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Final Fantasy XII - Mist Quickenings

Mist Quickenings are Final Fantasy XII's version of Limit Breaks, Mist Quickenings work in a very different way. Like usual they are activated by the 'Mist' command on the menu - but once you've activated it you'll notice that your being timed. That's not the only difference, as well as the character you've chosen to perform the Mist Quickening the other two active party members have an input as well.

In the bottom right hand corner of the screen you'll see names of your party members as well as a button that corresponds to them, for example Triangle Button could correspond to Ashe. By pressing Triangle Button your character will perform a combo on the enemy/ies. But be weary, the more combos you use, the more MP is consumed - so keep an eye on your MP!


Concurrences occur after doing combos that meet certain requirements, a concurrence is the big one in a Mist Quickening, the attack that deals the most damage.

By using a Level 1 Mist Quickening as part of a combo you will automatically trigger the Inferno Concurrence, however different combos result in different concurrences. This is illustrated in the table below.

Note that the Level # refers to the amount of # level attacks you have to execute.

Concurrence Name Power Level 1 Level 2 Level 3
Black Hole 253 4 4 4
Whiteout 215 3 3 3
Ark Blast 205 2 2 2
Luminescene 175 0 0 5
Windburst 155 0 5 0
Torrent 130 2 3 0
Cataclysm 110 7 0 0
Inferno 90 3 0 0

Mist Quickenings

Why does the title say Mist Quickenings? I've just read about them haven't I? Well not exactly, no. Each individual character has their own set of Mist Quickenings which builds up into a combo, like I said earlier. Mist Quickenings can be found on the License Board, on just about every corner of the License Board you can find a Mist Quickening, and each character can activate a Mist Quickening up to 3 times maximum, however be warned that once a Mist Quickening is activated it disappears from the License Board for every other party member.

By activating one Mist Quickening as say Vaan, that would unlock Red Spiral, however if you went and activated another Mist Quickening it would level up and become White Whorl. Below is a list of every characters Mist Quickenings and their attributes.

Vaan's Mist Quickenings

Level 1 - Red Spiral - Attack Power: 90
Level 2 - White Whorl - Attack Power: 140
Level 3 - Pyroclasm - Attack Power: 230

Penelo's Mist Quickenings

Level 1 - Intercession - Attack Power: 90
Level 2 - Evanescene - Attack Power: 140
Level 3 - Resplendence - Attack Power: 230

Balthier's Mist Quickenings

Level 1 - Fires of War - Attack Power: 90
Level 2 - Tides of War - Attack Power: 140
Level 3 - Element of Treachery - Attack Power: 230

Fran's Mist Quickenings

Level 1 - Feral Strike - Attack Power: 90
Level 2 - Whip Kick - Attack Power: 140
Level 3 - Shatterheart - Attack Power: 230

Ashe's Mist Quickenings

Level 1 - Northswain's Glow - Attack Power: 90
Level 2 - Heaven's Wrath - Attack Power: 140
Level 3 - Maelstrom's Bolt - Attack Power: 230

Basch's Mist Quickenings

Level 1 - Fulminating Darkness - Attack Power: 90
Level 2 - Ruin Impendent - Attack Power: 140
Level 3 - Flame Purge - Attack Power: 230