Final Fantasy screenshot

Final Fantasy VII - Emerald Weapon

Probably the hardest boss in the game. Emerald Weapon has a HP of 700,000 and he has some of the strongest attacks in the game, so you are in for a long and rough battle. Before you attempt to take on this bad guy make sure you have the underwater materia which will take off the 20 minute timer. Now follow the guide below and you're sure to beat this boss.

Equipping your team

First pick the character who has got the highest magic and HP level and now equip him/her with Final Attack linked to Phoenix, Mime, Sprint Shoes, Magic Plus, MP Plus and the rest HP plus materia. Then for another character have him equip Quadra magic linked with Bahamut Zero, HP Absorb linked with Knights of Round, W-Summon, Sprint shoes, the other Magic Plus and enough MP pluses to get the MP over 800.

Battle Guide

Now you must remember to have one person as a healer and the others attack as fast and as strong as possible. Watch out for his Aire Tam Storm attack as this takes off damage for every materia you have equipped. So you must have a character equipped with Final Attack linked with Phoenix so you can be revived. A good technique to beating Emerald Weapon is to have a character use W-Summon once for Bahamut Zero and once for Knights of the Round. After, have the character with the mime materia mime it. You will see Bahamut cast 4 times and Knights of the Round once. If your magic levels are high enough, this should do 150,000 points of damage. So by doing this you can beat Emerald Weapon.

Items Won

For beating the Emerald Weapon, you receive the Earth Harp. This can be traded in Kalm for three master materia.