Final Fantasy screenshot

Final Fantasy X-2 - Lightning Towers

When you visit the Thunder Plains during chapter 2 and 3, there will be some Al Bhed guys standing near the rod towers. Speak to them and a mini game will take place. You have the option to do this mini game or not. This mini-game involves quick thinking, fast finger reflexes, and memorization. So brace yourselves for this will really get on your nerves. Let's calibrate!

The lightning rod towers seems to be not working properly. You are asked to calibrate a total of ten rod towers. The rod towers located on the south part are fairly easy to calibrate, while the ones up on the north are the ones that are difficult. There are three ways in calibrating the rod towers: Rikku - input the correct sequence that appears (easy), Paine - input the correct control from three falling options (moderate, options fall faster after another), Yuna - memorize the given sequence and input them correctly (difficult)

The tenth and last tower is located up on the north side and accross a pool of water. For this tower, it is Yuna's job to calibrate since you're going to have to do it from afar. After calibrating each tower, you will receive items for your work, but the items aren't really that much hard to get anywhere else.