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FFVII: Crisis Core - Characters

Zack Fair

The SOLDIER who dreams of becoming a hero. An energetic SOLDIER 2nd Class who aspires to become a 1st Class. Though reckless and sometimes naive, he possesses the strength to face any adversary head-on. During an assignment, he discovers the internal affairs of Shinra and SOLDIER. Faced with a harsh reality, Zack seeks his own path.
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Angeal Hewley

Zack's best friend amd revered mentor. A SOLDIER 1st Class known for his wisdom and sense of morality. Though he is Zack's senior, Angeal treats his protege as an equal. His good nature earns the trust of even his most distant comrades. For some reason, Angeal rarely draws the giant Buster Sword he carries on his back.
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Cloud Strife

A young man from Nibelheim who dreams of joining the elite ranks of SOLDIER. He befriends Zack while on assignment together. Though Cloud is but an infantryman at this point, a great destiny that he himself could not have imagined awaits him.
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Genesis Rhapsodos

SOLDIER 1st Class in the Shinra Company. Genesis is a devotee of literature, especially the epic poem "LOVELESS." While friends with Angeal and Sephiroth, he also regards Sephiroth as his rival. He goes missing in action during an operation in Wutai.
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The greatest SOLDIER 1st Class, whose name is known all over the world. Sephiroth possesses superhuman powers that enable him to execute missions with absolute perfection. Though he is never one to express his feelings, there seem to be moments when he opens up to Angeal, Genesis, and Zack.
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Aerith Gainsborough

A girl who grows flowers in the slums, Aerith is descendent of the Ancients, a people thought to possess the power to converse with the planet. She is under constant surveillance by the Shinra Company.
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