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Final Fantasy X-2 - Dresspheres

One of the new features in Final Fantasy X-2 are the Dresspheres that can be accessed between and during battle via Garment Grids.

Initially the Gullwings have four dresspheres at the start of the game, Rikku uses the Thief dressphere and Paine is using the Wairror dressphere, then when they reunite with Yuna in Luca shortly after her(?) concert, the Gunner and Songstress dresspheres also become availible to the party. Four more dresspheres will then be added automatically as you progress through the game, including Yuna's special dressphere Floral Fallal and Rikku's Machina Maw. Should you decide to take a more active role in searching however and attempt certain secondary missions and tasks throughout the course of the game as you travel all across Spira, then you can also find many more.

In principle, the attributes of the game's heroines are the same, so in terms of who is most suited to each dresssphere, there is no reason why you shouldn't make Yuna a sword wielding Warrior or have the usually aloof Paine dance like a diva in the Songstress guise. It is the dressphere itself that determines a characters attributes abd individual abilties, and switching a party members' dressphere using sphere change can result in some dramatic changes to that character's attributes. (For example, should you decide to change your Black Mage into a Beserker, then this will more than double her HP).

Each Dressphere has it's own idividual abilities and by using these abilties, defeating opponents and by using items you can collect ability points (AP). Each dressphere possesses a total of 16 different abilties, and these points are necerssary for Yuna and her companions to learn them. However bear in mind that not all particular dressphere's abilties will be availible as soon as you receieve them, some must be realeased by special means, such as an ability that needs to be learned first or, in the case of the Songstress dressphere, they may require certain key items.

You can select the Abilities sub-menu in the main menu to find out a dresspheres availible abilties and the percentage of those that have already been mastered by a party member. (This percentage will also affect the placement of the dresspheres on the Garment grid you are using should you decide to use the Auto-place function).

Dressphere Locations

You begin the game with this dressphere.

You begin the game with this dressphere.

You begin the game with this dressphere.

You begin the game with this dressphere.

Black Mage
You’ll receive the Black Mage Dressphere on the bridge of the Celsius after completing the mission "Outrun the Leblanc Syndicate" during Chapter 1.

White Mage
You’ll receive the White Mage Dressphere after completing the mission "Where’s Wakka?" during Chapter 1.

Gun Mage
You’ll receive the Gun Mage Dressphere by completing either of these missions at the Moonflow: "Shave the Hypello?" during Chapter 1 or "YRP, the Scalpers Three" during Chapter 2.

You’ll receive the Alchemist Dressphere when you complete the mission "Clean Sweep" with Clasko at the Calm Lands during Chapters 2, 3 or 5.

Dark Knight
The Dark Knight Dressphere is located in a treasure chest in the Bevelle Underground and can be found during Chapters 2, 3 or 5 by activating a special lift in the Labyrinth.

You’ll receive the Berserker Dressphere after completing the mission "Secure the Agency" at Macalania during Chapter 3.

Lady Luck
You’ll receive the Lady Luck Dressphere if you defeat Shinra in the Sphere Break Tournament in Luca during Chapter 3. If you happen to lose to Shinra, don’t panic. He’ll give you the opportunity to play him for it again in Basement A of Luca Stadium in Chapter 5.

You’ll receive the Trainer Dressphere from Kimahri at the beginning of the mission "Battle Blockade" during Chapter 3 provided you've either:
1. Told Kimahri "You have to learn to deal with these things!" in Chapter 1 and "You have to figure this out on your own." in Chapter 2.
2. Given Kimahri any answers besides those mentioned in option 1 and talked to him 3 or more times during Chapter 2.

You can find the Samurai Dressphere in the Cloister of Trials in Kilika Temple in Chapters 3 or 5.

Obtained by getting Episode Complete in every area in Chapter 5. This will not work if the last Episode Complete is gained Zanarkand.

Special Dresspheres

Machina Maw
Rikku's special dressphere, located at the Oasis in the Bikanel Desert.

Floral Fallal
Yuna's special dressphere, located on the Djose Highroad.

Full Throttle
Paine's special dressphere. Go to the entrance of the Macalania Woods in Chapter 1, walk up the crystal path which you walked up to power up the Celestial Weapons in X. Carry on right to the other side and it should bring you out where you found the first Jecht Sphere in X, there you will meet Tromell. Talk to him four times to get the sphere!