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Final Fantasy VIII - Chocobos

When you enter a Chocobo Forest for your first time, you meet a boy who goes by the name of Chocoboy. He acts as a guide and gives you some help and advice, for Gil of course! He also offers you a ChocoWhis, for 1000Gil and he will tell you how to use it. It is essential that you get the ChocoWhis, as you can only catch Chocobos with this item since the ChocoWhis locates Chicobos. The ChocoWhis has two modes, a ChocoSonar and ChocoZiner. The Sonar locates the Chicobos, and will send out a ping noise depending on how close you are to a Chicobo. If you're standing where the Chicobo is, it will be a loud and fast ping and now is the time to use your ChocoZiner. Once you use that, the Chicobo will fall down to the ground. However, that's betting on you being in the exact location. If you're not exactly where a chicobo is, then it will steal your ChocoWhis and you will need to buy another one from the Chocoboy for 700 Gil.

Chocoboy Option Cost Description
ChocoWhis Sales 1000/700 Gil Well, you need one to even think about catching a Chocobo! The first one costs 1000 Gil, and if it gets stolen buy again for 700 Gil.
Hints 100 Gil The Chocoboy will give you a clue for finding the Chocobo, and also states the name of the current forest you're in.
Questions Gysahl Greens (Purchase) Use the Gysahl Greens on battle, to summon Chocobo GF! It attacks by casting Flare on your opponents.
Questions 10 Gil General questions in regards to using your ChocoWhis, and about the Choboboy himself. Not bad for 10 Gil.
Help Me! 1200 Gil The Chocoboy will actually catch you the Chocobo in the forest. However if you use this option, you can't proceed further and obtain the hidden item.