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Final Fantasy X - Airship Passwords

When you obtain the airship (After defeating Yunalesca), talk to Cid and select the option where you can enter passwords. Insert the passwords below to unlock locations from where you can obtain rare weapons or armors.

Password Description Finding it
GODHAND Leads you to Rikku's best weapon Godhand. You'll need Celestial Mirror in order to open the chest. Visit Mi'ihen Highroad Ruins and find a sphere which tells you about the great thorn in the Calm Lands. Go to Calm Lands, and follow the directions it gives you.
VICTORIOUS Leads you to armor Victorious Find sphere in Besaid Island. Then collect the letters of the password from Kilika forest, and the ruins in Bikanel island.
MURASAME Leads you to Auron's weapon Murasame Go to the Baaj Temple ruins and examine the sphere on one of the pillars. It will mention where the password can be found.