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Final Fantasy VIII - Chocobo Forests

Here is a handy guide for all the Chocobo Forests in Final Fantasy VIII. We also have clues for each Chocobo Forest, to find the Chocobo. I hope you find this guide useful.

The Beginners Forest

Located: The island where Shumi Village is located (Winder Island).
Clue: "Try to find a spot where only one falls down."
Guide: Just southeast of the Chocoboy, only one Chicobo will fall down. So head there and use your ChocoSonar.
Hidden Item: Once the Chocobo shows, head north and press your ChocoZiner until you get yourself a Aura Stone.

The Basics Forest

Located: In The Sorbald Snowfield, this is found on Trabias west area.
Clue: "You only need to blow the whistle twice"
Guide: Head to the center of the forest, and use your ChocoZiner. You get two locations to complete this forest, they are both located on the southern side of the forest.
Hidden Item: Head to the west side of the forest, and use your ChocoZiner and the Chocobo (assuming you have found it) will start to dig up the item, which is a Flare Stone.

The Roaming Forest

Located: North Of Trabia Garden.
Clue: "Be careful where the Sonar reacts."
Guide: Head right next to the Choboboy, and use your ChocoZiner, then head center of the forest and use it again. Now, head dead south, towards the exit, use your ChocoZiner here too. Now one more, head back to where you started and use your ChocoZiner again, this will leave one Chicobo remaining.
Hidden Treasure: Squall finds a Holy Stone, and Shell Stone at the northern area of the forest.

Forests Of Fun

Located: Just east of Edea's House. Located on the Lenown Plains in the Centra Continent.
Clue: "Chocobowling with 4 bottles, 1 ball."
Guide: First use your ChocoZiner at the southside of the forest (the ChocoSonar will react), Then use it again on the two spots east of the Chocoboy. Next, head to as far west as you can go. The Chicobo now falls down and hits all the others leaving only a Choco left.
Hidden Item: There are an Ultima Stone, Meteor Stone and Flare Stone here. They can be found on the far east side of the forest.

Forests Of Solitude

Located: Located on the Nectar Peninsula, just on the east coast of the Centra continent, south of Fishermans Horizon.
Clue: "Search carefully where the Sonar reacts."
Guide: Now, this forest only has one Chicobo...and it's not fun to find either! Anyway, head over to the Chocoboy, that is to the northeast area. You have to be in the exact location for the ChocoSonar to react, so be carefull!
Hidden Item: Talk to the Chocoboy, he then asks you if you'd like to play cards...well have none of that, and tell him to move out of the way! Where the Chocoboy was standing, you can get a Meteor Stone and Protect Stone.

Enclosed Forest

Located: Located south side of the Talle Mountains in southern Esthar.
Clue: "Collect on outer side, then go in."
Guide: Head to the northwest area of the forest first for you first spot and use your ChocoZiner, then for your second head south a little and use your ChocoZiner again. Next head southeast (away from the path) and use your ChocoZiner. Now head to the top northeast area, again use your ChocoZiner and finally head to the center of the forest.
Hidden Item: Head north as far as you can go, then turn right and go as far as you can, you will find a Holy Stone, Ultima Stone and Meteor Stone.