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Final Fantasy X-2 - Characters


Age: 19
Gender: Female
Group: The Gullwings
Default: Gunner
Description: The main character of FFX-2, she joined the Gullwings to find him. Enjoys living with her cousin Rikku on the Gullwing base, there airship, will do anything to find him, but eventually, more becomes at stake then just, him...
Yuna Avatar


Age: 17
Gender: Female
Group: The Gullwings
Default: Thief
Description: One of the three main characters, she is Yuna's cousin. Very energetic and lively, she cheers most people up. Her brother is the leader of the Gullwings. She was one of the first members of the group.
Rikku Avatar


Age: 18
Gender: Female
Group: The Gullwings
Default: Warrior
Description: The last playable character, she is closed, and does not talk about herself much. Opens up as the game progresses, she joined the Gullwings after Yuna.
Paine Avatar


Age: 21
Gender: Male
Group: Youth League
Default: N/A-Uses Gun
Description: Not playable. He is the leader of the Youth League. The YL is a bunch of Youths who oppose New Yevon. Lost some limbs during a battle, they are now made of Machina.
Nooj Avatar


Age: 20
Gender: Male
Group: New Yevon
Default: N/A-Uses Rod
Description: Leader of New Yevon, he appears nice, but is somehow connected with Nooj and Gippal, but no-one know how...
Baralai Avatar


Age: 18
Gender: Male
Group: Machine Faction
Default: N/A-Uses Gun
Description: Leader of the Machine Faction, he digs up for old Machina and modifies them. Connected to Nooj and Baralai in some way...
Gippal Avatar

Leblanc, Logos and Ormi

Age: N/A
Female, Male, Male
Group: The Leblanc Syndicate
Default: N/A-Uses Fan, Gun, Knuckle
Description: Leblanc is the leader, while the men follow her. Are the biggest rivals of the Gullwings, they always get beaten by them. End up helping them though...
Ormi Avatar