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Final Fantasy X-2 - Missions

Chapter 1

Hot Spot Missons

First mission after the concert
After the concert sequence concludes, Paine and Rikku have a showdown with Yuna. This is a quick simple battle and Yuna will eventually flee. At this point, you'll be controlling Rikku. The chase is on to track Yuna down. Just follow the red arrows on the map to follow her. There will be a few obstacles in your way in the form of soldiers, but they are fairly easy to take down. You'll eventually be confronted by an odd-looking pair named Ormi and Logos, and a battle will ensue. Begin hitting them with all you got until a quick cutscene occurs, revealing the true Yuna. The Yuna you've been chasing has been an impostor the whole time. You soon discover the impostor to be a rival sphere hunter named Leblanc. Another battle will occur. After the completion of this battle you will have finished the first mission.

"Outrun the Leblanc Syndicate" in the Floating Ruins at Mt. Gagazet
After teaching Leblanc a lesson about stealing, you'll be back on board the Celsius, the airship base of the Gullwings. If you ever get stuck trying to progress, a good rule of thumb is to simply talk to everyone on the airship. There are several different levels that you can explore on the airship, so be sure to search thoroughly. While doing so, you'll discover valuable items in treasure chests on board as well. You'll eventually get called back to the bridge to begin your second mission. The party will be dropped off at some ruins near the summit of Mt. Gagazet. This area will require a lot of climbing and jumping. A quick onscreen tutorial gives you the rundown on how to go about reaching the top successfully.

You're going to come across a switch on the wall. Press the switch and the platform the group is standing on will start to move. This leads you downward to a lower level. Head down the path and climb up the ledges to your right. As you finish climbing and start to proceed, you'll come across Leblanc and her thugs once again.

Once defeated, Leblanc and her crew set out for the peak to find the treasure. A timer will appear on top of the screen, showing that you have 6 minutes to reach the top before them. To get to the top, head straight until you reach the first ledge. Climb up the ledge and head to your left. Ignore the fallen pillars, as they only lead to dead ends. You'll come upon an opening. Enter it. Next you'll appear inside a maze. Head straight and jump over the chasms until you reach a point where you emerge outside once again. At this point, you'll head to the left until a scene occurs showing Leblanc and crew just up ahead of you. After the scene, continue heading left. You'll end up on a fallen pillar with a rock to the right that you can jump on. Jump up on the rock and climb straight up. Next jump to the right and head straight up the next broken pillar. At the top of this pillar, jump off and then climb straight up until you see a save point. If you made it to the top in under 6 minutes you'll see Leblanc and her crew dangling from a ledge. If you didn't make it, you'll see them running away from the peak. Save, and then climb up further to collect the treasure above where Leblanc is dangling. Head right and then up the stairs. You've made it to the top. Another Boss fight ensues, this time with a spider-like creature called Boris. Defeat it and the mission will be complete. Talk to everyone on the airship. Afterward, speak to Buddy for the next mission.

"Where's Wakka?" at Besaid
Head into Besaid village. Lulu is in the middle hut on the right side. You will need to speak with her both inside and outside of her hut to begin this mission. She asks you to look for Wakka. Your objective here is to locate certain numbers that will unlock the entrance to the cave where Wakka is. The locations are marked on the map with purple dots. The numbers are random in every game. The first number can be found on the top of the hill where you spoke with Lulu. Next, head to the beach. On your way, you'll see another purple marker up ahead. Simply climb up on the pillar by pressing the circle button as you walk toward it. When you arrive at the beach, you'll see people standing near a cliff to your left. Climb up that cliff and head toward the purple marker. The next one is up at the top of the screen near where the dock is. Pressing the X button next to each marker gives you its respective code.

After acquiring the four numbers, head back to the door and enter the digits. Inside you'll find Wakka. He tells you why he is in here and this causes the trio to delve deeper into the cave. You'll come across a sphere. Before picking it up, however, you'll have to get past the Flame Dragon. After defeating it, head back over to Wakka and speak to him. This completes the mission.

"Claim the Treasure Sphere" at Zanarkand
Upon entering Zanarkand, you'll notice lots of people, including tourists and rival sphere hunters. Head up the hill to the right to speak with Isaaru. He will fill you in on the current state of Zanarkand. After speaking with him, head toward the entrance of the Zanarkand ruins. You'll see some kids to your left. They'll talk briefly and then head into the ruins. Follow them. Take the lift down to the basement until you come across Cid. When you speak to Cid, you will have two options on how to respond to what he is doing with Zanarkand. By disagreeing with what Cid is doing here, you will gain some extra story percentage. Later on in the game, you'll come across Cid in the Thunder Plains and you'll be able to invite him aboard the Celsius to add even more story percentage. Agreeing with Cid will not add any story percentage. Head all the way up to the point where you reach the open area. You'll probably recognize this as the place where you fought Yunalesca in FFX. You'll hear a voice call out. There are a few choices that you can make. Basically, choose the option that recognizes Isaaru as the voice behind all of this. After clearing all of this up, head to the bottom level using the stairs at the top of the screen. Go straight until you come across the Boss of this area, the Guardian Beast. Defeating it completes the mission.

"Awesome Sphere Heist" at Kilika

When you arrive at Kilika Port, follow the path right then up. On the next screen, go up the stairs and head toward the hut in the upper-left corner. You'll see Barthello getting tossed out of the hut then run off. Enter the hut and you'll speak with Dona, who will give you some background on the political climate of the island, as well as the effect it's having on her and Barthello's relationship. After that, exit the hut and follow the path to the northernmost part of town, where the gate to the woods is located. Upon leaving through the gate, you will witness the leader of the Youth League, Meyvn Nooj, give a speech then lead his followers into Kilika Woods. Once they've left, the mission will begin.

The objective of this mission is to make your way to the gate leading to the entrance to Kilika Temple. Take the left path and head up. Go up again to the upper area that leads to a dead end. You'll be given an option to hide behind some trees and listen to the soldiers' conversation. By listening, you'll obtain clues to get past the guards ahead. When you approach guards, they ask for the password in order to pass. If you forget and give the wrong answer, you'll have to fight them. The game will give you a brief explanation on how to pull this off before you begin. Pay very close attention to the last group of guards. Head to the top for the Boss fight with YSLS Zero. Defeating the Boss completes the mission.

Optional Missions

"Behind the Scenes" in Luca
This mission starts when you opt to visit Luca after completing the mission at the Floating Ruins at Mt. Gagazet. Upon arrival, Yuna will recall the events leading up to the Yuna impostor's concert. To avoid attracting attention while Paine and Rikku crashed the concert, Yuna would lay low, disguised as a moogle.

Once you gain control of Yuna, walk down the stairs to the area with the crystal monument. Once there, she will recall that she was asked to hand out balloons to bystanders near the monument to help promote the concert. Walk down toward where the carts are to the lower right of the monument and you'll find a man sitting down. He'll be behind the cart, so watch carefully for him. Speak with him and he'll give you 10 balloons. You'll be confined to the monument area, but don't worry, because everyone you need to give balloons to will be in that area.

For the most part everyone will be simple to find. Here is a list of everyone that will accept a balloon from Yuna, in counter-clockwise order:

• The guard in the uppermost part of the area (1)
• The woman standing next to the carts (2)
• The kid standing at the crystal monument (3)
• The two people on the bench to the left of the monument (4,5)
• The man in the brown robe sitting on the bench across from the monument (6)
• The old man and old woman sitting to the left of the TV screens (7,8).

