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Final Fantasy X-2 - Blue Bullets

Blue Bullets is an ability known by Gun Mages. It allows a character to use a skill learnt from an enemy. To learn a skill, wear the Gun Mage dressphere, then wait for the enemy to use one of the skills listed below.

Name Learned from Description MP
Fire Breath Balivarha Deals fire damage. 28
Seed Cannon Leukophylla, Cephalotus Deals damage. 28
Stone Breath Tomb, Monolith, Dolmen, Epitaph Casts Petrify on enemies. 32
Absorb Protochimera, Haizhe, Baralai, Flan Azabache, Jahi, Cindy, Vegnagun Absorbs some HP and MP from enemy. 3
White Wind Bully Cap, Coeurl, Queen Couerl, Mycotoxin, Ms. Goon Restores HP and removes status effects. 16
Bad Breath Malboro, Great Malboro Inflicts various status ailments. 64
Mighty Guard Garik Ronso, Haizhe Casts Shell and Protect on the party. 32
Supernova Ultima Weapon, Paragon Damages all enemies. 70
Cry in the Night Mega Tonberry Damages all enemies. 80
Drill Shot Baralai Damages an enemy. 32
Mortar Gippal Damages all enemies. 99
Annihilator Experiment Damages all enemies. 48
Heaven's Cataract Kukulcan, Gucumantz, Chac Lowers the Defense and Magic Defense of enemies. 22
1000 Needles Cactuar Attacks an enemy with 1000 needles. 24
Storm Cannon Ironside Damages all enemies. 38
Blaster Coeurl, Queen Coeurl Damages an enemy. 30