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Final Fantasy IX - Healing Items

Healing Item Shop Price Description
Potion 50 Heals 150 HP.
Hi-Potion 200 Heals 450 HP.
Ether 2000 Restores 150 MP.
Elixir - Completely restores HP and MP.
Phoenix Down 150 Revives from KO with very low HP.
Phoenix Pinion - Revives from KO. Cannot be used outside battle. Teaches Eiko Phoenix.
Anointment 150 Cures Trouble.
Antidote 50 Cures Venom and Poison
Echo Screen 50 Cures Silence.
Eyedrops 50 Cures Darkness.
Magic Tag 100 Cures Zombie.
Soft 100 Cures Petrify.
Vaccine 150 Cures Virus.
Remedy 300 Cures all status ailments.
Tent 800 Restores half HP and MP at save Moogles.