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Final Fantasy X-2 - Endings

Final Fantasy X-2 has 6 different endings. The ending you get depends upon certain actions you make throughout the game.

Normal Ending A

This is the standard ending you get for completing the game. You get it for all non-bad endings.

Normal Ending B

To get this ending press 'X' in the field of flowers, right after you get the Chapter 5 Complete message.

Good Ending A

In chapter 3, speak to Maechen in Guadosalam. At the end of chapter 3, when Yuna falls into the field of flowers, press 'X'. You should hear a whistle. Press 'X' repeatedly till you hear 4 whistles. Finally, at the end of the game, press 'X', just like Normal Ending B. The fayth will give you two options. Choose "Yes!" and you'll get this ending.

Good Ending B

You have to do everything required for Good Ending A, but at the end, when the fayth gives you the two options, choose "It's better this way".

Perfect Ending

If you finish the game 100% and get Good Ending A, then you will see an additional ending.

Bad Ending

If you lose to Vegnagun's head, or take more than 80 turns to defeat it, you will get this ending.