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Final Fantasy X-2 - Garment Grids

Garment Grids are used to harness the power of Dresspheres. Each Garment Grid can be customised by placing Dresspheres in empty nodes. To enable a sphere change during battle, the two Dresspheres you want to switch must be adjecent to each other on the Garment Grid and be linked by a path. If you pass through a gate without a sphere change, the party member in question will be granted special abilities that will last until the end of the battle. In the following table you will learn all of the Garment Grids.

Name Effect Chapter Location
Vanguard Strength/Magic +5 1,2,3,4,5 Read Shinra's Tutorial "using garment grids".
Bum Rush Strength/Magic +10 2 Collect 3 syndicate uniforms.
Undying Storm Strength/Magic +15 3 Complete Machena mayhem mission.
Flash of Steel Strength/Magic +20 5 As a prize from argent inc. you need PR level 5.
Protection Halo Defence/Magic def. +5 1 Following the Where's Wakka misson.
Hour of Need Defence/Magic def. +10 2 After defeating Leblanc syndicate at the Oasis.
Unwavering Guard Defence/Magic def. +15 3 After defeating Ixion.
Valiant Lustre Defence/Magic def. +20 5 After defeating all fiends at the Lightning towers.
Highroad Winds First Strike 2,3,5 When Clasko opens the Chocobo ranch.
Mounted Assault First Strike 2,3,5 Brought back with a Chocobo from the Chocobo ranch.
Heart of Flame Fire Eater/ use Fire 1 Talk to Yaibal after the mission.
Ice Queen Ice Eater/ use Blizzard 1,2 Complete the O'aka mission in Makalania woods.
Thunder Spawn Lightning Eater/ use Thunder 1,2,5 In a chest in Luca.
Menace of The Deep Water Eater/ use Water 1 Answer all security questions correctly on your way to the temple.
Downtrodder Use Gravity Eater 2,3,5 In a chest near Bevelle.
Sacred Beast Use Holy Eater 5 After Episode complete.
Tetra Master Use Tetra Strike 3,5 Rescue all people in the Cavern of the stole Fayth.
Restless Sleep Use Sleep and Bio 1 In a chest near the Youth League headquarters.
Still of Night Use Silence and Blind 1 Talk to Nhadala following the successfull excavation.
Mortal Coil Use Itchproof 2,3,5 Attain more than 1150 points playing Gunners Gauntlet.
Racing Giant Use Confuse 1,3,5 In a chest behind Waterfall Way after Obtaining the Search Sphere.
Bitter Farewell Use Death and Doom 2 Get the band together and speak to the Hypello
Selene Guard SOS Shell and use Shell 2 Attain the best finish at the Wild Cocobo chase.
Helios Guard SOS Protect and use Protect 1 Get Tobils assistant to the destination.
Shining Mirror Peirsing magic and use Reflect 2 Hand over the Awesome sphere to the New Yeavon and complete the mushroom rock mission.
Covetous - 2 In Luca following the meeting with Shelinda.
Disaster in Bloom - 5 As a prize from Open Air inc. If you get a PR 5.
Scourgebane - 5 After episode complete.
Healing Wind Use Cure 1 Following the behind scenes mission.
Heart Reborn Use Life and Cure 1 Answer Issaru's question correctly.
Healing Light Use Cure 2 Following the battle with Leblanc.
Immortal Soul Use Life and Cure 5 After defeating Anima.
Wish Bringer HP stroll/ use Regen 3 Following the battle with Garik.
Strength of One Strength +10 2,3,5 Brought back with a Chocobo from the Chocobo ranch.
Seething Couldron Magic +10 2 Sell Tobi's Tickets
Stonehewn Defence +10 2 Upon finding the uniform at the Hot Spring
Enigma Plate Magic Defence +10 2,3,5 Attain more than 500 points from playing Gunners Gauntlet
Howling Wind - 3 Final all three musicians in chapter 2
Ray of Hope Luck +30 5 After episode complete at the Sacred Spring
Pride of the Sword Use Swordplay abilities 3 Complete the guard agency mission
Samurai's Honor Use Bushido abilities 2,3 Calibrate at least five lightning towers perfectly then talk to the Al Bhed in the travel agency.
Blood of the Beast Use Instinct abilities 3 Before the Bevelle hotspot mission
Chaos Maelstrom Use Arcania abilities 3,5 Find all the monkeys in Kilika forest then go and speak to the woman in the south west of Kilika.
White Signet Use White Magic abilities 3,5 May appear in the sphere break match against the dog.
Black Tabard Use Black Magic abilities 4 Complete the mission to find Tobli.
Mercurial Strike Lightning Eater/ use Thunder 5 After episode complete.
Tricks of the Trade - 5 After episode complete.
Horn of Penalty Use Nab Gil 5 Obtain the desert key from the Chocobo ranch and use it to open the chest.
Tresure Hunt Use Mug 3,5 May appear in the sphere break match against Shinra.
Temperd Will Lightning eater/ use Thunder 5 In a closed room in guadosalam if you talked to Lian and Ayde in chapter 3.
Covenant of Growth - 5 Defeat Frailea in the Cactuar mission.
Salvation Promised Use White Magic abilities 5 In a chest in the Secret Dungeon.
Conflagration Use Black Magic abilities 5 Speak with Lian and Ayde after episode complete.
Supreme Light Use White Magic abilities 5 After the battle with Nooj in the sealed cave in the Den of Woe.
Megiddo Use Black Magic abilities 5 Enter the last dungeon through all enterences and continue to the Flower Meadow.
Unerring Path - 1,2 Together with the first special Dressphere.
Font of Power Half MP cost 5 Defeat the secret dungeon's boss.
Higher Power Break HP limit 5 After episode complete once you have finished checking the second chocobo dungeon.
The End Break MP limit 1,2,3,4,5 Check out Shinra's bestiary after seeing all feinds in oversoul state.