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Final Fantasy VIII - Limit Breaks

Squall Leonheart

Limit Break Weapon Description
Rough Divide Revolver Single attack on an enemy
Fated Circle Shear Trigger Single attack on all enemy
Blasting Zone Flame Saber to Punishment Single attack on all enemy
Lion Heart Lion Heart Multiple attacks on an enemy

Rinoa Heartilly

Limit Break Magazine Location
Angelo Rush None None
Angelo Cannon None None
Angelo Strike Pet Pal Vol 1 On the Train going to Timber
Angelo Recover Pet Pal Vol 2 On Rinoa's bed inside the Train
Invincible Moon Pet Pal Vol 3 Timber Shop (Purchase)
Angelo Reverse Pet Pal Vol 4 Timber Shop (Purchase)
Angelo Search Pet Pal Vol 5 Esthar Shop (Purchase)
Wishing Star Pet Pal Vol 6 Esthar Shop (Purchase)
Angel Wing None None

Limit Break Description
Angelo Rush Single strike to single enemy
Angelo Cannon Single strike to single enemy
Angelo Strike Single strike to single enemy
Angelo Recover Recovers single party member's HP
Invincible Moon Same effect as Holy War
Angelo Reverse Same effect as Phoenix Down
Angelo Search Steals an item
Wishing Star Several strikes to multiple enemies

Zell Dincht

Limit Break Buttons Magazine
Punch Rush Circle, X None
Booya Right, Left None
Heel Drop Up, Down None
Mach Kick Left, Left, Circle None
Dolphin Blow L1, R1, L1, R1 Combat 01
Meteor Strike Down, Circle, Up, Circle Combat 02
Burning Rave Down, Down, Down, Down, Circle None
Meteor Barret Up, X, Down, Triangle, Circle Combat 03
Different Beat Triangle, Square, X, Circle, X Combat 04
Final Heaven Up, Right, Down, Left, Triangle Combat 05

Quistis Trepe

Limit Break Item needed Description
Laser Eye None Attack on one enemy
Ultra Wave Spider Web Attack on one enemy
Electrocute Coral Fragment Attack on all enemies
Lv? Death Curse Spike Cast death on all enemies
Degenerator Black Hole Instant kill on enemy
Aqua Breath Water Crystal Attack on all enemies
Micro Missile Missile Attack on one enemy
Acid Mystery Fluid Attack on one enemy
Gattling Gun Running Fire Attack on one enemy
Fire Breath Inferno Fang Attack on all enemies
Bad Breath Malboro Tentacle Negative status effects on all enemies
White Wind Whisper Cures all allies
Homing Laser Laser Cannon Attack one enemy
Mighty Guard Barrier Shell and Protect on all allies
Shockwave Pulsar Dark Matter Attack all enemies for massive damage
Raybomb Power Generator Attack on all enemies

Selphie Tilmitt

Limit Break Description
Full Cure Fully cures all party members
Wall Casts Protect and Shell on allies
Rapture Removes all enemies from battle, excluding bosses
The End Instant Victory in any battle except Ultimecia

Irvine Kinneas

Limit Break Ammo Description
Normal Shot Normal Ammo Damages single enemy
Scattered Shot Shotgun Ammo Damages all enemies
Dark Shot Dark Ammo Damages single enemy with blind effect
Fire Shot Fire Ammo Damages all enemies (fire elemental)
Canister Shot Demolition Ammo Damages single enemy
Quick Shot Fast Ammo Damages single enemy
Armor Shot AP Ammo Damages single enemy
Hyper Shot Pulse Ammo Damages single enemy