0 Raises party's accuracy.
Focus 0 Raises party's magic & magic defense.
Reflex 0 Raises party's evasion.
Luck 0 Raises party's luck.
Jinx 0 Lowers opponent's luck.
Lancet 0 Absorb health and magic from an enemy. May allow Kimahri to learn a move from the target.
Guard 0 Character can take damage for an ally.
Sentinel 0 Character can guard allies while in a defensive stance.
Spare Change 0 Attack by throwing gil. Gil is lost through this ability
Doublecast 0 Allows character to cast black magic spells twice.
Bribe 0 Pay an enemy to make it go away. Uses up gil.
Provoke 4 Cause an enemy's attack to target you.
Entrust 8 Grant your overdrive charge to an ally's gauge.
Threaten 12 Strikes an enemy with fear causing Stop.
Pilfer Gil 20 Steals gil from a target.
Copycat 28 Copy the previous action of an ally.
Quick Pockets 70 Swiftly use items with reduced recovery time.