Final Fantasy screenshot

FFVII: Crisis Core - DMW

DMW stands for Digital Mind Wave. It can give you the following benefits during battle as long as you are not in modulating phase.

Combo Status Duration
777 Invincible 15 sec.
666 Critical 20 sec.
555 Null Dmg 20 sec.
444 No AP -
333 Null Mag 20 sec.
222 No MP -
111 Invincible 15 sec.
77- No AP/MP 15 sec.
7-7 Null Dmg 15 sec.
-77 No AP 12 sec.
7-- No MP 12 sec.
--7 Endure 20 sec.

Modulating Phase

When the left and right images match, you enter Modulating Phase. During Modulating Phase, if the image at the center matches the other two, then a Power Surge will commence. Below is a list of Power Surges available in the 4 different modes.

Normal Mode

DMW Character DMW Attack Unlocked
- Chain Slash N/A
Sephiroth Octaslash Start of the game
Angeal Rush Assault Start of the game
Tseng Air Strike Chapter 3
Cloud Meteor Shots Halfway of Chapter 6
Aerith Healing Wave Chapter 5
Cissnei Lucky Stars Halfway of Chapter 4

Genesis Mode

DMW Character DMW Attack Unlocked
Genesis Apocalypse Near the end of Chapter 6

Summon Mode

DMW Character DMW Attack Unlocked
Ifrit Hellfire Mission 8-1-1
Bahamut Mega Flare Mission 8-1-4
Bahamut Fury Exa Flare Mission 7-5-3 or Buy him at Bone Village Commerce Shop
Odin Zantetsuken Mission 8-1-6
Phoenix Rebirth Flame Chapter 9, Nibelheim Mystery #1 (hidden in water tower)

Chocobo Mode

DMW Character DMW Attack Unlocked
Chocobo Chocobo Stomp Treasure in Mission 8-4-1
Cactuar 1,000 Needles Mission 10-1-3
Tonberry Murderous Thrust Mission 10-2-3
Cait Sith Courage Boost! Treasure in Mission 8-4-3
Moogle Moogle Power Treasure in Mission 8-4-4
Magic Pot Item Mugger Encountered in certain missions like 10-2-3
- Dud Occurs randomly in Chocobo Mode