Final Fantasy screenshot

Final Fantasy XII - Genji Armor

The only way to get the Genji Armor is by stealing the equipment from Gilgamesh. In the game you get the chance to fight Gilgamesh twice. In the first fight you can steal the shield and gloves. In the second fight you can steal the armor and helmet.

Name Piece Def Eva Mag Eva Str Mag Pow LP Effects
Genji Shield Shield 30 5 150 (Genji Armor)
Genji Helm Head 37 9 4 150 (Genji Armor) Increases weapon damage by 20%
Genji Armor Body 56 9 3 150 (Genji Armor) Improves chance to counter
Genji Gloves Accessory 2 150 (Genji Armor) Improves chance for combo attacks