The only people visible that won't take balloons from Yuna are the kid running around with a balloon and the man dressed in all green walking back and forth. However, once you've gotten everyone we've just listed you'll still be left with 2 balloons. To find the last two people, examine the window directly underneath the large TV screen. You'll find two more people sitting inside. That makes 10 for 10. Afterwards, you'll witness a series of scenes that will lead to Yuna making her presence known at the docks, as seen in the first fight of the game. Mission complete.

"Foggy Fiend Frenzy" at Mushroom Rock Road
Upon arriving at Mushroom Rock Road, you'll see Leblanc's cronies, Ormi and Logos, going toward Youth League Headquarters. Walk up and you'll meet Yaibal of the Youth League, along with Clasko, formerly of the Chocobo Knights. Yaibal will inform you that to follow Ormi and Logos, you'll have to run a gauntlet filled with fiends. Select the first option that Yaibal gives you and proceed to where the red arrow leads you. Before going though, talk to Clasko and he'll voice his dissatisfaction with his current situation.

Once you reach the next screen the mission will officially begin. A dense fog will come and go as you make your way to the Youth League Headquarters at the end of the path. The thicker the fog, the more often that fiends will attack you. Walk up and take the lift up to the next screen. Walk up and follow the path as it curves to the right and you'll see Ormi and Logos. Continue following the path as it curves back right, then go upward and you'll come across a series of stone steps leading down. This leads to a hidden ravine. Follow it north, opening up the treasure chests as you go along. It will eventually lead you to a cave with a save point outside. Enter the cave and you will see Ormi and Logos trying to open a strange-looking door with a bunch of spheres. Once they see your group they'll run away. Rikku will find a sphere on the ground, and you'll obtain Crimson Sphere 9. Examine the door and Yuna will place the sphere inside it, lighting up one of the many nodes on it. Head back toward the entrance and you'll encounter Maroda, who will fill you in on what he, Isaaru and Pacce have been up to, and will also tell you about the hidden area called the Den of Woe. Leave once the conversation is complete and make your way back out of the ravine.

Once back on the path, just follow the linear path left and north and you'll eventually come across the lift leading up to Youth League Headquarters, which you'll use. Once you've reached the next level, you'll encounter another familiar face, Elma, also formerly of the Chocobo Knights. After speaking with her, the mission will be complete, but it wouldn't hurt to take the large lift up and pay the Youth League a visit, especially since it counts towards the story completion percentage. Walk toward the building entrance and you'll find Captain Lucil, yet another former Chocobo Knight. She will inform you that the Youth League leader, Meyvn Nooj, is in a meeting and can't be disturbed. She will also allude to a mission you will participate in later in the game. Once she's finished speaking yet another familiar face will appear. This time it's the old scholar, Maechen. Speak with him and he'll tell you a story (as usual). During his rather long-winded speech you'll have the option to cut him off. Even though it will take quite a while, let him continue on until he's done talking and he will ask to shake Yuna's hand. Select yes. Your patience and indulgence in listening to him and shaking his hand not only count toward story completion percentage, it will also affect your final meeting with him in Chapter 5. After speaking with him for what seems like an eternity, walk back through the Mushroom Rock Road to the area where you first arrived. Walk all the way in the direction of the save point and you'll find Clasko. Speak with him and he'll ask to hitch a ride aboard your airship. Saying yes will let you get the Alchemist Dressphere and gain access to the chocobo side-quest in Chapter 2 instead of having to wait until Chapter 5. After that, there's nothing left to do but return to the Celsius.

"Shave the Hypello?" at the Moonflow
Once you show up at the Moonflow, talk to the little guy in the red outfit pacing back and forth. His name is Tobli, and he's a concert producer. Tobli is having a problem, though. It seems that the assistant he sent to fetch supplies is overdue in arriving, and he's getting concerned. Go south to reach the next area. Follow the path until you see a Hypello standing next to a chocobo-drawn wagon. Speak with him and the mission will begin.

It seems that there is a gang of bandits that are attacking travellers on the road to the Moonflow. The objective of this mission is to escort the Hypello's wagon and its cargo safely to where Tobli is waiting. Just walk alongside the Hypello and the wagon as it moves up the road. The bandits will jump out from their hiding places on the road and snag one of the boxes from the cart. Your job is to either intercept them before they reach the cart or grab them before they are able to get away with a box. Whatever you do, don't let yourself get too far away from the cart, because while you're chasing one bandit another one might come out and snag a box right out from under your nose. Returning with all the cargo intact is pretty important, as it affects your chances to obtain the Mascot Dressphere as well as getting an Episode Complete rating for the Moonflow during Chapter 5. Once the cart arrives, the mission will be complete. For your troubles you'll receive the Gun Mage Dressphere. You'll also receive a Circlet and the Helios Guard Garment Grid if you manage to get all the cargo there intact.

"Follow That O'aka" at Macalania Woods
Upon arriving at Macalania Woods, you'll discover that the forest is in bad shape since the departure of the Fayth in Macalania Temple. Go to the save point and a bird-like musician named Bayra will say as much then disappear. Next, walk two screens to the right and one screen south and you'll find a drummer creature named Donga, who will also say something about the forest and vanish. Go back to the save point area and take the regular path leading up. You'll make your way across the first area of the woods and go to the second area, where you'll find a small musician with a horn named Pukutak, who will put in their two cents worth about the state of the forest and vanish. Make your way to the northern section of the woods and enter the path on the right. This will take you to a clearing where you'll find Tromell Guado, the former right-hand man of the dreaded Seymour. Speak with him and he will apologize to Yuna for his role in Seymour's plan. Speak with him again and he'll explain that the Guado have fled Guadosalam for Macalania Woods because they are hated by everyone else in Spira. Speak with him two more times and he will give you Paine's Special Dressphere, Full Throttle, and the Unerring Path Garment Grid. After that, exit the clearing and head north toward Lake Macalania.

Upon arriving at the Travel Agency, you'll see a group of Al Bhed debt collectors surrounding the place, hunting for your old pal O'aka. He'll come out, and run back towards the woods. Follow him to the northern section of the woods and the mission will begin. This time you'll want to go southeast and take the shimmering path to make your job easier. Follow the path back to the save point in the southern section of the woods. Go right and you'll see O'aka run off. Go two screens right and one screen north. Speak with the Guado on the right repeatedly and he will reveal that O'aka is hiding there. Walk to the upper-left corner and you'll finally corner him. At this point his fate is in your hands. You can reveal his whereabouts to the debt collectors or you can give him sanctuary on your airship. No matter which option you choose, the mission will be complete. If you choose to help him out, he'll sell items on your airship at a full gil less than Barkeep to help clear his 100,000 gil debt until Chapter 3. If you purchase enough items from him to clear his debt before Chapter 3 starts, he'll sell his items at 10% of what most shops have them for. For example, a 500 gil Hi-Potion will go for 50 gil. Also, not only does it contribute to the story completion percentage, but in Chapter 5 he'll re-open his shop at Lake Macalania and sell rare and hard-to-find accessories, some of which won't be available anywhere else.

"Can You Dig It?" at Bikanel Island
To receive this mission, you must first visit Djose Temple, where the Machine Faction has set up its base of operations. Speak with the gate guards and they'll tell you that to get permission to join in the dig at Bikanel Island, you'll have to fill out an application then have a job interview with the leader of the Faction, Gippal. When you first go toward the application office, there will be a line of people. Once the line has disappeared, enter the office and they'll give you clearance to go in the Temple. Once inside, Gippal will head outside, but not before recognizing Yuna. Follow him outside then from the entrance go south one screen to where the bridges are. After a brief conversation Gippal will hire you for the dig and give you the Key Item "Letter of Introduction" to take to the excavation forewoman, Nhadala, at Bikanel Island.

