Final Fantasy screenshot

Final Fantasy VIII - Curative Items

Item Description
Antidote Cures Poison
Echo Screen Cures Silence
Elixir Fully restores HP
Eye Drops Cures Darkness
Hi-Potion Restores 1000 HP
Hi-Potion+ Restores 2000 HP
Holy Water Cures Zombie
Mega Phoenix Revives all KO'd characters
Mega-Elixir Fully restores HP of all characters
Mega-Potion Restores 1000 HP to all characters
Phoenix Down Revives KO'd character
Potion Restores 200 HP
Potion+ Restores 400 HP
Remedy Cures all status effects
Remedy+ Removes all status and magical effects
Soft Cures Petrify
X-Potion Fully restores HP of character