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Final Fantasy IX - Characters

Zidane Tribal

Age: 16
Description: Zidane is a thief from Alexandria. He is with a group called Tantalus which is leaded by Baku but he leaves the group because Princess Garnet (Dagger) wanted Zidane to kidnap her. He agrees so he is on a journey.
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Vivi Ornitier

Age: 9
Description: Vivi is a small mage with great intelligence and power. Vivi is one of the first characters you play in the game when he gets a ticket to see a play called "I want to be your Canary". When Vivi finds out that he is a fake he is rather upset, but feels better when a person named Puck tell him that there is a way to see the play. But after several events Vivi joins Zidane's group to find out exactly who he is. Vivi tends to be shy and unsure of himself in a large proportion of the game, and it times has lost his word in what to say.
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Freya Crescent

Age: 21
Description: Freya is a dragon knight from one of the three great nations Burmerica. But Freya left the country several years ago when her lover sir iron tail Fratley never came back as promised and was reported missing. But not believing other people of word of his death she ventures out to look for him. You first encounter Freya in Lindblum before the festival of the hunt in a small tavern in the industrial district.
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Amarant Coral

Age: 26
Description: Amarant is a man that has been classified as a thief throughout Treno. He is also a wanted for a crime that has committed after the events in Alexandria in disk 2. The queen summons two people to the castle to help her retrieve the pendant that Princess Garnet wears. The two of them follow Zidane to the Outer Continent, and doesn't show himself until the party reaches Madain Sari where he challenges Zidane to a duel. He joins Zidane's group after but he doesn't really talk much.
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Garnet Til Alexandros XVII

Age: 16
Description: The princess is the heir to the throne in the kingdom of Alexandria. Lately Garnet has noticed some strange behaviors in her mother. She planned escaping so that she can see her uncle, Cid back in Lindblum to talk about these problems. Little does she know that Tantalus plan on kidnapping Princess Garnet and taking her aboard the theatre ship back with them. Later in the game she takes on the name of Dagger which she is known by for the rest of the game. She has magic abilities as well as summoning abilities, as does Eiko.
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Adelbert Steiner

Age: 33
Description: Steiner is a loyal knight and he happens to be captain of Alexandria's male force of knights called "The Knights of Pluto". However they are outshined by the female knight of the country. Steiner's greatest rival happens to be the leader of the female knights, General Beatrix. Steiner dislikes Zidane as he is blond and he thinks he is nothing more than a criminal, since Zidane was going to kidnap princess Garnet. The two often argue and Steiner doesn't trust Zidane. Steiner often refers to Vivi as "Master Vivi" due to the his great black mage abilities.
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Eiko Carol

Age: 6
Description: Eiko is from Madain Sari on the Outer Continent. The young girl steals from Conde Petite. Afterwards, she runs into Zidane and the gang run into her and decide to take Eiko home. Also Eiko develops a crush on Zidane. Eiko happens to be the last survivor from the lost summoning village of Madain Sari and she even has a summoning horn attack to her forehead which proves her heritage. Although at time Eiko can be annoying and demanding, deep down she is lonely and wants to be accepted in the group.
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Quina Quen

Age: Unknown
Description: Quina is a creature known as a Qu. The vast majority of Qu live in the Qu Marsh which are in various location around the world. The main staple of their diet seems to be frogs. Quina can join the party in disk 1 or 2. Quina joins the party due to the fact that she can try different types of food as she continues the journey with them.
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