After that, head for Bikanel Island, which has become a Hotspot on the world map. Rikku will lead the group through a seemingly endless series of sand dunes until they all collapse. The party will awaken at the excavation site. Go over to where Paine and Rikku are standing and a cutscene ensues. Talk to the guy in the tan shirt next to the hover and select "Yes." Then talk to the blond-haired Al Bhed twice and Nhadala will arrive. Speak with her and the mission will begin. Then speak to the man next to the hover again to proceed to the Western Expanse for the dig.

The dig itself is simple enough. There are a series of white X's on the map, and a yellow X. To complete the mission successfully, you have to stand on top of the yellow X then return to the hover, all in under 60 seconds. Once you've done that and returned to camp, the mission will be complete. After that, you can choose to return to Bikanel Island to participate in more digs. For more information, please refer to the Bikanel Island Excavation part of the Side-Quests menu.

Chapter 2

Hot Spot Missons

Spring Into Action" at Mt. Gagazet (Leblanc Syndicate Uniform mission)
Go to Mt. Gagazet and speak with Kimahri. He'll tell Yuna that he attempted to search for spheres to aid Yuna, but could find nothing. He'll then tell you that Sphere Hunters have gone to the Fayth Scar. Could it be the Leblanc Syndicate? Choose the first option. Then talk to Kimahri again. Choose the first option again. After the conversation, go to the teleporter behind Kimahri and select the option that takes you to the Fayth Scar. Go down the slope to exit the cave to the next area. A scene will occur with some Leblanc Syndicate she-goons climbing the mountain. The mission will begin.

Follow the she-goon to the cave at the top of the mountain. Next, exit the cave at the other end and another scene will show the she-goon running past a save point.

From this point there are two ways the mission can play out. For the first scenario, follow the she-goon past the save point. When you reach your destination, a scene will occur showing two she goons bathing in a hot spring. Eventually, Ormi appears and you have to fight him and the two she-goons at once. Once you defeat them, the mission is complete and you'll have a uniform.

To follow the second scenario, do not follow the she-goon past the save point. Instead, keep on climbing up the cliff to the top right side of the mountain. Enter the gaps between the mountain. You'll witness a scene between Ormi and the two she-goons. Your party will then fall into the hot spring, causing Ormi and the she goons to flee in fear. You'll automatically receive the uniform, and you'll get to see a cutscene with Yuna, Rikku and Paine bathing in the hot spring. When the scene finishes, head back down the mountain. The two she-goons and Ormi will ambush you on your way down trying to get their uniforms back. Defeat them to complete the mission.

"Water We Doing Here?" at Bikanel Island (Leblanc Syndicate Uniform mission)
Go to Bikanel Island and speak with Nhadala. She will ask you to go to the Oasis to investigate some suspicious activity. Say yes and the mission will commence. If you didn't complete the "Can You Dig It" mission during Chapter 1, Nhadala won't acknowledge you. To rectify this, go to Djose Temple and see Gippal for a job interview. He'll give you the key item "Letter of Introduction." Show it to Nhadala and she'll ask you to go to the Oasis.

When you arrive at the Oasis, Logos and some she-goons will be there ready to fight. Defeat them and you'll obtain a Syndicate Uniform. Mission complete.

"Two Birds, One Stone" at Djose Highroad (Leblanc Syndicate Uniform mission)
This mission couldn't be any more straightforward. Once you arrive at Djose Highroad, you'll encounter two she-goons who are looking for a sphere that they had recently lost. The mission will now begin. Walk along the road and you'll find Yuna's Special Dressphere, Floral Fallal. Ormi will appear and whine about the fact that you won't return the sphere, then Logos will appear and a fight will ensue with Ormi, Logos and a she-goon. Defeat them and a Syndicate Uniform is yours. Mission complete.

"Faking and Entering" at Chateau Leblanc in Guadosalam

Approach the chateau guards once again. The girls will change into the disguises and gain access to the chateau. Once inside, a scene occurs between Nooj and Leblanc. Leblanc walks up to her room, which is guarded by another guard. You won't be able to enter her room just yet. Instead, go into the room beneath the stairs. Ormi and Logos are in this room. They are fooled by the disguise and order you to go help "the boss" relax. Now head back up the stairs, into the room Leblanc is in. The guard now allows you to enter. A mini-game will start where you have to give Leblanc the ultimate massage. It's a guessing game where there is a small grid of 9 boxes given and you need to guess which area she wants you to massage. Pay attention to the color of the hearts to home in on the best spot. Afterwards, Ormi and Logos will walk in and give you more instructions. Head back to the room where Ormi and Logos were earlier. If you search the left side of the wall you'll reveal a hidden passage. Paine will suggest removing the disguises and the girls will change. Soon thereafter, you'll be discovered by Ormi. After beating him, search the rooms ahead and find the Crimson Sphere resting on the table. Prepare once again for a Boss fight, this time with Ormi and Logos. Basically, use the same tactics employed in previous fights with these two. The easiest way to get through this fight is to take one of them out first using chain attacks and the Warrior's Armor Break and Power Break abilities. Keep your party's HP up by using Hi-Potions if needed. Exit the room and head over to the area with switches in between the walls. Activate each of them. A wall of spikes starts to head toward you. Run the other way and jump down into the hallway at the other end of the room and wait for it to approach you. Hop up on it and you now will find the final switch. Activate it to open the next area. Head back down now and you'll be confronted by Leblanc, Ormi and Logos. Defeat them and they'll surrender the Sphere fragment. Mission complete.

"Operation: Infiltrate Bevelle"
Head down the long path and enter New Yevon Headquarters. Follow the right pathway and enter the next room. Stand on the block to activate the switch. Now go back to the left pathway. Examine the lower hologram. This will alter the direction of the lift in the main area. Head back to the main area and get on the lift. It will take you down. Pick up any treasure chests along the way. Take the left pathway. From this point just keep following the red arrow. Take the lift to the next level and head right. Head into the Chamber of the Fayth. Continue to follow the red arrow. You should now be in an area outside of a corridor that has a long chain, which Yuna will slide down and enter the main area. After that a battle will take place. You'll enter a large room with several towers in it. The objective here is to activate switches that allow access further into this area. The first tower on your right will release a platform that is used later in the game. Next, skip the second tower and activate the third one, followed by the fifth one. Once the three towers have been activated, you'll have a boss fight with the Precepts Guard.

After defeating the Precepts Guard, there will be three remaining platforms to activate, which will allow you to get the Ribbon, an accessory which protects the wearer from all status ailments in battle. To get there, start out by using activated platforms to go down into the newly opened area. Head straight until the path splits. Take the right pathway to activate a set of blocks. There will be two switches. Activate the left one first, followed by the right one. The next area opens up. Approach the large machine and activate the switch that controls it to obtain the Ribbon.

