Final Fantasy screenshot

Final Fantasy VII - Key Items

Item Location
Pharmacy Coupons Wall Market
Cotton Dress Wall Market
Satin Dress Wall Market
Silk Dress Wall Market
Wig Wall Market
Blonde Wig Wall Market
Dyed Wig Wall Market
Disinfectant Wall Market
Deodorant Wall Market
Digestive Wall Market
Cologne Wall Market
Flower Cologne Wall Market
Sexy Cologne Wall Market
Glass Tiara Wall Market
Ruby Tiara Wall Market
Diamond Tiara Wall Market
Key to the Ancients Beneath Northern Continent
Member’s Card Wall Market
Keycard 60 Shinra Corporate Tower Level 59
Keycard 62 Shinra Corporate Tower Level 61
Keycard 65 Shinra Corporate Tower Level 62
Midgar Parts Shinra Corporate Tower Level 65
Keycard 66 Shinra Corporate Tower Level 65
Keycard 68 Shinra Corporate Tower Level 68
PHS Kalm Town
Basement Key Shinra Mansion
Keystone Dio’s Showroom in Golden Saucer
Black Materia Temple of the Ancients
Glacier Map Icicle Inn
Snowboard Icicle Inn
Mythril Sleeping Man in Eastern Continent Cave
Leviathan Scales Underwater Reactor
Huge Materia North Corel (after stopping Coal Train)
Huge Materia Fort Condor
Huge Materia Shinra No. 26
Huge Materia Downed Submarine