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Final Fantasy VIII - Characters

Squall Leonhart

The main protagonist of FFVIII, Squall is a cold, introverted teen looking for his place in the world. The game follows his story and his internal struggle of man vs. himself as he tries to find his reason for existence. Squall uses a mixture between a gun and a sword called the gunblade. His limit is called Renzokuken where the player must use R1 as a trigger to add extra damage.
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Quistis Trepe

Quistis is a young professor at Balamb Garden. She is the second character the player comes into control of and she immediately displays her leader-like persona. She scolds Squall for a fight he has with a fellow student and begins lecturing him on what he must do in order to become a SeeD. She uses a whip as her weapon, and her limit of Blue Magic is one of the most useful in the game. For those unfamiliar with the concept of Blue Magic, Quistis is able to learn abilities of monsters to use in battle.
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Zell Dincht

Zell is an outgoing extrovert always willing to shout his opinions. More of a leader than a follower, the player gets the idea of Zell being the equivalent of Squall's best friend (or as close as one could get to that title.) He is very loud spoken and is often voicing his opinions on all matters. He uses his fists as weapons. His limit is called Duel, where the player has to punch in specific button combinations.
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Seifer Almasy

The player is immediately made aware of Seifer's position as Squall's in-game rival. Seifer is what people would consider a "bully" and is always willing to have push come to shove. He is a very forceful person unwilling to stop at anything to get in his way. At his failure to become a SeeD, he takes it out on Squall and sides with the original antagonist of the story, Sorceress Edea. He also uses a gunblade, and his limit is Fire Cross.
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Selphie Tilmitt

An eager and outgoing young girl with a very child-like nature. She is a happy-go-lucky member of the party and usually looks on the bright side of the situation. A student of Trabia Garden, she joins the team on Squall's first mission as a SeeD. She uses Nunchaku and her limit is Magic Slots. This is where the player chooses a magic ability at random to use.
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Laguna Loire

Laguna is a soldier of the Galbadian army along with Kiros and Ward. When the player comes into control of Laguna, they are on a mission somewhere against Esthar. He is outgoing around his friends, but very shy around women. He enjoys writing and has taken a liking to a certain piano player named Julia. He uses a machine gun and his limit is Desperado.
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Kiros Seagill

Kiros is a companion of Laguna. He is introduced as the brains of the operations. He always keeps his cool and is offering sound advice. He uses Katars as weapons, and his limit is Blood Pain.
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Ward Zabac

Ward is the silent-type in the trio. Also a companion of Laguna, he is very soft-spoken and very warm. He is defensive when it comes to his friends and is always willing to stick it out through the worst of times. He uses a harpoon and his limit is Massive Anchor.
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Irvine Kinneas

Irvine is another extroverted character in the game. A womanizer from the get-go, he makes it obvious that he is out to get the women. He meets up with the party when Squall is assigned to meet up with a sharp-shooter for an assassination attempt. Squall makes him aware of his discontentment of their companionship, but Irvine ends up as one of the most useful party members. He uses a shotgun and his limit is Shot. For Shot, the player selects a type of ammo to use and uses R1 as a trigger for shooting their opponent.
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Rinoa Heartilly

Rinoa is the main female character of FFVIII. She and Squall met at a Balamb Garden banquet where she was looking for Cid. Not actually a SeeD, but rather the daughter of a governor. She leads a political rebellion force. Rinoa is a very cheerful person and is the lighter half of Squall. She causes his eventual enlightenment to the world and is his main love-interest. She uses a Blaster Edge and calls on her dog for her limit Combine.
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Edea Kramer

Almost nothing is known about Edea. At the start of the game, she is introduced as the main antagonist. She is an evil sorceress out for world domination. Her limit is Ice Strike.
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