Jump down to the third platform and enter the room. In the next area, go straight until you reach a T-junction, then head left. Climb the left block and activate the switches. Now move on to the next area. Keep following the red arrow until you reach a save point. In this area, you'll see a treasure chest that seems impossible to get. You definitely want this one, since it contains the Dark Knight Dressphere. Follow these directions to get it: The room you are in has three lifts in it. Take the left lift up first. Then head south and jump down back to where you originally were. Next take the middle lift. You'll be in a place with a switch. Activate the switch and head back down again. Now take the right lift up. Once up there, take the left lift from the upper section back down to the area where you had started. Now take the middle lift again and you'll be end up in another area with another switch to activate. Go back to the main area again and take the right lift back up to the upper level again. Next, you'll activate the two blocks on the upper level to release another lift at the far corner. Take this lift down. There will now be a pathway opened enabling you to get the treasure chest. The Dark Knight Dressphere is now yours. Save and keep going until you come across Baralai, the leader of New Yevon. A short dialogue occurs followed by a Boss fight with Baralai. If you have the steal ability, you can steal a very useful Charm Bangle Accessory from him.

After the victory over Baralai, saving is highly recommended. The next Boss fight is with one of Yuna's former Aeons, Bahamut. Defeating it will complete both the mission and Chapter 2.

Optional Missions

"Run the Gunner's Gauntlet" at Besaid
After you arrive outside of Besaid Village you'll see the Aurochs standing around. Speak to any one of them and a cutscene will occur introducing Beclem, a Youth League representative that's been sent to whip the Aurochs into fighting shape. After listening to him flap his lips, Yuna's heard enough. Beclem will then challenge Yuna to go through the Gunner's Gauntlet. Say yes and the mission will begin.

The objective here is to get to the beach while taking out as many fiends with Yuna's guns as possible. The more fiends you eliminate in a row without getting hit, the better your scoring bonus will be. The target score for meeting the quota is 500 points. Beclem will offer you a tutorial if you need some practice before going. Beat the Gauntlet and you'll complete the mission, much to Beclem's chagrin. From this point on you'll be able to participate in higher level Gunner's Gauntlet runs on the beach path by talking to Beclem. For more information on the Gunner's Gauntlet mini-game, select option refer to the Sidequests section of this guide.

"Cuckoo for Chocobos!" at Mi'ihen Highroad
You'll start out just outside of the Travel Agency on the Mi'ihen Highroad. Go into the Travel Agency and you'll see the woman behind the counter let a girl know that there are no more chocobos to be found in the Highroad area. Exit the Agency and walk toward the cliff across the way. Talk to Calli and she'll reveal that she met Yuna as a little girl 2 years ago. Her lifelong ambition has been to ride a chocobo, but they've been almost impossible to find. As if on cue, a chocobo shows up, then runs away. Choose to help Calli and the mission will begin.

For the first part of this mission you'll be following Rikku as you chase the chocobo down the southern portion of the Mi'ihen Highroad. As you're running down the road there will be chocobo feathers on the ground. Pick up as many of them as you can, but don't stray too far from Rikku for too long. If you're too far away from her for more than three seconds, you'll lose sight of the chocobo and have to start all over again. There will also be points where Rikku will stop in her tracks and claim to see the chocobo down a side path. If you decide to follow her hunch, you'll just get led to a treasure chest and the chocobo will get away, forcing you to start over. Just keep going straight on the path to the next area.

In the second part of the mission Yuna will try to block the chocobo's progress as it tries to get away. Walk up to the chocobo and the contest will begin. You have to guess which direction the chocobo will go in and move in that direction to block it. It will get by you no matter what, but if you do guess the right direction you'll hear a chime. It's fairly challenging to tell which direction the chocobo will go during the first few tries, but it does get easier to tell as it gets more disoriented and exhausted. If you get it right enough times the chocobo will be captured. If you miss it three times, it will run off to the next area. Be careful, however, as catching the chocobo too quickly will make you miss out on a small amount of story completion percentage.

The third portion is a lot simpler. Track the chocobo to the end of the path and walk towards it. It will get by the group with ease, and Paine will mention something about there having to be a better way to catch it. This is your cue to walk down to where the hover rental clerk is. Speak with them and they'll offer their assistance in catching the chocobo. Say yes and a cutscene will occur where you outflank the bird with the hover and it surrenders.

Regardless of where you captured the chocobo, a man will run up to the party to let you know that Calli is in trouble: while trying to ride a wild chocobo, she was bucked and now a Chocobo Eater has found her. From the Travel Agency, head north. When you reach the area with the bridges, a clock will start counting down. You only have 1 minute and 40 seconds to get to Calli before the Chocobo Eater acts on its bad intentions. (If you've met Clasko, he'll appear now and buy you a little extra time.) Make your way north across the bridges to the gate leading into Mushroom Rock Road and go southeast toward the Oldroad. Follow the path south and west to get to the clearing and you'll initiate the boss fight with the Chocobo Eater. Defeat it and the mission will be complete.

"Who Needs An Invitation" at Mushroom Rock Road
This mission is only available if you gave the "Awesome Sphere" back to New Yevon instead of the Youth League. Once you arrive at Mushroom Rock Road and head toward the Youth League Headquarters, Yaibal will speak with you, then go on ahead to try and stop his comrades from attacking you.

Once you enter the road, you'll be forced fight a slew of Youth League soldiers to proceed along the path. As you're walking, Buddy will contact you and inform you about a faint sphere wave reading. At this point, instead of proceeding on the main path, jump across the stones that lead down into the ravine and go north until you come across a cave. Enter and you'll find Nooj, who will warn you to leave the area and give Paine Crimson Sphere 7. Exit the cave, go back to the main path above and continue northward. When you get to the end you'll find Elma waiting for you. Defeat her and her troops and the mission will be finished.

If you gave the "Awesome Sphere" to the Youth League, the walkthrough above is pretty much the same, although it's not an official mission and you'll have Youth League soldiers escorting you instead of attacking you.

"YRP, the Scalpers Three" at the Moonflow
Speak with Tobli once you arrive at the Moonflow. He will ask you to assist him with selling tickets for his show. Say yes and the mission will begin. The base price of the tickets is 1000 gil, but you can charge as low as 200 gil or as high as 2000 gil. Here is a list of the NPC's around the Moonflow that will buy a ticket for the base price or more, and the maximum amount they'll willingly pay for them:

Road from Guadosalam to the Moonflow North Wharf
• Man standing next to old woman at Guadosalam entrance – 2000 gil
• Man in blue and yellow shirt on road – 1500 gil

Moonflow North Wharf
• Woman standing across from bulletin board – 2000 gil
• Woman at top of the ramp at Shoopuf launch point – 2000 gil
• Girl at the base of the stairs at Shoopuf launch point – 2000 gil

Moonflow South Wharf
• Man in green shirt standing near Shoopuf launch point – 2000 gil
• Old man sitting on stairs Shoopuf launch point – 1500 gil
• Woman in yellow dress at save point – 1500 gil
• Man seated by save point – 1000 gil

Tobli's area
• Woman standing on the left, on the road just before Tobli's cart – 1500 gil
• Woman standing next to little boy – 1000 gil

Road to Moonflow
• Woman standing near entrance to Djose Highroad area – 1500 gil

Be very careful when selling these tickets, because if you charge too much they'll pass on buying anything, and you won't get the opportunity to sell all of your tickets. Selling all 10 tickets is pretty important, as it affects your chances to obtain the Mascot Dressphere as well as getting an Episode Complete rating for the Moonflow during Chapter 5. Once you've sold the last ticket, the mission will be complete. As a reward for selling all 10 tickets you'll receive the Seething Cauldron Garment Grid, and if you didn't complete the "Shave the Hypello?" mission in Chapter 1 you'll also receive the Gun Mage Dressphere here.

