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Final Fantasy IX - Stellazzio Coins

Once you visit Treno for the first time in Disc 2, you can start to collect Stellazzio coins which Queen Stella collects. Queen Stella lives in a mansion in Treno. On your first visit she will tell you about it and says she will reward you if you collect enough. Stellazzio coins are spread throughout the world and there are 12 to collect (one for each sign of the Zodiac) and after you collect each one, a better reward will be given by Queen Stella back at her Mansion.

Coin Name Where it's found
Aquarius On the left in the entrance of Ipsens Castle
Aries First floor of Dali windmill
Cancer In Burmecia, search the overturned wooden cart
Capricorn In the water to the right at the entrance to Dagguerreo
Gemini Keep throwing in money at the fointain near the entrance of Treno until you get it
Leo In Alexandria Castle,in the left tower in the corner of the Statue ride room
Libra Search the fountains in Madain Sari
Ophiucus Same place scorpio was
Pisces In a chest in the top left hand corner of the Invincible ship on Disc 4
Sagittarius In Lindblum Buisness District
Scorpio In Quan's Dwelling, go down to the springs and search the rocks at bottom of screen
Taurus Behind the item shop in Treno
Virgo By the bed in the Inn at Black Mage Village

Coins Given Prize
1 1000 gil
2 Phoenix Pinion
3 2000 gil
4 Blood Sword
5 5000 gil
6 Elixer
7 10000 gil
8 Black Belt
9 20000 gil
10 Rosetta Ring
11 30000 gil
12 Robe of Lords
13 Hammer