Final Fantasy screenshot

Final Fantasy IX - White Magic

Magic MP Description
Cure 6 Restores HP of single/multiple targets
Cura 10 Restores a lot of HP to single/multiple targets
Curaga 22 Restores max HP to single/multiple targets
Regen 14 Gradually restores HP
Life 8 Recover from KO
Full-Life 24 Recover from KO with full HP
Scan 4 Scan enemy to determine HP, MP and weakness
Panacea 4 Removes venom and poison
Stona 8 Removes petrify and gradual petrify
Esuna 20 Removes various abnormal status effects
Shell 6 Reduces damage from magic attacks
Protect 6 Reduces damage from physical attacks
Haste 8 Speeds up ATB guage
Silence 8 Causes silence, which disables magic in single/multiple targets
Mini 8 Makes single/multiple targets smaller
Dispel 16 Removes abnormal status caused by magical attacks
Reflect 6 Reflects magic attacks back onto caster
Might 14 Raises physical attack power
Jewel 4 Extracts ore from target
Confuse 8 Causes confuse, which makes single/multiple targets erratic
Berserk 6 Causes single/multiple targets to attack uncontrollably
Blind 6 Causes darkness, which hinders accuracy of physical attacks
Float 6 Allows single/multiple targets to float in the air
Holy 36 Causes holy damage