"Find the Musicians" at Macalania Woods
When you reach Macalania Woods you'll see one of Tobli's Hypello assistants waving his arms on the path leading into the forest. Go talk to him and he'll ask you to help him find a group of musicians spread out among the woods. Say yes and he'll give you a letter to show to them.

Walk up the shimmering path and follow it into the northernmost part of the woods. Go into the clearing on the right. There you'll find the first of the musicians, a bird-like creature named Bayra. After explaining Tobli's request, he will attempt to contact his friends. When he is unable to reach them, he will tell you that his friends are wandering around as butterflies scattered among the woods and ask you to find them. After that, the mission begins. Speak with Bayra again and he'll explain how to find the musicians. There are more than two butterfly circles scattered among the woods, but the only musicians you need to find are Donga and Pukutak.

Both musicians are easy enough to find. Walk along the rainbow path and you'll come across Donga. He agrees to help Tobli out. Once you reach the save point in the southern section of the woods, go two screens right and one screen south, where you'll find Pukutak, who also agrees to help Tobli. Once you've found them both you'll automatically return to the clearing where you found Bayra. Speak with Bayra, listen to the conversation and the "Track Down the Troupe" mission will be complete. You will then be asked if you want to return to the Celsius. Say no, as you have unfinished business in the woods. The musicians will vanish and Tromell Guado will appear. If you didn't speak with him during Chapter 1, do so now. Speak with him 3 times and he'll give you Paine's Special Dressphere, Full Throttle. Now make your way back to the southern portion of the woods, where Tobli's Hypello assistant is waiting. Speak with him and you'll receive the Bitter Farewell Garment Grid. Now you're officially done here.

"Clean Sweep" in the Calm Lands
If you gave Clasko a ride during Chapter 1, Buddy will announce that Clasko is chomping at the bit to be dropped off at the Calm Lands. If you didn't give Clasko a ride during Chapter 1 you won't get this optional mission until Chapter 3 or 5.

Once you arrive at the Calm Lands, head east and enter the ravine where the Monster Arena was located in FINAL FANTASY X. You'll find Clasko outside, lamenting his poor fortune. Seems he's finally found out what he wants to do in life: open a Chocobo Ranch. The former Monster Arena appears to be the ideal spot for it, but the place is infested with fiends. Say yes to Clasko's request for help and the mission will begin.

The ruins inside are easy enough to navigate through. Each niche inside the ruins has a fiend. Or does it? Turns out that most of the monsters in each niche are simply illusions. Your task here is to find out where the real fiends are in here. There are 5 in all that you have to eliminate. Finding the real fiends can be a real chore, but here's the trick to spotting them: The real deal will often be facing a different direction than the illusions. For example, if you find a Coeurl facing south in a row of Coeurl's facing north, you've found one of the fiends. Defeat it and the game will tell you how many you have left to eliminate. If the fiend you confront is an illusion, it will disappear. You get three attempts each time before the fiends change locations on you and the illusions reset themselves. Each time the fiends reset you'll be given a different hint on how to proceed. With fiends such as elementals it is pretty much impossible to tell which direction they're facing. Don't worry though, after a few fiend resets directional arrows will appear above every fiend image, so even elementals will be easy to tell apart. If you aren't able to find any real fiends during a single round, just eliminate 3 illusions to reset the locations and try again.

Once you've defeated all 5 fiends and fought a Boss battle, the mission is complete and Clasko's Chocobo Ranch will be open for business, which leads into the chocobo side-quest. For more information on catching and raising chocobos, refer to the Sidequests section of this guide.

"Operation: Monkey" in Zanarkand
This mission at the Zanarkand Ruins revolves around the mischievous monkeys that are wandering around the ruins. Rikku and Paine get the notion that if the monkeys started breeding, they would totally take over the Ruins and no more tourists would want to come there.

Once the mission starts, your objective will be to determine which monkeys are in love and try to find the monkey that they're most compatible with. The main clue to refer to is their names. If a pair of monkeys are meant to be together, their names will somehow relate to each other. Oftentimes they will be directly opposite of each other . There are 5 areas that the monkeys can be found in, and this is how they'll be referred to in this walkthrough:

Area 1 – Northern area with steps (where the group fought Yunalesca in FINAL FANTASY X)
Area 2 – Great hall south of area 1 with 6 treasure chests
Area 3 – Chamber just north of save point and elevator
Area 4 – Chambers where Sphere Screens are located
Area 5 – Walkway leading up to Area 4

Now here is a list of where each monkey and their perfect mate can be found, as well as the order you need to look for them in:

• Birch – Located in Area 1. Birch is most compatible with Sequoia, who can be found in Area 3.
• Spring – Located in Area 2. Spring is most compatible with Autumn, who can be found in Area 4.
• Dusky – Located in Area 5. Dusky is most compatible with Dawne, who can be found in Area 1.
• Rosemary – Located in Area 2. Rosemary is most compatible with Thyme, who can be found in Area 4.
• Terran – Located in Area 4. Terran is most compatible with Skye, who can be found in Area 1.
• Minni – Located in Area 2. Minni is most compatible with Maxx, who can be found in Area 4.
• Summer – Located in Area 3. Summer is most compatible with Winter, who can be found in Area 5.
• Peke – Located in Area 4. Peke is most compatible with Valli, who can be found in Area 3.
• Canis – Located in Area 2. Canis is most compatible with Felina, who can be found in Area 5.
• Arroh – Located in Area 4. Arroh is most compatible with Quivrr, who can be found in Area 5.
• Golde – Located in Area 3. Golde is most compatible with Sylva, who can be found in Area 5.
• Luna – Located in Area 5. Luna is most compatible with Sol, who can be found in Area 2.

Once you've paired up Luna and Sol, the mission is complete.

Chapter 3

Hot Spot Missons

Protect Besaid Temple
In Besaid Village, head to the middle hut on your right and speak to Lulu. When you exit the hut, you'll have a conversation with Shinra regarding CommSpheres. Next, you'll see a scene between Wakka and Beclem. Beclem wants to burn the temple to destroy the fiends. Wakka does not. Enter the temple and talk to Beclem, then enter the former Cloister of Trials. Follow the path until you see Wakka sitting down on the floor. Talk to him and take the elevator down. Up next is a Boss fight with another of Yuna's old Aeon allies, Valefor. Defeat it and the mission will be complete.

Pest Control
The first thing to do here is to go to Dona's hut. Her hut is at the top of some stairs in the second part of Kilika Port, and has a red curtain over the door. Dona comes up with a plan to get you past the guards at the gate. She will attempt to distract the guards, enabling you to sneak past them. You only get one shot at it, but there is a tutorial allowing you to practice before you attempt it for real.

Once in Kilika Forest, you'll see that all paths will be blocked by guards. After checking all of the blocked gates, head back to the starting point where Paine will recall a hint that Dona had given. You'll automatically jump straight up in the air and onto some treetops. Head inside the Temple. Inside the Chamber of the Fayth, you'll find Barthello. A brief scene occurs and he will leave. Up ahead is a wall of blue flames. Head toward them to initiate battles with the awaiting enemies known as Daevas. You'll fight many of them in this area, but they are not too difficult to defeat. Eventually you will encounter another one of Yuna's former Aeons, Ifrit. The mission will conclude once you defeat it.

