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Final Fantasy VII - Materia

Magic Materia

Materia Location
Fire Materia shops in slums
Lightning Cloud Starts with this
Ice Cloud Starts with this
Restore Number 1 Reactor
Poison Shinra HQ in the 67th Floor
Earth Kalm Materia Shop
Heal Kalm Materia Shop
Revive Junon Shop
Seal Junon Shop
Transform Mt. Corel
Comet City of the Ancients
Full Cure The Shop in Cosmo Canyon
Mystify Gongaga Materia Shop
Time Gongaga Materia Shop
Gravity Cave in Cosmo Canyon
Destruct Shinra Mansion
Barrier Rocket Town Shop
Exit Rocket Town Shop
Contain White Chocobo in Mideel
Ultima North Corel

Support Materia

Materia Location
All Sector 7 Shop
Elemental Shinra HQ in the 62nd Floor
Add Effect Cave in Cosmo Canyon
MP Absorb In a treasure chest which is located in Wutai Item Shop
Absorb Wutai Cat House
Added Cut Great Glacier
MP Turbo Whirlwind Maze
Steal As Well Statue in Wutai
Counter Chocobo Racing Gift
Final Attack Battle Square (Special Battle)
Quadra Magic Cave north of Mideel
Sneak Attack Chocobo Racing Gift

Command Materia

Materia Location
Steal Sewers in Midgar
Sense Sector 6 Playground
Enemy Skill Shinra HQ in the 68th Floor
Throw Comes when you have got Yuffie in your team
Manipulate Comes when you have got Cait Sith in your team
Deathblow Gongaga Village
Morph Temple of the Ancients
Double Cut Sunken Gelnika
X-Summon Earn 4,000 BP at Battle Arena
Slash All Ancient Forest
Mime This is in a Cave, near the south of Wutai
X-Magic Northern Crater
X-Item Midgar Subway

Independent Materia

Materia Location
Cover Aeris's Garden
Chocobo Lure Chocobo Farm
Long Range Mythril Cave
Counter Attack Nibelheim Mountains
Enemy Lure Gold Saucer Battle Arena
Speed Plus Gold Saucer Battle Arena
MP Plus Cosmo Canyon Materia Shop
HP Plus Cosmo Canyon Materia Shop
Luck Plus Temple of the Ancients
Magic Plus Climbing the cliff after the City of the Ancients
Gil Plus wonder square in the Gold Saucer
Exp. Plus wonder square in the Gold Saucer
Pre-Emptive Gold Saucer Battle Arena
HP<->MP Cave north of North Corel
Mega All Crater
Underwater Materia Give the Kalm Traveler the Guide Book in return for the Underwater Materia

Summon Materia

Materia Location
Chocobo/Mog Talk with the chocobos at the Chocobo Farm
Shiva Recieve from Priscila in Junon when you save her life
Ifrit Defeat Jenova Birth on Junon Ship
Ramuh Chocobo races waiting area in Gold Saucer
Titan In the Gongaga Reactor
Odin Unlock the Safe in Shinra Mansion
Kjata It is moving around in the Sleeping Forest
Bahamut Hyroglyphic room in the Temple of the Ancients
Alexander Great Glacier
Neo Bahamut Whirlwind Maze
Levithan Defeat 5 Pagoda Monsters in Wutai (Must use Yuffie to get this)
Phoenix After Battling the Shinra at Fort Condor
Hades Sunken Shinra Plane
Bahamut ZERO From Blue Huge materia
Typhoon Ancient Forest
Knights of the Round A cave in the northeast corner of the map (You can only get there with a gold chocobo)