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Final Fantasy XII - Technicks

Name LP Effects Location Cost
Steal 15 Steal from one enemy. Rabanastre 1600
Libra 20 Reveal more detaild targer information. Rabanastre 500
First Aid 20 Restore HP to one critical ally. Rabanastre, Nalbinia 700
Charge 30 Restores users MP fully. Rabanastre, Nalbinia 1700
Poach 30 Capture critical enemies and get loot from them. Rabanastre, Nalbinia 7000
Souleater 35 Consume HP to deal damage to the enemy. Rabanastre, Nalbinia, Bhujerba 6400
Horology 55 Deal damage effected by time to all enemies within a certain range. Rabanastre, Nalbinia, Bhujerba 2000
Infuse 35 Fully conusme user's MP changing one allies HP to ten times that ammount. Rabanastre, Nalbinia, Jahara, Archades 2000
Bone Crusher 30 Consume HP to reduce one foe's HP to 0. Rabanastre, Archades 7000
1000 Needles 35 Deal 1000 damage to one foe. Mosphoran Highwaste 7000
Stamp 35 Inflict one foe with any status effect. Archades 4500
Addle 30 Lower one foes magick power. Rabanastre, Archades 3500
Shades Of Black 40 Cast a random black magick on one foe. Archades 5000
Expose 35 Lower one foes defence. Balfonheim 3800
Achillies 40 Render one foe weak against an additional element. Rabanastre, Nalbinia, Jahara 8800
Gil Toss 35 Throw gill damageing all enemies withing a certain distance. Rabanastre, Nalbinia, Jahara 2000
Charm 30 Cause one foe to confuse one of there ally's. Rabanastre, Nalbinia, Jahara 5000
Sight unseeing 40 Unleash an attack only available when Blind. Rabanastre, Nalbinia, Jahara 6800
Shear 35 Lower one foe's magick resist. Rabanastre, Nalbinia, Jahara 3600
Wither 35 Lower one foe's strength. Balfonheim 3500
Revive 40 Takes away all of the user's HP and gives it to one fallen ally. Balfonheim 10000
Telekinisis 80 Deal ranged damage with merlee weapons. Necrohol of Nabudis 7100
Numeroligy 40 Deal damage that increses with sucsessive hits. Rebanstre, Nalbenia, Bhujerba 2048
Traveler 65 Deal damage based on how many steps taken towards all foes in range. Rabanastre, Nalbina 6700