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Final Fantasy X - Overdrives

Tidus - Swordplay

Tidus devastates the enemies with powerful sword skills. When the arrow moves over the gauge, hit X on the yellow bar to execute a more powerful move. To learn new skills, Tidus has to use his Overdrive a set number of times.

Overdrive Requirements
Spiral Cut Already known
Slice & Dice Use Swordplay 10 times
Energy Rain Use Swordplay 30 times
Blitz Ace Use Swordplay 80 times

Yuna - Grand Summon

Probably one of the most useful overdrives, when Yuna uses her overdrive, she summons an Aeon with full overdrive. After the Aeon uses it's overdrive, the original overdrive gauge it had before will be returned.

Overdrive Requirements
Valefor Obtain Valefor
Ifrit Obtain Ifrit
Ixion Obtain Ixion
Shiva Obtain Shiva
Bahamut Obtain Bahamut
Yojimbo Obtain Yojimbo
Anima Obtain Anima
Magus Sisters Obtain Magus Sisters

Wakka - Slots

When Wakka uses his overdrive, you get some slots playing. Line up the same symbols, to get the best and more powerful effects. To acquire new Reels, you must win Blitzball matches.

Overdrive Requirements
Element Reels Already known
Attack Reels Blitzball Tournament prize
Status Reels Blitzball League prize
Aurochs Reels Blitzball Tournament prize

Lulu - Fury

Lulu casts several amounts of a specified spell at random targets in the battlefield. Rotate the right analog stick, to increase the spell cast counter. Shell, Reflect, and even Silence, cannot effect Lulu's Fury. Very useful early on in the game, but not the most powerful overdrive at the end of the game.

Overdrive Requirements
Fire Fury Learn Fire
Thunder Fury Learn Thunder
Water Fury Learn Water
Blizzard Fury Learn Blizzard
Fira Fury Learn Fira
Thundara Fury Learn Thundara
Watera Fury Learn Watera
Blizzara Fury Learn Blizzara
Firaga Fury Learn Firaga
Thundaga Fury Learn Thundaga
Waterga Fury Learn Waterga
Blizzaga Fury Learn Blizzaga
Bio Fury Learn Bio
Demi Fury Learn Demi
Death Fury  Learn Death
Drain Fury Learn Drain
Osmose Fury Learn Osmose
Flare Fury Learn Flare
Ultima Fury Learn Ultima

Kimahri - Ronso Rage

The Ronso Rage, is basically "Blue Magic", or enemy skills. Use the Lancet ability on enemies to acquire their skills for your overdrive.

Overdrive Requirements
Jump Already known
Fire Breath Use Lancet on Dual Horn, Grendel, Y. Ronso
Seed Cannon Use Lancet on Ragora, Grat
Self-Destruct Use Lancet on Bomb, Grenade, Puroboros, B. Ronso
Thrust Kick Use Lancet on YKT-11, YKT-63, B. Ronso
Stone Breath Use Lancet on Basilisk, Anacondaur, Y. Ronso
Aqua Breath Use Lancet on Chimera, Chimera Brain, Y. Ronso
Doom Use Lancet on Ghost, Wraith, B. Ronso
White Wind Use Lancet on Dark Flan, Spirit, Y. Ronso
Bad Breath Use Lancet on Malboro, Great Malboro
Mighty Guard Use Lancet on Behemoth, Behemoth King, B. Ronso
Nova Use Lancet on Omega Weapon, Nemesis

Auron - Bushido

Auron unleashes a sword attack, dealing major damage, and some status changes. You have to input a button sequence for each overdrive within the time limit to execute. Learn new overdrives by finding Spheres left by Jecht, Auron, and Braska throughout Spira.

Overdrive Requirements
Dragon Fang Already known
Shooting Star Find one Jecht Sphere
Banishing Blade Find three Jecht Spheres
Tornado Find ten Jecht Spheres

Rikku - Mix

Rikku will grab any two items, and mix them to produce often unique items.