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Final Fantasy IX - Trance Modes

Well basically how trance works is, each time an enemy hits a character, the trance gauge increases by a tiny bit. If you die or get inflicted with the status effect Zombie, the Trance gauge will reset back to 0. And once it is full a little animation shows the character going into trance, and then you will have a new option next time it's your turn in battle. Now each time you do something while in trance, the gauge will go down by approximately one third, meaning you get 3 turns in trance. Once the gauge is emptied, your character will return to their normal selves, or if the battle ends your character will automatically return to normal.


Dyne Skills
Lets Zidane use special skills which are acquired by him learning skills from each different weapon he equips. Once he has learnt the skill from a weapon he will earn a new Dyne ability.

Name MP Description
Free Energy 10 Deals physical damage to an enemy
Tidal Flame 12 Deals physical damage to all enemies
Scoop Art 14 Deals physical damage to an enemy
Shift Break 16 Deals physical damage to all enemies
Stellar Circle 5 24 Deals physical damage to an enemy
Meo Twister 32 Deals physical damage to all enemies
Solution 9 48 Deals physical damage to an enemy
Grand Lethal 60 Deals physical damage to all enemies


Trance Name: Dbl Blk
Replaces: Blk Mgc
Dbl Blk Skills: Lets Vivi cast a Black Magic skill he has learnt 2 times in a row.


Trance Name: Eidolon
Replaces: Summon
Eidolon Skills: Lets Dagger use a summon which will keep attacking the rest of the battle until you use another summon.


Trance Name: Elan
Replaces: Flare
Elan Skills: Lets Amarant use a skill he has learnt on all of the enemies or all of the party.


Trance Name: Dbl Wht
Replaces: Wht Mgc
Dbl Wht Skills: As with Vivi's "Dbl Blk", Eiko's "Dbl Wht" allows Eiko to use 2 of her learnt White Magic skills twice in one turn.


Trance Name: Cook
Replaces: Eat
Cook Skills: Increases Quina's chance of successfully eating an opponent by double. With just eat the enemies HP has to be at least 1/8th but with cook it only has to be 1/4th.


When Steiner goes into trance, his attack power increase which allows his normal attacks to attack for major damage.


When Freya goes into Trance, her Jump ability changes and she stays in the air for a longer length of time and when she finally attacks, a barrage of spears comes down and hits the enemy for massive damage.