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Final Fantasy XII - Status Effects

Beneficial Status Effects

Name Description
Haste Raises action speed by 25%.
Berserk Raises target's physical attack but becomes uncontrollable.
Invisible Reduces chance of getting noticed.
Protect Reduces damage received from physical attacks by 25%.
Shell Reduces damage received from magic attacks by 25%.
Reflect Spells are bounced off to opponents.
Regen Regenerates small amounts of HP over time.
Libra Can read enemy statistics and detect traps
Bravery Raises target's physical attack.
Faith Raises target's magic attack.
Float Evade from traps.
Reverse HP increases when getting damaged and HP decreases when getting healed.
Decoy Provokes enemies to attack him/her.
Bubble HP is doubled and becomes immune to Disease.

Harmful Status Effects

Name Description Cure
Disease Maximun HP drops to current HP amount. Cleanse, Vaccine, Remedy lvl.3
Doom Countdown from 10 to 0, then character is KOed. Remedy lvl.3
KO Cannot participate in battle. Raise, Arise, Phoenix Down, Revive
Oil Triple damage if attacked by fire elements. Handkerchief, Remedy lvl.2
Petrify Target becomes petrified when countdown reaches to 0. Gold Needle, Stona, Remedy lvl.2
Stone Cannot participate in battle. Gold Needle, Stona, Remedy lvl.2
Poison Get damage at set intervals. Antidote, Esuna, Remedy
Sleep Cannot participate in battle. Alarm Clock, Esuna, Remedy lvl.1
Blind Decreased attack power by 50%. Eye Drops, Esuna, Remedy
Silence Magic command is sealed. Echo Herbs, Esuna, Remedy
Confuse Becomes uncontrollable and attacks allies. Smelling Salts, Esuna, Remedy lvl.2
Sap HP decreases rapidly. Regen, Esuna, Remedy lvl.1
Immobilize Moving ability is sealed. Esuna, Remedy lvl.1
Disable All battle commands are sealed. Esuna, Remedy lvl.1
Stop Cannot participate in battle. Chronos Tear, Dispel, Remedy lvl.3
Slow Decreased action speed by 25%. Dispel, Haste, Remedy