Final Fantasy screenshot

Final Fantasy IX - Arm Gear

Arm Gear Abilities Description Shop Price
Pearl Armlet - Provides a southern, tropical feel. -
Wrist Flee-Gil Regular wristlet 130
Leather Wrist Beast Killer, Blizzard Wristlet that raises Spirit when equipped 200
Glass Armlet Steal Gil, Antibody Armlet made of glass. 250
Bone Armlet Add Status Wristlet made from bones. 330
Mythril Armlet Bug Killer Armlet made of mythril 500
N-Kai Armlet Bandit, Undead Killer, Water Armlet formerly worn by a ninja 3000
Jade Armket Body Temp, High Tide Armlet made of jade. 3400
Magic Armlet Clear Headed, Silence Armlet packed with magic. 1000
Chimera Armlet Mug, Add Status Armlet adorned with Chimera wings. 1200
Egoist's Armlet Beast Killer, Level Up Armlet made in the dark world.. 2000
Dragon Wrist Jelly, Lancer Wristlet made from dragon bones. 4800
Thief Gloves Master Thief Gloves used by thieves 50000
Power Wrist Accuracy+ Wristlet guard that raises Strength when equipped. 5100
Bronze Gloves Antibody Gloves made of bronze 480
Mythril Gloves Man Eater, Bug Killer Gloves made of mythril 980
Thunder Gloves Devil Killer, Add Status Gloves with a thunder god’s power dwelling inside. 1200
Diamond Gloves Ability Up, Jelly Gloves made of diamond. 2000
Aegis Gloves Charge! Gloves worn exclusively by knights. 7000
Genji Gloves High Tide Very famous brand of gloves -
Gauntlets Cover Gloves worn by swordsmen. 8000
Defense Gloves HP+20% Protects you from various attacks. 6000
Venetia Shield Auto-Float, Counter Popular shield among soldier 2800
Bracer Add Status, Power Throw Bracer used by gamblers. 24000
Silver Gloves Undead Killer Combat gloves 720