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FFVII: Crisis Core - Missions

Shinra Electric Co.

Subcategory No Name Unlock Reward
Training Missions 1.1.1 Shinra's Basic Training Beginning of Chapter 2 Elixir
1.1.2 Shinra's Advanced Training Progress to Chapter 10 Hero Drink
1.1.3 50 Shinra Troops Clear Mission 1-1-2 Hero Drink x2
1.1.4 100 Shinra Troops Clear Mission 1-1-3 Black Belt
1.1.5 200 Shinra Troops Clear Mission 1-1-4 HP Up++
1.1.6 1000 Shinra Troops Clear Mission 1-1-5 Mug
Peacekeeping Troops 1.2.1 Challenge From Security Speak with Shinra Captain in Loveless Street at Sector 8 Shinra Alpha
1.2.2 Second Challenge Clear Mission 1-2-1 Silence
1.2.3 Third Challenge Clear Mission 1-2-2 Four Slots
1.2.4 Getting Serious Clear Mission 1-2-3 Force Bracelet
1.2.5 Armed Challenge Clear Mission 1-2-4 Ice Armlet
1.2.6 Last Challenge Clear Mission 1-2-5 Fat Chocobo Feather
Weapons Development 1.3.1 Next-Generation Weapon Progress to Chapter 6 Assault Twister
1.3.2 New Mechanical Weapon Clear Mission 1-3-1 Cura
1.3.3 To Quash Genesis's Forces Clear Mission 1-3-2 Thundaga
1.3.4 Experiments Gone Wrong Clear Mission 1-3-3 River Chocobo Armlet
1.3.5 Robots in the City Clear Mission 1-3-4 Graviga
1.3.6 A Director's Request Clear Mission 1-3-5 Crystal Bracelet
Plan For New Equipment 1.4.1 Urban Combat Operations Clear Mission 1-3-6 Fat Chocobo Feather x2
1.4.2 Cyber-Sabotage Clear Mission 1-4-1 Drainga
1.4.3 Stolen Shinra Weapons Clear Mission 1-4-2 MAG Up++
1.4.4 Destroy the Mobile Artillery Clear Mission 1-4-3 High Jump
1.4.5 Testing New Equipment Clear Mission 1-4-4 Stop Twister
1.4.6 Weapons Comparison Test Clear Mission 1-4-5 Fat Chocobo Feather x2
Special Operations Arms Laboratory 1.5.1 Special Ops Weapons Clear Mission 1-4-6 Lunar Harp x4
1.5.2 Special Ops Weapons Return Clear Mission 1-5-1 Hero's Drink x2
1.5.3 Tarantula Test Clear Mission 1-5-2 Energy
1.5.4 Shinra Machines Unit Clear Mission 1-5-3 Crystal Gloves
1.5.5 Better Death Machines Clear Mission 1-5-4 Shinra Beta+
1.5.6 Final Versions of Spider Clear Mission 1-5-5 Adamantite x5

