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Final Fantasy X - Sidequests

In Final Fantasy X, it is recommended that you finish all the sidequests the game has because all the sidequests may lead to you having another point of view of the whole story or gain a required item to obtain a particular celestial weapon.

Lightning Dodger - Thunder Plains

This sidequest is the hardest of all sidequests. In the Thunder Plains, the lightning never stops. By pressing X, you can dodge the lightning. If you dodge/get striked by the lightning, you will get some items which will appear in a treasure chest outside Rin's Travel Agency. The easiest way to complete this sidequest is to get the ability, no encounter and then run around the area, so as to not meet into monsters when you are doing the sidequest.

No. Of Dodges Prize
5 times 2 X-potions
10 times 2 Mega-potions
20 times 2 MP spheres
50 times 3 Strength Spheres
100 times 3 HP spheres
150 times 4 Megalixirs
200 times Venus Sigil

Butterfly Catcher - Macalania Woods

There are two areas where you can take part in the Butterfly Catcher Mini-Game in the Macalania Woods. You will encounter your first game when you are heading to the Macalania Temple through Macalania Woods and the second game is near the nothern part of the Macalania Woods.

In the Macalania Woods, you will encounter a parrot-like/bird-like creature who will explain the Butterfly Catcher Mini-Game. To begin the game, move towards a butterfly near the parrot-like/bird-like creature. You have to chase down seven blue butterflies before the given time runs out. Avoid the red butterflies because they will call on powerful fiends to fight you and will also remove 1 second from your time. If you catch all seven blue butterflies before time runs out, a chest appears/will drop down from above. The chest will vanish if you leave the area, so don't forget to open it and claim your prize. If not, you'll have to do the Butterfly Catcher Mini-Game again to claim your prize.

Both games has the same rules but the further you are in the game, the harder the Butterfly Catcher Mini-Game gets. It starts at 40 seconds, but after you defeat Spherimorph, it becomes 30 seconds, and after you get the airship it increases the amount of red butterflies in the game. If you beat it at this point however, you'll recieve the Saturn Sigil.

Village Of The Cactuars - Sanubia Desert

Gain control of the airship and return to Sanubia Desert. There is a large rock with a picture of a Cactuar's on it. Each time you examine the rock, you will receive a clue to help you find one of the 10 hidden Cactuars in the desert. After finding each one, you are challenged to a game of "Red Light, Green Light." If you successfully touch the Cactuar before the time runs out, you will fight it. No matter what the outcome of the battle is, you'll receive a sphere bearing the name of the Cactuar. If you lose at the game three times, you'll only receive a Sphere del Perdedor. Return to whichever rock and place where you obtained the sphere from. After doing so, you recieve a new clue telling you where the next Cactuar is hidden.

Location Details Of Location
Oasis Near the first Save Point.
Sanubia-East In an alcove to the east, north of the tent with the Save Sphere.
Sanubia-West Search the sign near the Cactuar tock that says "20% off".
Sanubia-Central Near the ruins to the east. Look for two Cactuars running around the desert.
Sanubia-East Near the save point under the tent.
Sanubia-Central Trapped in a treasure chest in the far west.
Sanubia-West Inside one of the sand whirlpools. You must exist and re-enter the area.
Oasis Teleport to the Airship and go outside on the deck.
Sanubia Return to the Cactuar statue and the last one automatically appears behind you.

After placing nine spheres of either type into the rock, the sandstorm protecting the Cactuar Village will come to a stop. Search inside for lots of Cactuar encounters and two special chests. One of the chests will contain the Mercury Sigil. The contents of the other chests wil depend on your performance.

No. Of Spheres Item
0 to 2 Potion
3 to 5 Elixir
6 to 7 Megalixir
8 to 9 Friend Sphere

Chocobo Races - The Calm Lands

Visit the chocobo trainer in the Calm Lands. If you haven't got the airship yet, she'll be somewhere up in the northwest of the Calm Lands. If you already have the ariship, she will be a small way south of the save sphere in the middle of the Calm Lands.

When you meet the chocobo trainer, you will undergo a series of training. Passing the first training succesfully will unlock the next, and passing that will unlock the next and so on. There are 4 trainings that you have to pass in total. Beating every stage will earn you a prize, and improving your times on these trainings gives you additional prizes.

Chocobo Race: Wobbly Chocobo
First Prize: Elixir
Improving Prize: X-Potion
Description: This race takes place on a wild chocobo that refuses to run straight toward to the finish line. Press the left analog stick left and right to stay on course. You must reach the finish line under 12.8 seconds. Once you succeed, you can ride a chocobo in the Calm Lands any time you want for free, just by asking the trainer.

Chocobo Race: Dodger Chocobo
First Prize: Level 1 Key Sphere
Improving Prize: Mega-Potion
Description: This chocobo is easier to steer, but you must dodge incoming blitzballs! If you get hit, the chocobo becomes momentarily stunned. This makes it much more difficult to cross the finish line in time.

Chocobo Race: Hyper Dodger Chocobo
First Prize: Level 2 Key Sphere
Improving Prize: Ether
Description: This game is the same as the Dodger Chocobo, but now you have to dodge the oncoming birds and balls that will explode into smaller balls.

Chocobo Race: Catcher Chocobo
First Prize: Level 3 Key Sphere
Improving Prize: Turbo Ether
Description: Race the chocobo trainer from the entrance of the Calm Lands to the northeastern exit, dodging blitzballs and birds. Each bird that hits you add three seconds to your total time, while each balloon you collect subtracts three seconds. Beating this race enables Tidus to reach his celestial weapon at the north west of the Calm Lands. Furthermore, if you can successfully beat the chocobo trainer with a total time, minus all ballon adjustments, of 0:00, she will give you the Sun Sigil which will be required to activate Tidus's Caladbolg. To do this, look at the race and see what your average time is. If it's just under 30 seconds, you will need to touch 10 balloons, and avoid all the birds to get a 0:00 time record.

Go to Remiem Temple after completing all the trainings mentioned above, by riding a chocobo to the south-east part of the Calm Lands to find a chocobo feather. Press X on it, and you will find the location of Remiem Temple. Talk to the chocobo east of the path where you are just about to enter the temple. The race will begin!

Chocobo Race: Mini Race
Prizes: Cloudy Mirror, Elixir (1 chest), Megalixir (2 chests), Wings To Discovery x30 (3 chests), Pendulum x30 (4 chests), Three Stars x60 (5 chests)
Description: Race against the other chocobo, and try to get to the finish line first before it does! There are chests and coloured rods throughout the course. Go for many treasure chests as you can, but avoid the rods! You will recieve better prizes for more chests that you touch. Each coloured rod will deduct one chest that you touch from your score.