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Final Fantasy VIII - Abilities

Junction Abilities

Ability Effect
HP-J Can Junction Magic to Hit Points
Str-J Can Juction Magic to Strength
Vit-J Can Junction Magic to Vitality
Mag-J Can Junction Magic to Magic
Spr-J Can Junction Magic to Spirit
Eva-J Can Junction Magic tos Evasion
Hit-J Can Junction Magic to Hit
Spd-J Can Junction Magic to Speed
Luck-J Can Junction Magic to Luck
Elem-Atk-J Can Junction Magic to Elemental Attack
Elem-Def-J Can Junction Magic to Elemental Defense
Elem-Defx2 Can Junction 2 Magic Spells to Elemental Defense
Elem-Defx4 Can Junction 4 Magic Spells to Elemental Defense
ST-Atk-J Can Junction Magic to Status Attack
ST-Def-J Can Junction Magic to Status Defense
ST-Defx2 Can Junction 2 Magic Spells to Status Defense
ST-Defx4 Can Junction 4 Magic Spells to Status Defense
Abilityx3 Can Junction 3 GF Abilties
Abilityx4 Can Junction 4 GF Abilities

Command Abilities

Ability Effect
Magic Cast Magic Spells
Draw Draw Magic Spells from Enemies
GF Summon GFs
Item Use Items
Card Transforms Enemy into a Card
Doom Casts Doom on an Enemy
Mad Rush Casts Berserk, Protect, and Haste on the party
Darkside Triple damage by Attack Command, but loses 1/10 of HP
Absorb Drains HP from an Enemy and restores Characters
Defend No Damage from Physical Attacks, cuts Magic Attacks in Half
Treatment Cures all status effects of a party member
Recover Restores all HP of a party member
Revive Revives a dead character and recovers all the HP
Kamikaze Causes damage to an enemy but removes character from battle
LV Up Doubles an enemies level
LV Down Cuts an enemies level in half
Devour Character eats an enemy to increase his/her stats

Character and GF Abilities

Ability Effect
HP+20% Raises Hit Points by 20%
HP+40% Raises Hit Points by 40%
HP+80% Raises Hit Points by 80%
Str+20% Raises Strength by 20%
Str+40% Raises Strength by 40%
Str+60% Raises Strength by 60%
Mag+20% Raises Magic by 20%
Mag+40% Raises Magic by 40%
Mag+60% Raises Magic by 60%
Vit+20% Raises Vitality by 20%
Vit+40% Raises Vitality by 40%
Vit+60% Raises Vitality by 60%
Spr+20% Raises Spirit by 20%
Spr+40% Raises Spirit by 40%
Spr+60% Raises Spirit by 60%
Spd+20% Raises Speed by 20%
Spd+40% Raises Speed by 40%
Eva+30% Raises Evasion by 30%
Luck+50% Raises Luck by 50%
HP Bonus Raises Hit Points by 30 at Level Up
Str Bonus Raises Strength by 1 at Level Up
Mag Bonus Raises Magic by 1 at Level Up
Vit Bonus Raises Vitality by 1 at Level Up
Spr Bonus Raises Spirit by 1 at Level Up
Expendx2-1 Reduces the number of magic used in Double from 2 to 1
Expendx3-1 Reduces the number of magic used in Triple from 3 to 1
Mug Steals Items and inflicts physical damage
Med Data Recovery from Items is Doubled
Cover Take damage instead of ally and damage is reduced by half
Initiative ATB Gauge is full at the beginning of battle
Return Damage Returns ΒΌ of Phy Damage received back to the attacker
Move-HP Up Recovers HP while walking
Counter Character Counterattacks when hit with a physical attack
Auto-Potion When damaged character automatically uses a potion
Auto-Protect Character always has protect status during battle
Auto-Shell Character always has shell status during battle
Auto-Haste Character always has haste status during battle
Auto-Reflect Character always has reflect status during battle
Move-Find Hidden Save and Draw Points become visible
Enc-Half Cuts random encounters in half
Enc-None No random encounters
Alert Prevents back attack and first strike from enemies
Rare Item Rare items are dropped more often after defeating enemies
GFHP+10% Raises Guardian Forces Hit Points by 10%
GFHP+20% Raises Guardian Forces Hit Points by 20%
GFHP+30% Raises Guardian Forces Hit Points by 30%
GFHP+40% Raises Guardian Forces Hit Points by 40%
MagSum+10% Raises damage done by GFs attack by 10%
MagSum+20% Raises damage done by GFs attack by 20%
MagSum+30% Raises damage done by GFs attack by 30%
MagSum+40% Raises damage done by GFs attack by 40%
Boost Allows you to increase damage done by Guardian Force's attack

Menu Abilities

Ability Effect
Haggle Get a discount at all shops
Sell-High Sell items for a higher price at all shops
Familiar Can buy rare items in shops
Call Shop Can shop at any shop you have been to before
Junk Shop Calls a Junk Shop from the menu
T Mag-RF Refines Thunder and Wind magic from items
I Mag-RF Refines Ice and Water magic from items
F Mag-RF Refines Fire magic from items
L Mag-RF Refines Life magic from items
Time Mag-RF Refines Time and Space magic from items
ST Mag-RF Refines Status magic from items
Supt Mag-RF Refines Support magic from items
Forbid Mag-RF Refines Forbidden magic from items
Recov Mag-RF Refines Cure magic from items
ST Med-RF Refines Status recovery items from other items
Ammo-RF Refines Ammo from items
Tool-RF Refines tools from items
Forbid Med-RF Refines Forbidden Items from other items
GFRecov Med-RF Refines GF Recovery items from other items
GFAbl Med-RF Refines GF ability items from other items
Mid Mag-RF Refines mid-level magic from low-level magic
High Mag-RF Refines high-level magic from mid-level magic
Med LV Up Refines rare medicine from more common medicine
Card Mod Refines Cards into various items