Monster Research Project

Subcategory No Name Unlock Reward
Monsters in Midgar 2.1.1 Beginnings Progress to Chapter 4 and talk to the man in the SE part of the Fountain area at Sector 8 Poison
2.1.2 Approaching the Outskirts Progress to Chapter 4 and talk to the female member of a fanclub in Loveless Street in Sector 8 Fire Armlet
2.1.3 Sightings in Sector 5 Progress to Chapter 5 and talk to the girl in the Slum Market Phoenix Down
2.1.4 Defend the Slums Progress to Chapter 5 and talk to the girl in Slum Street Fire Ring
2.1.5 Highway Closed Progress to Chapter 6 and talk to the Shinra Soldier on the 2nd floor of Shinra Building SPR Up
2.1.6 Truth in the Wasteland Progress to Chapter 6 and talk to the Shinra Researcher in the Vehicle Display Room of Shinra HQ Ice Ring
Monster Reports 2.2.1 Slums of Midgar Progress to Chapter 6 Assault Twister
2.2.2 Modeoheim Progress to Chapter 7 Venom Shock
2.2.3 Nibelheim Progress to Chapter 10 AP Up+
2.2.4 Nibelheim II Progress to Chapter 11 Elemental Ward
2.2.5 Gongaga Progress to Chapter 11 SPR Up+
2.2.6 World of Monsters Clear Mission 2-2-5 Quake
Monster Incident 2.3.1 Unidentified Monsters Clear Mission 2-2-6 Gongaga Trading
2.3.2 Mass Elimination Clear Mission 2-3-1 Mountain Chocobo Armlet
2.3.3 Aerial Monsters Clear Mission 2-3-2 Silence Aerial
2.3.4 Subspecific Movers Clear Mission 2-3-3 Exploder Blade
2.3.5 The Sealed Cavern Clear Mission 2-3-4 Platinum Bangle
2.3.6 Operation: Desert Island Clear Mission 2-3-5 Kaiser Knuckles
Unexplored Territories 2.4.1 A Solitary Island Clear Mission 2-3-6 Ghysahl Greens X3
2.4.2 Wasteland Investigation Clear Mission 2-4-1 Fat Chocobo Feather X3
2.4.3 An Unknown Island Clear Mission 2-4-2 Phoenix Down X2
2.4.4 Excavation Site Survey Clear Mission 2-4-3 Energy
2.4.5 Cave-In Investigation Clear Mission 2-4-4 Mythril Mine Traders
2.4.6 Whatever Stands In Your Way Clear Mission 2-4-5 Energy
In Search of the Unknown 2.5.1 Investigation of the Caverns Clear Mission 2-4-6 Assault Twister (Master, ATK+40)
2.5.2 New Species Found Clear Mission 2-5-1 Hell Thundaga (Master, MAG+35)
2.5.3 More New Species Found Clear Mission 2-5-2 Wizard Bracelet
2.5.4 New Cavern Found Clear Mission 2-5-3 SP Turbo Attack
2.5.5 Another Cavern Clear Mission 2-5-4 Faerie Ring
2.5.6 The Great Beast Clear Mission 2-5-5 Gold Hairpin

Genesis's Forces

Subcategory No Name Unlock Reward
Genesis's Forces on the March 3.1.1 Foes on the Waterfront Progress to Chapter 4 Bronze Bangle
3.1.2 Massive Machines Clear Mission 3-1-1 Iron Bangle
3.1.3 Eliminate the Copies Progress to Chapter 5 AP Up
3.1.4 Destroy the Death Machines Clear Mission 3-1-3 VIT Up
3.1.5 Eliminate the Death Machines Clear Mission 3-1-4 Mythril Gloves
3.1.6 Midgar Defense Operations Progress to Chapter 6 Mystile
Major Offensives 3.2.1 Foes in the Slums Progress to Chapter 7 Lightning Armlet
3.2.2 Take Back the Carrier Progress to Chapter 8 MP Up++
3.2.3 Raid the Enemy's Stronghold Clear Mission 3-2-2 Fire Blade
3.2.4 Enemy Attack Prevention Clear Mission 3-2-3 Thundara Blade
3.2.5 Pursue the Foes Progress to Chapter 10 Gris-Gris Bag
3.2.6 Foes in the Wasteland Progress to Chapter 11 Crystal Gloves
Clash with Genesis's Forces 3.3.1 Red Alert! Clear Mission 3-2-6 Silver Armlet
3.3.2 Base in the Caverns Clear Mission 3-3-1 Firaga Blade
3.3.3 Surprise Attack on Midgar Clear Mission 3-3-2 Osmoga
3.3.4 One Base at a Time Clear Mission 3-3-3 Drain Blade
3.3.5 Rumble in Midgar Clear Mission 3-3-4 Assault Twister+
3.3.6 Regain the Mako Facility Clear Mission 3-3-5 Blast Wave
Genesis Evolution 3.4.1 Regain Shinra's Materia Clear Mission 3-3-6 Electrocute
3.4.2 Powered-Up Copies Clear Mission 3-4-1 Death Jump
3.4.3 Reinforced Copies Clear Mission 3-4-2 Mythril x3
3.4.4 Return to Midgar Clear Mission 3-4-3 Flare
3.4.5 Destroy the Copy Factory Clear Mission 3-4-4 Adamantite x3
3.4.6 Strongest Copies Yet Clear Mission 3-4-5 SP Turbo Magic
The Strongest Copies 3.5.1 Intercept the Copies Clear Mission 3-4-6 Hero Drink x3
3.5.2 Attack the Copies' Base Clear Mission 3-5-1 Hero Drink
3.5.3 Genesis's Special Ops Unit Clear Mission 3-5-2 Wall
3.5.4 Chase the Copies Clear Mission 3-5-3 Ultima
3.5.5 Defeat the Copies Clear Mission 3-5-4 Fat Chocobo Feather x3
3.5.6 The Last of the Genesis Troops Clear Mission 3-5-5 SP Turbo Attack

