Final Fantasy screenshot

Final Fantasy VIII - Support Magic

Magic Description
Aura Limit Breaks appear more often
Cure Restore a small amount of HP
Cura Restore a medium amount of HP
Curaga Restore a large amount of HP
Dispel Nullifies all support-based magic
Double Cast two spells at once
Drain Absorb a bit of the targets HP
Esuna Remove all status effects
Float Lifts character above ground, nullifying Earth-based attacks
Full-Life Revive target, and completely restore HP
Haste Doubles ATB speed
Life Revive target
Meltdown Decreases targets Vit to 0
Protect Lowers damage caused by physical attacks
Reflect Reflect magic attacks back at user
Regen Gain a small amount of HP each turn
Scan Provides detailed information about target
Shell Lowers damage caused by magical attacks
Triple Cast three spells at once