No Way, Djose
More chaos is happening, this time at Djose Temple. Inside the temple, make your way to the Chamber of the Fayth. Take the elevator to the second floor. Ahead of you is an electric field that prevents you from moving forward. In the room you are currently in, there are five pedestals that can be pushed into the walls. You only need to push one of them in, but it is random each game, so take your best guess until you hear the door open in the other room. Fights occur after each of pedestals are pushed in, so be prepared. After deactivating the barrier, head towards the now open area. A boss fight with yet another Aeon, Ixion, ensues. Defeat it to complete the mission.

Yuna will get knocked into a hole leading into the Farplane. An important event occurs here, and how you proceed through it will help determine what game ending you will get. For more information, refer to the "Multiple Endings" section of this guide.

Optional Missions

"Machina Mayhem" at Mi'hen Highroad
Instead of starting out at the Mi'ihen Travel Agency, this time you'll end up at the southernmost part of the Highroad, near the Luca Entrance. The guard Machina that patrol the Highroad have gone haywire and started attacking civilians. The objective of this mission is simple: eliminate the faulty Machina. There are a total of 13 Machina units attacking civilians. The Al Bhed will be helping out with getting rid of them as well, but try to disable the majority of the Machina yourself. Doing so is one of the requirements for accessing a special scene later in the game. Finding the Machina couldn't be any easier: just head toward the green squares on the map in the upper-right corner of the screen and you'll find them. Once the last Machina is eliminated the mission is complete.

"Secure the Agency" in Macalania
If you decided to hide O'aka out on the Celsius during Chapter 1, he'll exit the airship at the start of Chapter 3. Either way, you'll be greeted by multiple groups of fiends once you arrive at the Lake Macalania Travel Agency. The objective of this mission is very straightforward: eliminate all the fiends. You'll be thrown into a series of battles with the fiends without any opportunity to rest. You have to clear 6 battles in a row to get rid of the fiends. Once you defeat the 6th group, the mission will conclude.

"Tourist Trap"
When you arrive at the entrance to the Cavern of the Stolen Fayth, you'll find a panicked crowd. The two companies that run the attractions at the Calm Lands had intended to open a new attraction inside the cave, but the amount of fiends suddenly increased. As a result, a group of tourists are still trapped inside. The objective of this mission is to rescue all of the tourists inside.

Once you get inside, finding the tourists is for the most part straightforward. When you get to them, though, you have to cater to each one's personal quirks about crowds to get all of them out. Don't fret over taking them all out on a single trip. You can just break them up into smaller groups in as many trips as you need. This walkthrough, however, will go through the procedure for getting them out in the smallest possible amount of trips.

From the entrance, go north to the first clearing and take the path east. Continue on the path as it curves north and continue past the first intersection. Once you get to the next clearing, speak with the person in the brown robe on the ground and have him join you. Now, continue north until you get to the T-shaped intersection. Speak with the woman in the blue dress and have her join you. As you follow the path a shirtless man will run past you. Ignore him for now and continue on the path as it curves north. At the next intersection, go west. Follow the path as it curves north. When you reach the next intersection, go west and examine the blind corner there. You'll find a well-hidden man there. Have him join you, then go back to the intersection and backtrack south. At the next intersection, go east and you'll find a woman in a brown dress. Have her join you then return to the intersection and go south. At the next intersection, continue south. As you get to the clearing you'll see the shirtless man that ran by you earlier. Leave him for now and continue south. At the intersection, go east and you'll find a man running around in circles. Have him join you, return to the intersection and go back north. When you get to the clearing this time, talk to the shirtless man and have him join you. Now continue north. At the intersection, go west and follow the path as it curves north. Continue north past the next intersection and you'll find a man and a woman. Have them both join you and make your way to the northernmost section of the cave. You'll find two kids there. Have them join you, then you'll make your way back in the direction of the entrance. Proceed in a southern direction for at the next 2 intersections, and go east at the third one. You'll find a woman and two children. Have them join you, then make your way back to the entrance. Some of them will reward you with Energy Cores that are needed to restore teleport functions in the cave, and the shirtless man will give you the Besaid Key.

At this point you've rescued 13 out of the 15 missing tourists, and restored the teleporter level in the cave to Level 2. To rescue the remaining 2, you'll have to restore Level 3 and Level 4 Teleport capability to the cave. Walk outside to where the crowd is waiting and talk to the man in the green tank-top on the right. He'll give you Energy Core 7, which will restore Level 3 Teleport capability. Re-enter the cave and take the teleporter in the first chamber to the back of the cave. Once you arrive, use the teleporter to get to the hidden chamber on the right. Talk to the man sitting on the ground and escort him back to the entrance. He'll give you Energy Core 8, which will restore full Teleport capabilities to the cave. Teleport to the back of the cavern again, and this time use the teleporter to get to the hidden chamber on the left. Talk to the man on his knees and escort him back to the entrance. He'll give you (drum roll, please) absolutely nothing. Oh well, at least there are no more tourists to rescue. Teleport to the back of the cave and use the teleporter there to reach the Chamber of the Fayth, where you'll get into a boss fight with Yojimbo. Defeat him and the mission will be complete.

"Battle Blockade"
When you get to the Mountain Gate at Mt. Gagazet, Kimahri will tell Yuna that the Ronso Youth, led by Garik Ronso, have had enough of waiting to exact vengeance on the Guado, and are about to track them down and kill them once and for all. Kimahri will give Yuna the Trainer Dressphere if she advised him in earlier Chapters. Paine will ask if you wish to stop Garik and the other Ronso. Say yes and the mission will begin.

The objective here is to climb up the mountain to the area just before entering Zanarkand. Under normal circumstances, you could just use the teleporters to shorten your travel time. However, Garik anticipated that Kimahri might try to stop him so he disabled the teleporters. The going up the mountain can be tough if your levels are low, so once you reactivate a teleporter you might want to go back to the Mountain Gate and save before teleporting back to continue the journey to the top.

As you make your way up the Mountain Path, you'll see waves of Ronso Youth march past, talking about how they're going to cut loose on the Guado. The Mountain Path is pretty straightforward to navigate until you reach the Fayth Scar. Once you move past the Fayth Scar to the Mountain Cave, follow the path northeast, continue past the first intersection and go up the stairs. At the next intersection, go north. Take the stone steps up to get to the other side of the cave, which leads to the area where Garik Ronso is waiting. After attempting to reason with him a boss battle will ensue with Garik Ronso and up to two Ronso Youth. Defeat them and the mission is complete.

Chapter 4

Hot Spot Missons

"Where's Tobli?"
As Chapter 4 begins, be sure to search all levels of the Celsius to get clues and find replenished treasure chests in the Engine Room.

Evidently, Tobli has incensed some of his investors. They are chasing him to collect a debt. You begin the mission right at the point where a group of Al Bhed debt collectors are seeking him out. They'll ask you if you know of his whereabouts. Suddenly, Tobli appears and the chase is on. You'll have to make your way all the way to the end of the road leading to the Moonflow, where you'll see that Tobli has eluded capture. So where did he go? Head back the opposite way until you see one of his pursuers standing by the edge of the road. Tobli will dart out onto the road yet again and take off running. He heads south this time followed closely by one of his collectors. Follow them south and Tobli will hop aboard a Machina scooter and whoosh away in the opposite direction. Head North yet again to find that Tobli has crashed the scooter. Access to the Shoopuf area is now available. Board a Shoopuf to get to the North Wharf of the Moonflow to continue your pursuit. It turns out Tobli took off towards Guadosalam, so follow him there. Just before you get there you'll see Tobli's remaining pursuers chased off by a Shoopuf. At Guadosalam's entrance, you'll find Tobli and inform him of your intent to perform. This is the end of the mission and you'll gain the Black Tabard Garment Grid as a reward.