To End the War With Wutai

Subcategory No Name Unlock Reward
Pursue the Remnants 4.1.1 Wutai Units Found Progress to Chapter 3 Elixir
4.1.2 Anti-SOLDIER Monsters Clear Mission 4-1-1 Bulletproof Vest
4.1.3 Pursue the Deserters Clear Mission 4-1-2 Libra
4.1.4 Wutai Remnants in the Slums Clear Mission 4-1-3 Muscle Belt
4.1.5 Stop the Intruders Clear Mission 4-1-4 Mute Shock
4.1.6 Search for Wutai Remnants Clear Mission 4-1-5 Poison Blade
Behind the Scenes 4.2.1 Foes in the Corel Mines Clear Mission 4-1-6 Lighning Armlet
4.2.2 Remnants in the Slums Clear Mission 4-2-1 Gold Armlet
4.2.3 Foes Inside Shinra Bldg. Clear Mission 4-2-2 Blaze Armlet
4.2.4 March Into Wutai Clear Mission 4-2-3 AP Up++
4.2.5 Stubborn Wutai Remnants Clear Mission 4-2-4 Sprint Shoes
4.2.6 Five Saints of Wutai Clear Mission 4-2-5 Wutai Secret Shop
The Crescent Unit 4.3.1 Defeat the Scout Units Catch the 1st Wutai Spy in Chapter 6 Poison Twister
4.3.2 Obliterate Advance Elements Catch the 2nd Wutai Spy in Chapter 6 Sytem Shock
4.3.3 Foes in the Wutai Base Catch the 3rd Wutai Spy in Chapter 6 Power Wrist
4.3.4 Mobile Units Catch the 4th Wutai Spy in Chapter 6 Diamond Bracelet
4.3.5 The Enemy's Stronghold Catch the 5th Wutai Spy in Chapter 6 Death
4.3.6 Stop the Assailants Catch the 6th Wutai Spy in Chapter 6 Mountain Chocobo Armlet
The Remnants Strike Again 4.4.1 A New Threat Clear Mission 4-2-6 Hero Drink X2
4.4.2 Death Wish for Zack Clear Mission 4-3-1 Darkness
4.4.3 Infiltration Clear Mission 4-3-2 Adamantite X5
4.4.4 Wutai in the Slums Clear Mission 4-3-3 Gil Toss
4.4.5 Anti-Shinra Base Clear Mission 4-3-4 Hero Drink X3
4.4.6 Anti-SOLDIER Weapons Clear Mission 4-3-5 Moon Bracer
Annihilate the Crescent Unit 4.5.1 Neutralize the Commander Clear Mission 4-4-6 Tri-Thundaga
4.5.2 Last of the Wutai Clear Mission 4-5-1 Platinum Bangle
4.5.3 Crush the Crescent Unit Clear Mission 4-5-2 Dispel Blade
4.5.4 Crescent Unit Annihilation Clear Mission 4-5-3 Goblin Punch
4.5.5 Before They Regroup Clear Mission 4-5-4 Royal Crown
4.5.6 Wutai Suppression Clear Mission 4-5-5 Magical Punch

