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Final Fantasy VIII - Magazines

Weapons Magazines

Magazine Location
Weapons Mon 1st At Lunatic Pandora with Laguna
Weapons Mon Mar Dropped from Elvoret at the Dollet Communication Tower
Weapons Mon Apr Squall's dormitory room after graduation
Weapons Mon May Sewers in Deling City
Weapons Jun Dropped from BGH251F2 at the Galbadia Missile Base
Weapons Mon Jul In the Balamb Garden Training Center after Disc 2
Weapons Aug In front of the gargoyle statue in Trabia Garden

Combat King Magazines

Magazine Location
Combat King 001 Bottom floor of the Desert District Prison
Combat King 002 Fujin and Raijin in Balamb Garden
Combat King 003 Girl in love with Zell,  at the Balamb Hotel
Combat King 004 Soldier in Esthar
Combat King 005 At Lunatic Pandora with Squall

Pet Pals Magazines

Magazine Location
Pet Pals Vol. 1 Train bound for Timber
Pet Pals Vol. 2 Rinoa's bed in the Forest Owl's base
Pet Pals Vol. 3 Buy from Timber Pet Shop
Pet Pals Vol. 4 Buy from Timber Pet Shop
Pet Pals Vol. 5 Buy from Timber Pet Shop
Pet Pals Vol. 6 Buy from Timber Pet Shop

Occult Fan Magazines

Magazine Location
Occult Fan I Bookcases inside the Balamb Garden Library
Occult Fan II Challenge the Pub manager at Dollet to cards
Occult Fan III Master Fisherman at Fisherman's Horizon
Occult Fan IV Presidential Aide in Esthar's Presidential Palace