After this event, head to the Cabin of the Celsius to begin the practice session for Yuna's performance. Essentially, the objective is to match Rikku move for move. If done correctly, the reward for perfect synchronicity is an accessory called Shmooth Shailing.

"Concert Clean-Up"
In order to get the concert to proceed, you'll have to clear out the fiends that have overrun the area. Your mission is a simple one: Locate and defeat the boss fiend. To begin, simply follow the red marker on the map until you come across the fiend. As you enter the cave where the fiend is located, you'll notice that you are in a maze of sorts. It's not a complicated one, but it is, however, one that has many treasures to be found. Simply follow the red arrow to the center of the cave to find the boss. Make sure to explore the cave thoroughly to locate all of the treasures. At the center of the cave you'll find the monster you're looking for, a Zalamander. Defeat it and the mission will be complete.

With the mission accomplished, the concert is ready to go on. There's only one problem: Both New Yevon and the Youth League are bickering. Tobli begins to frantically pace about, anticipating another concert disaster. Go up and speak with him and select "On with the show" option and the concert will begin. This event will lead to the end of Chapter 4. After the performance, talk to various crew members to find out your next move. Also talking to Leblanc in the Engine Room will get you Crimson Sphere 5.

Commsphere Missions

Other than getting through Yuna's Concert and the mission just prior to that, the only thing you're really allowed to do is view the network of CommSpheres that Shinra has installed all over Spira. Even though this activity is optional, you need to thoroughly check every CommSphere, in many cases more than once, to get 100% story completion. Events witnessed on the CommSpheres will also affect the outcome of certain minor storyline threads, so you are encouraged to watch each CommSphere until there is no new content to be seen. There is also an unofficial mission of sorts to be completed centering around an investigation into why the Machina went wild during the "Machina Mayhem" mission in Chapter 3.

"The Great Mi'ihen Mystery"
Upon checking out the CommSphere at the Mi'ihen Highroad, Rin will request that you check out the network of eight CommSpheres spread out along the Highroad to assist him in his investigation. Use the Square button to call Rin if you see anything out of the ordinary. There are six different outcomes that you can get. The information you are about to receive will yield positive results, but if you want to see one of the other outcomes we recommend examining the CommSpheres in different orders.

There are three phases to the investigation. Phase One begins right after you offer your aid to Rin. Check out the following cameras in this order: 2, 3 and 4. After examining each area Rin will comment on how things are starting to become clearer. Next comes Phase Two, where you'll check the following cameras in this order: 3, 5, 8, 1 and 2. Rin will comment on how the puzzle is starting to come together. During the final phase, Phase Three, you need to check the following cameras in this order: 3, 5, 6, 8 and 1. Rin will then tell you that his investigation is complete, which means that you're finished there. Be sure to visit Mi'ihen Highroad again during Chapter 5 so you can find out from Rin who the culprit behind the Machina Rampage is. After Rin's "parlor scene," you'll be able to ride chocobos on Mi'ihen Highroad once more.

Chapter 5

Hot Spot Missons

All the spots on the world map are potentially hotspots, depending on how much of the story you completed throughout the first four chapters. However, only a few of them lead to actual missions for completion. The rest are either storyline resolutions, such as in Besaid and Kilika, or side-quests, such as the hidden dungeons scattered around Spira. Also, even when an episode or mission in an area is complete, it pays to visit the location yet again to obtain additional treasures and get more backstory. For more information on the hidden dungeons, go to the Hidden Dungeons, Sidequests, Minigames link on the homepage.

"Follow That Moogle" in Luca
All this mission really entails is a tour of Yuna's memories of her and Tidus' time together in Luca. Since Chapter 5 marks the return of blitzball season, you can also play that here as well, although it is certainly not necessary.

Make your way to the bridge just before the entrance to the Mi'ihen Highroad and head toward the balcony opposite of where the save point is. This will trigger a cutscene that features a flashback to FINAL FANTASY X. A ghostly Moogle will appear and float off in the direction of the Crystal Monument area. Walk down to that area and catch up to the Moogle. You'll see a second flashback sequence. Follow the Moogle again to the T-shaped intersection and witness a third flashback. Keep following it as it makes its way to the docks. It will wait for you at the ramp leading to a cargo ship one screen west of the Blitzball Stadium. Examine it and you'll see a final flashback sequence. After the cutscene with Paine and Rikku the mission will be complete.

"Youth League Tournament" at Mushroom Rock Road
Though the conflict between New Yevon and the Youth League has subsided, many of the Youth League's soldiers have become frustrated with having nowhere to direct their aggression. Lucil mentions that they are going to hold a battle tournament to blow off some steam, and offer Yuna the chance to participate. Go speak with Yaibal and tell him you'll compete in the tournament, and the mission will commence.
The objective of this mission couldn't be simpler: make your way through a gauntlet of 7 groups of Youth League soldiers to the entrance of Youth League Headquarters. After each battle, just follow Lucil along the path to where the next group is waiting. The final battle will be against Lucil herself. Once you defeat her, the mission will conclude. Lucil will then address the League in an assembly at Youth League Headquarters. After her speech, the episode will be complete.

"A Fallen Genius?" at the Thunder Plains
A scene of chaos awaits you as you arrive at the Thunder Plains. The Sphere Screen that Shinra rigged up for Yuna's concert in Chapter 4 has caused some powerful fiends in that area to go nuts. The mission starts pretty much as soon as you get there.

The objective of this mission is to go to every lightning tower on the plains and eliminate the fiends that are drawing power from them. The lightning tower locations are highlighted on the map by white arrows. Every monster you defeat drops a treasure chest. Remember the side-quest to calibrate the lightning towers? Your progress with each tower in that mini-game determines what is contained in each chest.

Once you've defeated the fiends at 9 of the towers, follow the red arrow south. Once you get to where the red arrow is set, you'll be given the option to check out the tower on the far side of the pond. Select yes and a boss fight with a fiend called Humbaba will ensue. Defeat it and the mission will be complete. After the fight, an Al Bhed points out that there is a large hole at the tower on the other side of the lake, and will offer to take you there. It's up to you whether you want to explore this new area now or later, if at all. For walkthrough information on this new area, refer to the Sidequests section of this guide.

"Find All the Cactuars" at Bikanel Island
You can actually begin this particular Bikanel Island mission during Chapter 3, but you'd only be able to complete half of it. The other half would have to wait until now, during Chapter 5. To begin this mission, speak with Nhadala and she'll ask you to pay a visit to the Cactuar Nation. Going along for the ride is Benzo, the only person that can understand the Cactuar language. Once you reach the Cactuar Nation, the group will be introduced to Marnela, the leader of the Cactuars. She tells of an ancient menace that their ancestors dealt with long ago, and now it is threatening to return with a vengeance. The only thing that can stop it is to find the 10 Cactuar Gatekeepers and have them cast a seal to get rid of them again.

