Final Fantasy screenshot

Final Fantasy X - Aeons


Obtained: Temple of Besaid
Special Attack: Sonic Wings
Energy Ray, Energy Blast
Break Damage Limit:
Nirvana powered up with Moon Crest
Description: A swift, flying aeon. He is Yuna's first aeon.
Valefor Avatar


Obtained: Kilika Temple
Special Attack: Meteor Strike
Overdrive: HellFire
Break Damage Limit:
World Champion powered up with Jupiter Crest
Description: An aeon engulfed in eternal flame.
Ifrit Avatar


Obtained: Djose Temple
Special Attack: Aerospark
Overdrive: Thor's Hammer
Break Damage Limit:
Spirit Lance powered up with Saturn Crest
Description: A unicorn comprised of pure lightning.
Ixion Avatar


Obtained: Macalania Temple
Special Attack: Heavenly Strike
Overdrive: Diamond Dust
Break Damage Limit:
Onion Knight powered up with Venus Crest
Description: An icy aeon in the form of a beautiful woman.
Shiva Avatar


Obtained: Temple of Bevelle
Special Attack: Impulse
Overdrive: Mega Flare
Break Damage Limit:
Description: A dragon who knows how to defend himself.
Bahamut Avatar


Obtained: Cavern of the Stolen Fayth
Special Attack: Daigoro, Kozuka, Wakizashi, Zanmato
Overdrive: None
Break Damage Limit:
Masamune powered up with Mars Crest
Description: A merchant who will only attack if paid.
Yojimbo Avatar


Obtained: Baaj Temple
Special Attack: Pain
Overdrive: Oblivion
Break Damage Limit:
Description: A dark aeon who feels lots of pain.
Anima Avatar

The Magus Sisters - Cindy, Sandy and Mindy

Obtained: Remiem Temple
Special Attack: Kamikaze, Razzia, Passado
Overdrive: Delta Attack
Break Damage Limit:
Description: Three sisters in the form of sisters fighting alongside to defend each other.
Magus Sisters Avatar