Hojo's Lab

Subcategory No Name Unlock Reward
Sample Monsters Lv.1 5.1.1 Experiment No.101 Progress to Chapter 3 Fire
5.1.2 Experiment No.102 Progress to Chapter 4 Amulet
5.1.3 Experiment No.103 Progress to Chapter 5 Lightning Ring
5.1.4 Experiment No.104 Progress to Chapter 6 Drain
5.1.5 Experiment No.105 Progress to Chapter 7 Venom Shock
5.1.6 Experiment No.106 Progress to Chapter 7 Drainra
Sample Monsters Lv.2 5.2.1 Experiment No.107 Progress to Chapter 10 Curaga
5.2.2 Experiment No.108 Progress to Chapter 10 Firaga
5.2.3 Experiment No.109 Progress to Chapter 11 Mortal Shock
5.2.4 Experiment No.110 Clear Mission 5-2-3 Wall
5.2.5 Experiment No.111 Clear Mission 5-2-4 Fat Chocobo Feather X4
5.2.6 Experiment No.112 Clear Mission 5-2-5 Osmose Blade
Sample Monsters Lv.3 5.3.1 Experiment No.113 Clear Mission 5-2-6 Poison Aerial
5.3.2 Experiment No.114 Clear Mission 5-3-1 Death Twister
5.3.3 Experiment No.115 Clear Mission 5-3-2 Iron Fist
5.3.4 Experiment No.116 Clear Mission 5-3-3 Platinum Bangle
5.3.5 Experiment No.117 Clear Mission 5-3-4 Crystal Orb
5.3.6 Experiment No.118 Clear Mission 5-3-5 Dark Matter X5
Sample Monsters Lv.4 5.4.1 Experiment No.119 Clear Mission 5-3-6 Element Blade
5.4.2 Experiment No.120 Clear Mission 5-4-1 Magical Punch
5.4.3 Experiment No.121 Clear Mission 5-4-2 Flare
5.4.4 Experiment No.122 Clear Mission 5-4-3 Fat Chocobo Feather X5
5.4.5 Experiment No.123 Clear Mission 5-4-4 Quake (Master, MAG +45)
5.4.6 Experiment No.124 Clear Mission 5-4-5 Ribbon

Seeking Precious Items

Subcategory No Name Unlock Reward
Looking for Items 6.1.1 Closed Coal Mines Progress to Chapter 3 Phoenix Down
6.1.2 Desert Island Delights Clear Mission 6-1-1 Chocobo Armlet
6.1.3 Scavenger Hunt Clear Mission 6-1-2 Jump
6.1.4 In the Depths of the Caverns Clear Mission 6-1-3 Dark Matter X2
6.1.5 Buried in the Caverns Clear Mission 6-1-4 Lunar Harp X2
6.1.6 Item in the Coal Mines II Clear Mission 6-1-5 Hero Drink X2
Midgar City Development Dept. 6.2.1 Slum Development Plan 1 In Chapter 6 talk to the Shinra Manager and secretary in the main Shinra HQ hall Fat Chocobo Feather X2
6.2.2 Slum Development Plan 2 Clear Mission 6-2-1 Hero Drink X2
6.2.3 Mako Excavation Site Clear Mission 6-2-2 Lunar Harp X2
6.2.4 Ingredient for Soma Clear Mission 6-2-3 Elixir X20
6.2.5 Making Phoenix Down Clear Mission 6-2-4 Doc's Code
6.2.6 Underground City Clear Mission 6-2-5 Lunar Harp X2
Zack, the Tresure Hunter 6.3.1 Items in the Plains Clear Mission 6-1-6 Fat Chocobo Feather X2
6.3.2 Desert Island Surprises Clear Mission 6-3-1 Adamantite X2
6.3.3 An Item for Fusion Clear Mission 6-3-2 Dark Matter X3
6.3.4 Item in the Caverns Clear Mission 6-3-3 Fat Chocobo Feather X2
6.3.5 Item in the Coal Mines Clear Mission 6-3-4 Hero Drink X2
6.3.6 Items in the Wasteland Clear Mission 6-3-5 Mythril X3
Zack, the Clean-Up Guy 6.4.1 Monsters in the Caverns Clear Missions 6-2-6 and 6-3-6 Mythril X3
6.4.2 In the Closed Coal Mines Clear Mission 6-4-1 Lunar Harp X2
6.4.3 In the Secret Facility Clear Mission 6-4-2 Fat Chocobo Feather X3
6.4.4 Hiding in the Wasteland Clear Mission 6-4-3 Mythril X3
6.4.5 Buried in the Plains Clear Mission 6-4-4 Shining Bracer
6.4.6 Ancient and Hidden Clear Mission 6-4-5 Fat Chocobo Feather X3
Zack, the Corporation Crusher 6.5.1 City Planning Dept. Clear Mission 6-4-6 Hero Drink X3
6.5.2 Space Development Dept. Clear Mission 6-5-1 Fat Chocobo Feather X3
6.5.3 The Reporting Dept. Clear Mission 6-5-2 Mythril X3
6.5.4 Security Dept. Clear Mission 6-5-3 Mythril X3
6.5.5 Arms Development Dept. Clear Mission 6-5-4 Drainga (Master, HP+500%)
6.5.6 Science Dept. Clear Mission 6-5-5 High Jump (Master, ATK+40)
Counter-Mafia Project 6.6.1 The Don's Secret Clear Mission 6-5-6 Fat Chocobo Feather X4
6.6.2 The Don's Second Secret Clear Mission 6-6-1 Mythril X5
6.6.3 Secret in the Caverns Clear Mission 6-6-2 Adamantite X5
6.6.4 Secret on the Plains Clear Mission 6-6-3 Gold Rolling Pin
6.6.5 The Melancholy Don Clear Mission 6-6-4 Dark Matter X10
6.6.6 The Don's Twilight Clear Mission 6-6-5 Hero Drink X10

