Final Fantasy screenshot

Final Fantasy XII - Races

Here is a list of some of the races in Ivalice.


Human's are the superior race in Ivalice, they are the most powerful and exploit some of the less intelligent races. They are actually humans but in the world of Ivalice they have adopted the name "Humes".


Viera's are very similar to humes, but differ because of there long ears. They have a thin figure and usually have white hair and always have dark skin. Viera's have a longer life span, and better senses. They can see and hear their prey from over 10 km away.


All Final Fantasy games have moogles, and this game follows. They have small bat like wings and their body is covered in soft, white hair. Also they have a red pom-pom above their heads. They are extremely intelligent and live among the humes.


Bangaa's are evolved reptiles, which hate being refered to as Lizards. They live about twice as long as humes and live a very similar life style to them. There traites are long noses, and drooping ears.


Seeq's are evolved pigs, they aren't very intelligent at all and are one of the most stupid races in Ivalice. Despite being fat and ugly they have great fighting ability and are one of the stronger races.