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Final Fantasy IX - Abilities

Ability Stones Description
Auto Reflect 15 Automatically casts reflect in battle
Auto Float 6 Automatically casts float in battle
Auto Haste 9 Automatically casts haste in battle
Auto Regen 10 Automatically casts regen in battle
Auto Life 12 Automatically cast life in battle (once)
Auto Potion 3 Automatically cast potion when damaged
HP+10% 4 Increases HP by 10%
HP+20% 8 Increases HP by 20%
MP+10% 4 Increases MP by 10%
MP+20% 8 Increases MP by 20%
Bird Killer 3 Does lethal damage to bird enemies
Bug Killer 2 Does lethal damage to bug enemies
Stone Killer 4 Does lethal damage to stone enemies
Undead Killer 2 Does lethal damage to undead enemies
Devil Killer 2 Does lethal damage to demons
Beast Killer 4 Does lethal damage to beasts
Man Eater 2 Does lethal damage to humans
Ability Up 3 Character learns abilities faster
Level Up 7 Characters level up faster
Accuracy+ 2 Raises physical attack accuracy
Add Status 3 Add weapons status effect when you attack
Alert 4 Prevents back attacks
Antibody 4 Prevents characters from getting poison and venom
Body Temp 4 Prevents characters from getting freeze and heat
Bright Eyes 4 Prevents darkness
Clear headed 5 Prevents confusion
Insomniac 5 Prevents sleep
Jelly 4 Prevents player from getting petrify and gradual petrify
Locomotion 4 Prevents stop
Loudmouth 4 Prevents silence
Absorb MP 6 Absorbs MP used by enemy
Bandit 5 Raises success rate of steal
Boost 12 Raises strength of eidolons
Chemist 4 Doubles the potency of medical items
Concentrate 10 Raises the strength of spells
Counter 8 Counterattacks when your character is physically attacked
Cover 6 You take damage in place of ally
Distract 5 Lowers enemy's physical attack accuracy
Eye 4 eye 5 Raises counter activation rate
Flee Gil 3 Receive gil even if you run from a battle
Gamble Defense 1 Raises defense occasionally
Guardian Mog 3 Mog protects you with unseen forces
Half MP 11 Cuts MP use in half when in battle
Healer 2 Restores physical attacks target's HP
High Jump 4 Jump higher to raise jump attack power
High Tide 8 Allows you to trance faster
Initiative 5 Raises chances of Pre-emptive strike
Long reach 16 Back row attacks with same power as front row
MP Attack 5 Characters uses MP to raise attack power
Mag elem null 13 Nullifies magic element
Master Thief 5 Steals better items first
Millionaire 5 Receive more gil after battle
Mug 3 Damages enemy when you steal
Odin's Sword 5 Attacks with eidolon Odin
Protect Girls 4 You take damage in place of a girl
Power Throw 19 Raises the strength of throw
Reflect x2 17 Double the strength of spells by using reflect
Reflect-Null 7 Nullifies reflect and attacks
Return Magic 9 Returns magic used by enemy
Restore HP 8 Restores HP automatically when near death
Steal Gil 5 Steal Gil along with items