Seeking Priceless Items

Subcategory No Name Unlock Reward
Recall Missions 7.1.1 Freight Recall In Chapter 4 talk to the SOLDIER 3rd class in the Shinra HQ Briefing Room Headband
7.1.2 Black Market Recall Clear Mission 7-1-1 Star Pendant
7.1.3 Cargo Recall Clear Mission 7-1-2 Diamond Gloves
7.1.4 Supplies Recall Clear Mission 7-1-3 Pearl Necklace
7.1.5 Deputy Assignment Clear Mission 7-1-4 Frost Armlet
7.1.6 Second Deputy Assignment Clear Mission 7-1-5 Sprint Shoes
Precious Things 7.2.1 Search and Destroy Progress to Chapter 5 Item Fusion Tome
7.2.2 Search and Destroy II Clear Mission 7-2-1 Keychain
7.2.3 Operation: Mako Reactor I Clear Mission 7-2-2 Thunder Armlet
7.2.4 Operation: Mako Reactor II Clear Mission 7-2-3 Dragon Armlet
7.2.5 Operation: Mako Reactor III Clear Mission 7-2-4 Backpack
7.2.6 Accessories Recall Clear Mission 7-2-5 Paralyzing Shock
ESP Development Project 7.3.1 P's Precognition Lv. 1 Clear Mission 7-2-6 Black Cowl
7.3.2 P's Precognition Lv. 2 Clear Mission 7-3-1 Snow Armlet
7.3.3 P's Precognition Lv. 3 Clear Mission 7-3-2 Sea Chocobo Armlet
7.3.4 P's Precognition Lv. 4 Clear Mission 7-3-3 Gold Hairpin
7.3.5 P's Precognition Lv. 5 Clear Mission 7-3-4 Snow Armlet
7.3.6 P's Precognition Lv. 6 Clear Mission 7-3-5 Adaman Bangle
Contacts from P 7.4.1 First Contact Clear Mission 7-3-6 Twisted Headband
7.4.2 Second Contact Clear Mission 7-4-1 Brigand's Gloves
7.4.3 Third Contact Clear Mission 7-4-2 Headband
7.4.4 Fourth Contact Clear Mission 7-4-3 Mythril Armlet
7.4.5 Signs of Growth Clear Mission 7-4-4 Blaze Armlet
7.4.6 Breakthrough Clear Mission 7-4-5 Brutal
Orphans Escaping 7.5.1 Boy in the Caverns Clear Mission 7-4-6 Sky Chocobo Armlet
7.5.2 Eldest in the Wasteland Clear Mission 7-5-1 Gold Armlet
7.5.3 Girl on the Desert Island Clear Mission 7-5-2 Sky Chocobo Armlet
7.5.4 Second Son in the Wasteland Clear Mission 7-5-3 Power Suit
7.5.5 Twins in the Caverns Clear Mission 7-5-4 Energy Suit
7.5.6 Youngest in the Wasteland Clear Mission 7-5-5 Wizard Bracelet
The Accessory Craftsman 7.6.1 A Recruiter's Departure Clear Mission 7-5-6 Good-Luck Charm
7.6.2 A Recruiter's Close Call Clear Mission 7-6-1 Faerie Ring
7.6.3 A Recruiter in a Slump Clear Mission 7-6-2 Protect Ring
7.6.4 The Irritated Recruiter Clear Mission 7-6-3 Mog's Amulet
7.6.5 The Frustrated Recruiter Clear Mission 7-6-4 Twisted Headband
7.6.6 The Determined Recruiter Clear Mission 7-6-5 Energy Suit

