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Final Fantasy VII - Chocobos

To find some of the best secrets that Final Fantasy VII has to offer, you need to learn how to breed Chocobos. There's an art to it, it's not something that simply happens. While there are many different kinds of chocobos, your ultimate aim is to create the gold one.This will enable you to travel anywhere in the world.

1. Get lots of money. If you want to do everything at once it'll cost you.

2. Buy some stables from Chocobo Bill at his ranch. There are six in all. Buy all of them.You don't exactly need all of them, but they're handy to have. They're about 10,000 gil each. So that's 60,000 outright.

3. Buy some "greens". These are a chocobo's favorite food. As you're trying to catch one, it's a good idea to buy some enticement. Buy a loads of Tantal greens. They're about 400 gil each, and their worth will become apparently early.

4. Equip the chocobo lure materia. Now it's time to go hunting for their tracks. Notice the footprints on the map screen just outside of the chocobo ranch? These are chocobo tracks. These indicate that the birds are hanging around that area. The way to meet them is to wait around for a battle to start. Usually (not always), the Chocobo Lure will ensure that one will be in your assailants party. It won't attack you unless you hit it first. Chocobos are prone to running away. While the rest of your party is fighting, have one of your team give the greens to the Chocobo. This should keep it busy while you kill all of the monsters.

5. Done? Congratulations! You've caught a Chocobo. When you dismount it, you are given the option of sending it back to the stables. Do so.

6. Now return to your stables and chat with chocobo Billy. He will give an appraisal of your bird. You will get one of these comments:

Wonderful " a wonderful Chococbo!"
Great "This is a great chocobo."
Good-1 "Mmm, this one's not bad."
Good-2 "Mmm,this seems to be a good Chocobo."
Average "This is a pretty average Chocobo."
Poor "This one doesn't seem to be very good."
Useless "I can't recommend this one."

For your first breeding experiment, you need a Good Chocobo and an Average Chocobo.They also need to be different sexes. Well, obviously.

7. Now you need to visit the Chocobo Sage. He can be found in the mountains north of bone village. Once inside, speak to the Chocobo. You will get a free Enemy Skill Materia. Now talk to the Sage. He'll tell you about the creatures. Now buy absolutely loads of Sylkis greens.

8. Go back to the ranch, and feed the greens in equal measure to your male and female Chocobos. This will improve their statistics. Now you need to race them at the Gold Saucer...

9. When you first start a Chocobo race at the Gold Saucer, it will start in a Class-C race. Win three of these, and then you'll be promoted to Class-B. Win a further three races to be promoted to Class-A. You don't for the purposes of breeding, need to race your Chocobo any more than this. Now repeat the procedure with your other Chocobo.

10. Now go to the small island north of the Chocobo Ranch. You'll need to fight a battle against a group of goblins. Got them? Use the Steal materia to pinch an item called the Zeio Nut. Return to your stables.

11. Mate the two Chocobos with each other, and then feed them a Zeio Nut.

12.You should now have either a mountain Chocobo (Green), or a river Chocobo (Blue), if not try again.

13. You now need to get the opposite Chocobo to the one you just created. In other words, if you got a male green one you need a female blue one.

14. Take your Green and Blue Chocobo to the Gold Saucer races. Race them both until they are A-Class (Or higher). You might want to give them some more Sylkis Greens before you do so, just to get their stats as high as possible.

15. Get the two to mate, before-again-feeding them with a Zeio Nut. Time to bash more Goblin head.

16. You should now have a Black Chocobo. If not try again... Now go get a regular Chocobo with good stats, and race it until it reaches Class-A standard. Now take your Black Chocobo and race that until it gets to Class-S (The highest level beyond A).

17. Now go to the Plains area near Bone Village. Near here there are some monsters called "Vlakorados". Get into battle with one (or a group of) these and steal an item called the Carob Nut.

18. And finally return to the ranch. Get your Black Chocobo and your regular Class-A Chocobo to mate. Now feed them with the Carob Nut. This should give you a Gold Chocobo.