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Final Fantasy VII - Enemy Skill

There are four enemy skill materias in the game. Enemy Skill materia is a command materia, but is not found on the master command.  The materia itself adds no stats, such as MP or magic power, but also does not take stats away such as strength and HP. Enemy skill cannot be paired with any support materia.

Here are the locations of where the Enemy Skill materia's can be found:
  • 1st: Found on the 67th floor of the Shinra headquarters of Midgar. It appears after the boss battle occurs. In front of the containing device labeled "Sample".
  • 2nd: In the intermediate training hall, in Junon. You can also get this on your first trip while being dressed up as a Shinra soldier.
  • 3rd: In the Ancient City in the building where Cloud and company stop to rest. It is slightly hidden behind the uppermost bed.
  • 4th: Found in Chocobo Sages house, talk to the green chocobo there and it will drop it.

Enemy Skill Effect MP Cost Learn from
Frog Song Turns a single target into a frog and puts them too sleep. 5 Touch me, Toxic frog, Christopher.
L4 Suicide Causes critical damage to enemies with level divisible by four. May also cause 'mini' status as well. 10 Mu, Trickplay.
Magic Hammer Takes up to 100mp from an opponent and gives it to the caster. 3 Razor Weed.
White Wind Heals all allies (or enemies) by the amount of current hp the caster has. Cures the following status: sleep, poison, confusion, silence, slow, stop, frog, mini, slow-numb, petrify, berserk, paralyzed, and darkness, death force and Shield. 34 Zemzelett, Wind Wing.
Big Guard Casts Barrier, Magic Barrier and Haste on all allies. (Can also be used on enemies) 56 Beach plug.
Angel Whisper Fully revives one dead ally, heals an injured ally to full. Also cures the following status changes: KO, sleep, poison, confusion, silence, slow, frog , stop, mini, petrify, berserk, darkness and paralyze. 50 Pollensalta.
Dragon Force Raises Defense and Magic Defense. 19 Dark Dragon.
Death Force Target becomes immune to death. 3 Adamantaimai.
Flame Thrower Projects a stream of flame at one target 10 Dragon, Ark Dragon
Laser A gravity based attack which takes one half of a single targets current hp away. 16 Death Claw, Dark Dragon
Matra Magic Light non-elemental damage to all enemies 8 Custom Sweeper, Bullmotor, Death Machine.
Bad Breath Casts confusion, frog, mini, poison silence, and sleepel on all enemies. 58 Malboro.
Beta Incredible fire damage to all opponents. 35 Midgar Zolom.
Aqualung Extreme water damage to all opponents. 34 Harpy, Jenova Life, Serpent.
Trine Incredible lightning damage to all opponents. 20 Materia Keeper, Godo, Stilva.
Magic Breath Powerful fire, lightning, ice damage to all opponents. 75 Stilva, Parasite.
???? Does non elemental damage. Casters [max hp - current hp, ex. 2500(max)-1200(current)=1300 dmg ] 3 Jersey, Behemoth
Goblin Punch Physical damage to one target based on magical attack. The damage is greater if your level is closer to an enemy level. 0 Goblin.
Chocobuckle Non-elemental damage to a single target. Damage is based on the  number of battles you have run from. 3 Chocobos.
Death Casts instant death on any target with a level divisible by 5(5,10,15,20,etc.). 22 Parasite.
Death Sentence 60 second timer appears above one targets head. When the timer reaches zero, instant death will be cast. 10 Gi Spector, Sneaky Step, Boundfat.
Roulette Selects a random target from targets on the battle screen and casts death on that target. (You can also be killed by this technique as it chooses any random person on the battlefield) 22 Death Dealer.
Shadow Flare  Incredible non-elemental damage to a single target 100 Dragon Zombie, Ultimate Weapon
Pandora's Box Heavy magical damage to all enemies. This attack ignores defense. 120 Can learn from - Dragon Zombie.