Zack, the Materia Hunter

Subcategory No Name Unlock Reward
Starting Out 8.1.1 Rematch with Ifrit Progress to Chapter 3 Ifrit Materia
8.1.2 Raijincho Clear Mission 8-1-1 Thunder
8.1.3 Clash with Genesis Troops Progress to Chapter 4 HP Up
8.1.4 Rematch with Bahamut Clear Mission 8-1-3 Bahamut Materia
8.1.5 Escape from Hojo's Lab Clear Mission 8-1-4 Regen
8.1.6 Mystery Materia Clear Mission 8-1-5 Odin Materia
Mako Stones 8.2.1 SPR Mako Stone In Chapter 3 talk to the researcher in the Materia Room on floor 49 SPR Mako Stone
8.2.2 VIT Mako Stone Clear Mission 8-2-1 VIT Mako Stone
8.2.3 MAG Mako Stone Clear Mission 8-2-2 MAG Mako Stone
8.2.4 HP Mako Stone Clear Mission 8-2-3 HP Mako Stone
8.2.5 ATK Mako Stone Clear Mission 8-2-4 ATK Mako Stone
8.2.6 LCK Mako Stone Clear Mission 8-2-5 LCK Mako Stone
To Hell and Back 8.3.1 EM Hell in the Building Clear Mission 8-1-6 Stop Blade
8.3.2 EM Hell on the Island Clear Mission 8-3-1 Status Ward
8.3.3 EM Hell in the Wasteland Clear Mission 8-3-2 Elemental Strike
8.3.4 EM Hell in the Mines Clear Mission 8-3-3 MAG Up++
8.3.5 EM Hell in the Plains Clear Mission 8-3-4 Status Strike
8.3.6 EM Hell in the Caverns Clear Mission 8-3-5 Hell Thundaga
From a Hot Treasure Hunter 8.4.1 Suspicious Mail 1 In Chapter 4 after the mail you get from a Hot Treasure Hunter MBarrier
8.4.2 Suspicious Mail 2 Clear Mission 8-4-1 Barrier
8.4.3 Suspicious Mail 3 Clear Mission 8-4-2 HP Up+
8.4.4 Suspicious Mail 4 Clear Mission 8-4-3 Vital Slash
8.4.5 Suspicious Mail 5 Clear Mission 8-4-4 MAG Up+
8.4.6 Suspicious Mail 6 Clear Mission 8-4-5 Darkness
Anonymous Hints 8.5.1 Treasure Info 1 Clear Mission 8-4-6 Assault Twister+
8.5.2 Treasure Info 2 Clear Mission 8-5-1 VIT Up++
8.5.3 Treasure Info 3 Clear Mission 8-5-2 SPR Up++
8.5.4 Treasure Info 4 Clear Mission 8-5-3 Exploder Blade
8.5.5 Treasure Info 5 Clear Mission 8-5-4 Hell Firaga
8.5.6 Treasure Info 6 Clear Mission 8-5-5 Bahamut Fury Materia
Yuffie's Notices 8.6.1 Notice Clear Mission 8-5-6 Tri-Fire
8.6.2 Another Notice Clear Mission 8-6-1 Death Jump
8.6.3 Final Notice Clear Mission 8-6-2 Electrocute
8.6.4 S.O.S.? Clear Mission 8-6-3 Flare
8.6.5 S.O.S. Clear Mission 8-6-4 Smart Consumer
8.6.6 S.O.S....? Clear Mission 8-6-5 Stop Blade (Master, ATK+60)

