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Final Fantasy X - Bribe List

In Final Fantasy X, you can bribe monsters and earn rare items. To do this, first you must learn the Bribe skill and then use it. The more money you give to the monster, the higher are the chances that the bribe will be successful.

Monster Item
Achelous Healing Spring x16
Adamantoise Special Sphere x1
Aerouge Lightning Marble x4
Ahriman Farplane Wind x6
Alcyone Mega Phoenix x2
Anacondaur Healing Water x16
Aqua Flan Water Gem x15
Bandersnatch Dreaming Powder x20
Barbatos Teleport Sphere x20
Bashura Stamina Spring x80
Basilisk Petrify Grenade x24
Bat Eye Silence Grenade x12
Behemoth Lv. 2 Key Sphere x30
Behemoth King Three Stars x14
Bite Bug Poison Fang x2
Black Element Blk Magic Sphere x2
Blue Element Water Gem x9
Bomb Bomb Core x14
Bomb Fire Gem x16
Buer Musk x2
Bunyip Hypello Potion x16
Cave Iguion Petrify Grenade x6
Chimera Mana Tablet x15
Chimera UnderdogĀ“s Secret x2
Chimera Brain Lv. 4 Key Sphere x10
Coeurl Friend Sphere x2
Condor Smoke Bomb x3
Dark Element Return Sphere x3
Dark Flan Wht Magic Sphere x2
Defender Stamina Tablet x20
Defender Z Designer Wallet x5
Demonolith Lv. 3 Key Sphere x40
Dingo Sleeping Powder x4
Dinonix Petrify Grenade x2
Dual Horn Hi-Potion x60
Dual Horn Mega Potion x25
Epaaj Farplane Wind x25
Evil Eye Musk x3
Evil Eye Musk x4
Exoray Turbo Ether x30
Flame Flan Fire Gem x10
Floating Death Gambler's Spirit x10
Floating Eye Musk x1
Funguar Turbo Ether x2
Gandarewa Lightning Marble x3
Garm Sleeping Powder x7
Garuda Smoke Bomb x99
Gemini Stamina Tonic x10
Gemini Mana Tonic x10
Ghost Mega Phoenix x98
Gold Element Lightning Marble x20
Grat Remedy x40
Great Malboro Wings to Discovery x8
Grenade Shining Gem x12
Grendel Mega Potion x60
Guado Guardian Ether x10
Guado Guardian X-Potion x30
Halma Supreme Gem x20
Ice Flan Ice Gem x9
Iguion Petrify Grenade x5
Imp Lv. 1 Key Sphere x4
Ipiria Petrify Grenade x3
Iron Giant Stamina Tonic x1
Killer Bee Poison Fang x1
Kusariqqu Silver Hourglass x20
Lamashtu Silver Hourglass x10
Land Worm Dark Matter x2
Larva Shining Thorn x10
Lord Ochu Remedy x80
Machea Chocobo Wing x60
Maelspike Attribute Sphere x1
Mafdet Hypello Potion x28
Malboro Wings to Discovery x4
Mandragora Return Sphere x24
Master Coeurl Warp Sphere x1
Master Tonberry Pendulum x3
Maze Larva Water Gem x14
Mech Defender Al Bhed Potion x99
Mech Guard Grenade x50
Mech Gunner Al Bhed Potion x40
Mech Hunter Al Bhed Potion x60
Mech Leader Door to Tomorrow x2
Mech Scouter Door to Tomorrow x1
Melusine Petrify Grenade x4
Mi'ihen Fang Sleeping Powder x5
Murussu Hypello Potion x24
Mushussu Gold Hourglass x5
Nebiros Poison Fang x6
Nidhogg Gold Hourglass x12
Ochu Remedy x70
Octopus Healing Spring x20
Ogre Stamina Spring x50
Phlegyas Healing Spring x6
Piranha Water Gem x1
Piranha Water Gem x1
Piranha Water Gem x2
Puroboros Shining Gem x36
Ragora Remedy x8
Raldo Hypello Potion x10
Raptor Petrify Grenade x3
Red Element Bomb Core x8
Remora Water Gem x20
Sahagin Water Gem x8
Sahagin Water Gem x3
Sand Wolf Sleeping Powder x12
Sand Worm Winning Formula x15
Sandragora Remedy x99
Shred Hypello Potion x50
Simurgh Smoke Bomb x5
Skoll Dream Powder x12
Snow Flan Arctic Wind x10
Snow Wolf Sleeping Powder x11
Spirit Twin Stars x10
Splasher Dragon Scale x4
Splasher Dragon Scale x8
Splasher Dragon Scale x12
Swamp Mafdet Hypello Potion x32
Thorn Turbo Ether x16
Thunder Flan Lightning Marble x8
Tonberry Amulet x2
Ultima Weapon Pendulum x99
Valaha X-Potion x60
Varuna Megalixir x2
Vouivre Silver Hourglass x10
Wasp Poison Fang x3
Water Flan Water Gem x2
White Element Arctic Wind x7
Wraith Farplane Wind x60
Xiphos Megalixir x1
YAT-97 Ether x16
YAT-99 Ether x10
Yellow Element Lightning Marble x6
YKT-11 Elixir x12
YKT-63 Elixir x8
Yowie Petrify Grenade x12
Zaurus Rename Card x10
Zu Skill Sphere x2