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Final Fantasy X - Celestial Weapons

Celestial Weapons are the ultimate weapons in the game but to gain them you must know where to activate your 2 items and your weapon in order to use its brilliant attacks...

Celestial Mirror:
To obtain the Cloudy Mirror, go to Remiem which can be accessed from Calm Lands. Once you get there talk to the Chocobo, race and win. After obtaining the Cloudy Mirror, you must go to Macalania Woods. Help the lady find her husband and her son to access the shiny path. Follow the path until you find the big crystal. Use it to refine the Cloudy Mirror into a Celestial Mirror.

Once you have gained the 2 key items and your weapon that is required for your party member, you must return to Macalania Woods and run along the top path of the woods until you see a big crystal, run over to it to give the power to your ultimate weapon..

Tidus - Caladbolg

Rating: Hard

Location: Run into the calm lands or hop on a chocobo and ride north west until you see a guard on the edge of the cliff guarding this weapon. Examine the Glyph on the wall and unleash the power of your Celestial Mirror to acquire the Caladbolg.

Notice: You won't be able just to gain his weapon as you'll need 2 items which are the Sun Crest and Sun Signal...Once you have gained the two items, return where you obtained the Celestial Mirror and complete Tidus's ritual two times to obtain the maximum power of your Legendary Weapon.

SUN CREST: The Sun Crest is found in the Zanarkand Ruins where you fought Yunalesca. It's located in a chest at the upper part of the ruins, just next to the stairs. Once you have it, it's time to find the hard one.

SUN SIGIL: To get the second item, you need to face the Chocobo Trainer in the Calm Lands and score a time of 0:0.0, which is very hard to get. If you need help, you can check some strategies in the section talking about the Chocobos.

Yuna - Nirvana

Rating: Medium

Location: You need to capture every fiend in the Calm Lands Area. There is a total of nine that roams around there. Here's the list of all of them :
• Skoll
• Flame Flan
• Nebrios
• Shred
• Anacondour
• Ogre
• Chimera Brain
• Malboro
• Coeurl

Once you got all of them, return to the Monster Arena and speak to the owner, he will make a treasure chest containing the Nirvana.

Notice: Before you can gain her ultimate weapon you must first obtain the Moon Crest and Moon Signal..... This should be an easy weapon to get if your party is good.

MOON CREST: You can find the first item at Besaid Temple on the beach, I told you in the Walkthrough how to get that item, so if you followed it, you should already have it.

MOON SIGIL: To win the Moon Sigil, you must defeat all of Belgimine's Aeon at the Remiem Temple, once you have done that, she will give you the Moon Sigil used to remove the no AP ability.

Once you have all the items head back to Macalania Woods where you got the Celestial Mirror and use it to activate her final Weapon.

Lulu - Onion Knight

Rating: Medium

Location: Go to Baaj Temple, once you have beaten it, search underwater and south of the circular area to find a treasure chest with the Onion Knight inside. Now it's time to get her two items !

VENUS CREST: This one is pretty easy to get. With your airship, return to Guadosalam, now you need to go to the Farplane. Once you are there, you can pick up a chest for the Key Item.

VENUS SIGIL: This one is hard AND frustrating :). Remember the Thunder Plains where you needed to press the X Button to dodge the lightning ? Good, return there and this time, you need to dodge the lightning 200 times WITHOUT being hit. It's pretty tough. The bad thing about that is that you cannot save, so if you're at 150 and you want to save, you can't! Anyway, once you have done it, you'll need to return to Rin's Travel Agency and open the chest there for the last Item. If you want some strategies, feel free to check the Thunder Plains section in this Sidequest FAQ.

Now that you have all of her items, head to Macalania Woods where you got the Celestial Mirror and use it to activate her final Weapon.

Rikku - Godhand

Rating: Easy

Location: Rikku's Expert weapon is hidden at mushroom rock road but to gain it you must first get on Cid's Ship and select World map and input the password GODHAND to open a new location on the world map Go there, and at the end of the path, you will see a chest containing the Godhand.

Items to find: As I say if you don't get these crucial items you won't be able to gain the strength of her weapon...

MERCURY CREST: You can pick up the Mercury Crest in a chest located in the Sanubia Desert West. Look in a Whirlpool for the chest, you shouldn't have any problem picking it up.

MERCURY SIGIL: To win the Mercury Sigil, you will need to complete the Cactuar Village Sidequest, just look in this section for some explanations on how to complete this quest.

Wakka - World Champion

Rating: Easy

Location: Return to the Café in Luca. Speak to the bartender and show her the Celestial Mirror. She will give you the World Champion !

Note that if she doesn't give it to you, it's because you have not played Blitzball enough. Now, it's time to pick up Wakka's Items !

JUPITER CREST: The Jupiter Crest is not really hard to win, just head in the Arch's Locker Room and check in every locker. You should find it in no time.

JUPITER SIGIL: The Jupiter Sigil is offered as a prize in blitzball League, but the only thing is that you need to have all of his previous Overdrives. That means, you need to have the Attack Reels, Status Reels and Aurochs Reels Overdrives.

Once you have both of his items, head where you completed the ritual for Tidus to obtain his Legendary Weapon at full power.

Auron - Masamune

Rating: Hard

Location: You'll Need your Rusty sword as its one of the main key items (Location: Close to the entrance of Cave of the Stolen Fayth). Once you have the Rusty Sword, Go to the Mushroom Rock Road and try to find a statue of Lord Mi'ihen. Examine it and you will get a message telling you if you want to insert the Rusty Sword. Select yes, and you will find a glyph. Examine it to acquire the Masamune.

Notice: If you don't have these items you wont' be getting the ultimate weapon....

MARS CREST: The Mars Crest is on Mi'ihen Road, just look in the Walkthrough to see where to get it.

MARS SIGIL: This one will take you a little more time. First of all, you need to unlock a combination of ten monsters at the Monster Arena. That means you must have a total of ten monsters in the Area Creations and Species Creations. Use the Monster Arena Guide in this FAQ to learn more about how unlocking those monsters.

Now that you have all of his items, head to Macalania Woods where you got the Celestial Mirror and use it to activate his final Weapon.

Kimahri - Spirit Lance

Rating: Easy

Location: Head into the Thunder Plains, where you'll need to activate three glowing Cactuar stones that are there. To activate the stones, simply press the Square button in front of it and you will see the spirit of the Cactuar released. Now, once you have activated three stones, go to Thunder Plains South (just check the location in your menu), and follow the Cactuar ghost into a lightning tower on your right. You will reveal a chest containing Kimahri's Legendary Weapon.

Notice: If you don't have these items you wont' be getting the ultimate weapon....

SATURN CREST: Remember when you fought Seymour on Mt. Gagazet ? Just go north from where you have fought him to see some columns, check between the columns on the left side and you will find a chest with the Saturn Crest.

SATURN SIGIL: You will need to do the butterfly mini-game at Macalania Woods to get the Saturn Sigil. Just look in the Butterfly Section below. Anyway, you will need to capture every blue butterflies there. Please take note that you cannot touch any red ones. Once you have completed the mini-game, open the treasure chest for the Saturn Sigil.

Now that you have all of his items, head to Macalania Woods where you got the Celestial Mirror and use it to activate his final Weapon.