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Final Fantasy IX - Add Ons

Add On Abilities Description Shop Price
Desert Boots Flee-Gil, Protect, Scan Boots with good traction. 300
Magician Shoes MP+10%, Clear Headed, Blind Shoes packed with magic. 1500
Germinas Boots Alert, HP+10%, Flee Boots that raise Strength. 900
Sandals N/A Provides a southern, tropical feel. N/A
Feather Boots Auto-Float, Float, Mini Boots that are light as a feather. 4000
Battle Boots MP Attack, Initiative, HP+20% Combat boots. 6500
Running Shoes Auto-Haste, Auto-Potion, Haste Shoes that allow you to walk with light steps. 12000
Anklet Locomotion, Healer, Counter Anklet adorned with a four-leaf clover that raises spirit. 4000
Power Belt MP Attack, Counter, Fira Belt that raises Strength. 2000
Black Belt HP+20%, Beast Killer, Demi Belt that raises Strength. 4000
Glass Buckle Antibody, Add Status, Thunder Buckle protected by mysterious powers. 500
Madain’s Ring Body Temp, Chemist, Guardian Mog Ring used as a charm since ancient times. 3000
Rosetta Ring Level Up, Concentrate, Reflectx2 Ring with a fire god’s spirit dwelling inside. 24000
Reflect Ring Auto-Reflect, Distract, Reflect Ring enchanted with the spell ‘Reflect.’ 7000
Coral Ring Insomniac, Man Eater, Lancer Ring adorned by corals. 1200
Promist Ring Restores HP, Absorb MP, Mag Elem Null Ring that raises Strength. 6000
Rebirth Ring Auto-Life, Life, Revive Ring with a phoenix’s power dwelling inside. 7000
Protect Ring Long Reach, Mag Elem Null, Half MP Protects you from various attacks. 40000
Pumice Piece Boost ‘Put it together with the other piece.’ 25000
Pumice Ark ‘Summon the beast from the dark.’ 50000
Yellow Scarf Bird Killer, Millionaire, Steal Gil Scarf that raises Strength. 400
Gold Choker Auto-Potion, Flee-Gil, Shell Magic choker. 1300
Fairy Earrings Level Up, Body Temp, Regen Earrings that raise Spirit. 3200
Angel Earrings Auto-Regen, MP+20%, Reis’s Wind Holy earrings worn by women. 80000
Pearl Rouge Level Up, Reflect-Null, Loudmouth Rouge used by women that draws out Holy power. 5000
Cachusha Bright Eyes, Ability Up, Life Hair ornament enchanted with various powers, worn by women. 1000
Barette Chemist, Gamble Defense, Cura Hair ornament enchanted with various powers, worn by women. 1800
Extension Auto-Potion, MP+10%, Level Up Hair ornament enchanted with various powers, worn by women. 3500
Ribbon Madeen, Ability Up, Guardian Mog Item that always keeps Mog beside you. N/A
Maiden Prayer Auto-Regen Item that has a nice fragrance. N/A
Ancient Aroma Odin’s Sword Item that radiates a mysterious light. N/A
Garnet Bahamut, Healer Restores HP. 350
Amethyst Atomos, Demi Restores HP. 200
Aquamarine Leviathan, HP+10% Restores HP. N/A
Diamond Body Temp, Distract Restores HP. N/A
Emerald Haste, MP+10%, White Draw Restores HP. N/A
Moonstone Shell, Beast Killer Restores HP. N/A
Ruby Carbuncle, Reflect Restores HP. N/A
Peridot Ramuh, Thundara Restores HP. 100
Sapphire Fenrir, High Tide Restores HP. 200
Opal Shiva, Blizzara Restores HP. 100
Topaz Ifrit, Fira Restores HP. 100
Lapis Lazuli Ability Up, Accuracy Restores HP. 400
Phoenix Pinion Phoenix Cures KO. 300
Dark Matter Odin Deals damage to the target. N/A