The Cactuar Gatekeepers are scattered all around Spira, and the objective of this mission is to find them and bring them back. None of them are going to go back without a fight, so you'll be required to face them in a shootout of sorts, with Yuna's guns vs. the Cactuar's needles. Each Cactuar will be flanked by two other creatures or obstacles, and you have to time each shot with when the Cactuar appears on your screen. If you hit one of the other obstacles, you'll miss. Even shooting at the right time is no guarantee that you'll hit the Cactuar, so choose your shots carefully. You have a limited amount of ammo to work with, and to make matters worse you lose more ammo when the Cactuar successfully returns fire with its needles. To avoid this, quickly press the R1 button to dodge the needle salvo. Regardless of whether you win or lose, the Cactuar will come back with you, but defeating the last Cactuar, Frailea, will win you the Covenant of Growth Garment Grid, which doubles your Experience Points and AP intake. You don't have to worry about beating them if you're in a rush to complete the quest, since they'll all be available to challenge again at the Cactuar Nation after completing the mission "Last Battle in the Desert".

Once a Cactuar is with you, return to Bikanel Island and return the gatekeeper to its mother, whose location is marked by a green square on the map. Search the map for another green square and you'll be asked to find the next one on the list. Once you've found 9 of the 10, the mission "Find the Last Cactuar" will begin.

Find All the Cactuars – Locations

Here are the locations where each Cactuar gatekeeper can be found. For hints on how to engage the Cactuars more effectively, please refer to the explanation section of this Side Quest's menu:

• Lobivia – Return to the Excavation Camp at Bikanel Island and take the hover to the Oasis, where he'll be waiting for you.
• Toumeya – On the beach at Besaid Island, near where the fishing boats are located.
• Lobeira – Hiding in a treasure chest in Ormi's bedroom (the room with the workout gear and weights) in the basement of Chateau Leblanc.
• Areq and Arroja (count as 2) – Go to the northern section of the Calm Lands, just before entering Mt. Gagazet and you'll find them riding a chocobo.
• Islaya – Go to the northern part of the Thunder Plains and walk over to the Cactuar statue directly south of where Tower 9 (the northernmost tower) is. Islaya will be in directly in front of it.
• Chiapa – On a treetop in the northeast section of Kilika Woods. As you're walking toward Kilika Temple, you'll walk by a tree on the right that will tell you to press the Circle button to climb. Chiapa will be waiting for you there.
• Erio – Go to the Mountain Gate at Mt. Gagazet and use the Teleporter to reach the Mountain Path. Go north to the next screen and Erio will be there looking out over the cliff.
• Bartschella – Go to Dona's house in Kilika. Bartschella will be hanging out in the left hand corner.

Once you've gotten the above Cactuars, the mission "Find the Last Cactuar" will begin.

"Find the Last Cactuar" and "Last Battle in the Desert"
After bringing the Cactuar Bartschella back to her mother, you discover that one Cactuar is still missing. That Cactuar is Frailea, a confused lad given to hanging out with the wrong crowd. The other gatekeepers use their powers to open the sealed cave to the north. This is Cactuar Hollow, where the Rogue Cactuars dwell. You must go inside to find Frailea.

From the entrance, you're going to follow the path as it goes east and curves north. Proceed southeast at the intersection and you'll come to an area that the Rogue Cactuars have booby-trapped with a sand trap. The passageway is starting to fill with sand, and it is getting higher and higher. Don't worry about it too much, since all it does is return you to the point just north of the last intersection. Progress through the passageway as many times as it takes you to go through to the other side. From there, just continue along the corridor and you'll eventually come across Frailea, who will engage you in a shootout. This shootout is made harder by the fact the 2 other Cactuars are flanking him on either side. Win or lose, once the challenge is over a group of Rogue Cactuars will throw themselves into a pit and merge to form the Jumbo Cactuar. Defeat this boss and make your way back to the exit. Upon leaving the cave, you'll witness the Gatekeepers working their mojo and get rid of the fiends attacking the camp. Once that cutscene ends, you'll receive word that a huge fiend is attacking the Excavation Camp. Take the hover to return there and you'll get the option of going right away or returning to the Celsius to stock up. Once you're ready, go to the Excavation Camp. The mission "Last Battle in the Desert" will begin, and you'll be put into a boss fight with Angra Mainyu. Defeat it and the mission will be complete. Return and speak with everyone at the Camp and at the Cactuar Nation to get an "Episode Complete" for Bikanel Island.

Final mission to defeat Vegnagun
Before you start this mission you'll be given the option to choose which hole to jump into to get to the Farplane. It doesn't really matter which hole you choose, since they all lead to the same destination, but each path has its own challenges. Talk to Brother when you are ready to proceed.

Now you are on your way to take on Vegnagun. There is a long winding path to follow, and, depending on the hole you chose, various traps. Eventually you'll reach a large platform. Once you reach the platform, move forward and a Boss fight with the former Aeon Shiva will begin. Defeat her and keep moving ahead, now jumping onto the platforms until you reach another clearing. It's time for another Boss fight, this time with the Magus Sisters. Once you defeat them, the platform beneath you will crumble, forcing you to proceed further in. You'll eventually reach yet another clearing, where you'll encounter the last of the rogue Aeons, Anima.

After defeating Anima, you'll end up in a lush, colorful place. Leblanc and her crew are here. There is a save point at the upper right part of the screen. You'll definitely want to save here. On the upper left side of the screen, there will be a portal into the Farplane. Enter it.

Once inside, you'll notice several beacons on the ground. When you stand on them, a note or sequence of notes will play. Write the note sequence down. Whenever you come across a red beam, hold the circle button down to jump over it automatically. When you finally reach the keyboard, play the notes in the appropriate order to deactivate the electrical barrier. The first set of notes to be played are as follows: So, Mi*, Re*. New areas will now be accessible. Go left first. Step on the beacon on the ground. Go straight and then head south to locate more beacons. Find the next beacon and head straight toward the keyboard. The next set is Do*, Ti, La, So. Repeat the process to deactivate the electrical barrier. Go straight and head right. Jump down to the lower level and continue going straight. There are two more beacons ahead. Activate them and head back to the left path now. Head toward the keyboard and play the final set: Fa, Mi, Fa, So, Do. This will take care of the last barrier. If you mess up on any of these and run into the Azi Dahaka Boss battle, be prepared for a long fight. Otherwise, proceed to the next area.

A cutscene occurs with Gippal. Leblanc and crew soon arrive as well. Gippal gives you Paine's sphere. Paine will suggest watching it later, but Yuna talks her into watching it now. After viewing the sphere, you'll be in a new area.

The objective here is to jump onto these platforms that play a set of notes. What you need to do is to play the correct melody by jumping on the appropriate platforms. Take the first one on top. Then jump over to the right block. You will hear some notes. Jump to your right again. Then up and onto another larger platform that plays some more notes. Now jump back down to the save point spot. Next, jump on the platform before the save point to a higher area. There will be two platforms to choose from. Take the highest platform to a larger platform to play another note. Jump back down to the save point spot once again. Jump back up onto the first platform near the save point again. This time, you'll need to jump left. The platform carries you to another spot. Jump on to the next platform to play a note. Next, take the first platform again to another higher spot. Jump to the platform next to the platform with a treasure chest. You should hear two notes play. Jump back down once again to the save point area and again use the same platform to head up. Jump left and then left again to the lower platform. A note will play. Finally, head back to the save point area and take the platform before the save point. Jump onto the lower platform. Two notes will play. If done correctly, make your way to the electrical barrier toward the final beacon. This should play all the notes that you had activated earlier. This finally deactivates the gate. With all of this completed, it is highly recommended that you head back down one final time to save your progress.

As you head forward, you'll run into Nooj. He'll clue you in on the latest happenings and explain his strategies to take Vegnagun out. After the cutscene, prepare the party for the final confrontation with Vegnagun and the one who controls it.