Great Cavern of Wonders

Subcategory No Name Unlock Reward
Invitation the the Underground 9.1.1 Underground Caves Clear Mission 8-5-6 Aegis Armlet
9.1.2 Deeper into the Caves Clear Mission 9-1-1 Thundaga Blade
9.1.3 Marks of an Intruder Clear Mission 9-1-2 Rune Armlet
9.1.4 Genesis's Interception Clear Mission 9-1-3 High Jump
9.1.5 Behind the Scenes Clear Mission 9-1-4 Wall
9.1.6 Genesis's Threat Clear Mission 9-1-5 Elixir
Stirrings 9.2.1 The Third Power Clear Mission 9-1-6 Poison Twister
9.2.2 Weapons Out of Control Clear Mission 9-2-1 Hero Drink x2
9.2.3 Continuing into the Caves Clear Mission 9-2-2 Element Blade
9.2.4 A New Path Discovered Clear Mission 9-2-3 Energy
9.2.5 To the Lower Levels Clear Mission 9-2-4 Iron Fist
9.2.6 Signs of Materia Clear Mission 9-2-5 SP Turbo
In Search of What? 9.3.1 To the End Clear Mission 9-2-6 Hammer Punch
9.3.2 Genesis's Challenge Clear Mission 9-3-1 Protect Ring
9.3.3 Genesis's New Weapon Clear Mission 9-3-2 Gravity
9.3.4 Genesis's Super Weapon Clear Mission 9-3-3 Magical Punch
9.3.5 Wutai's Best Clear Mission 9-3-4 Escort Guard
9.3.6 No More Wutai Clear Mission 9-3-5 Flare
Realm of Demons 9.4.1 Genesis's Ambition Clear Mission 9-3-6 4x Kaiser Knuckles
9.4.2 Genesis's Passion Clear Mission 9-4-1 Fat Chocobo Feather
9.4.3 A Fresh Start Clear Mission 9-4-2 1000 Needles
9.4.4 Machines Gone Haywire Clear Mission 9-4-3 Precious Watch
9.4.5 Only for SOLDIER Clear Mission 9-4-4 Murderous Thrust
9.4.6 Only for 1st Class Clear Mission 9-4-5 Sniper Eye
Unknown Energy 9.5.1 Hojo's Monsters Clear Mission 9-4-6 Brutal
9.5.2 Further Below Clear Mission 9-5-1 SP Barrier
9.5.3 Unusually Strong Monsters Clear Mission 9-5-2 Protect Ring
9.5.4 Abnormal Power Clear Mission 9-5-3 Laurel Crown
9.5.5 A Lonely Journey Clear Mission 9-5-4 Hellfire
9.5.6 Even Deeper Clear Mission 9-5-5 Megaflare
Doors to the Unknown 9.6.1 Toughest Monsters Clear Mission 9-5-6 Zantetsuken
9.6.2 The Lowest Tier Clear Mission 9-6-1 Super Ribbon
9.6.3 Weapons Gone Haywire Clear Mission 9-6-2 Rebirth Flame
9.6.4 Biomechanical Threats Clear Mission 9-6-3 Exaflare
9.6.5 Life Form of Energy Clear Mission 9-6-4 SP Master
9.6.6 The Reigning Deity Clear Mission 9-6-5 Divine Slayer

Mysteries of the World

Subcategory No Name Unlock Reward
Cactoid Secrets 10.1.1 Where's the Cactuar? Defeat Cactuar in Mission 3-1-3 Muscle Belt
10.1.2 Kactuar? Clear Mission 10-1-1 Champion Belt
10.1.3 Cactuar Found Clear Mission 10-1-2 Cactus Thorn
Tonberry Quests 10.2.1 Find the Tonberry Defeat Tonberry in Mission 6-1-5 Silver Armlet
10.2.2 Tonberries Everywhere Clear Mission 10-2-1 Ghysahl Greens
10.2.3 Master Tonberry Clear Mission 10-2-2 Tonberry's Knife
Fun in the Sun! 10.3.1 Vacation Time Clear Mission 3-2-2 Dark Matter
10.3.2 Vacation for Real Clear Mission 10-3-1 Ghysahl Greens
10.3.3 Please Make It a Vacation Clear Mission 10-3-2 Hero Drink
More Fun in the Sun 10.4.1 You Need a Vacation Clear Mission 10-3-3 Phoenix Down
10.4.2 We Hope It's a Vacation Clear Mission 10-4-1 Mythril
10.4.3 Is It a Vacation Yet? Clear Mission 10-4-2 Adamantite