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Final Fantasy VII - Status Ailments

Status name Symptoms Recommended treatment
Sleep The character is put to sleep, so you can't control him/her until he/she wakes. Cast Heal, use a Remedy or physically attack that character.
Poison HP slowly decreases throughout the battle. Cast Heal, use an Antidote, use a Remedy.
Fury Doubles all damage intake, yet Limit Gauge will fill up faster. Tranquilizer.
Sadness Halves all damage intake, but Limit Gauge will fill up slower. Hyper.
Petrify The character is turned to stone, so you can't control him/her. Cast Heal, use a Soft, use a Remedy.
Confusion The character is confused and may attack your party and sometimes the enemy. Cast Heal, use a Remedy, or physically attack that character.
Silence The character cannot cast any magic, enemy skills or use any summons. Cast Heal, Echo Screen, use a Remedy.
Paralyze The character is paralyzed, thus cannot be controlled. Cast Heal, use a Remedy.
Darkness Character's vision is clouded, hit rate is decreased. Cast Heal, use an Eye Drop, use a Remedy.
Frog Character turns into a frog and attack and defence stats are reduced, only Transform can be cast. Use a Maiden's Kiss, cast Transform, use a Remedy.
Small The character becomes very small, Attack and defence stats are reduced. Use a Cornucopia, use a Remedy, cast Transform.
Critical The HP Gauge is extremely low. Use a Potion, Cast Restore (Cure).
Death The character loses all HP and is KO'd. Use a Phoenix Down, Cast Revive.
Death Sentence A 30 second countdown starts, when it reaches 0 he/she is KO'd. Finish the battle before the clock reaches zero.
Berserk The character becomes stronger and can't be controlled. Cast Heal, use an Remedy.