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Final Fantasy XIII - Status Ailments

Status ailments impair the target's effectiveness in battle. You can guard against status ailments by equipping certain equipment or accessories, or using the Veil spell. Status ailments may be remedied with the Esuna spell or by one of the methods mentioned below.

Name Description Cure Counterpoise
Debrave Reduces the target's physical attack strength.   Brave
Defaith Reduces the target's physical resistance.   Faith
Deprotect Reduces the target's magic attack strength.   Protect
Deshell Reduces the target's magic resistance.   Shell
Slow Reduces the target's ATB gauge recharge rate.   Haste
Imperil Reduces the target's elemental resistance. Wax  
Poison Deals damage to the target over time. Antidote  
Pain Disables the target's physical abilities. Painkiller  
Fog Disables the target's spell casting abilities. Mallet  
Daze Stuns the target and increases damage sustained. Foul Liquid  
Curse Renders the target less likely to interrupt foes, and more likely to be interrupted. Holy Water Vigilance
Doom Slays the target outright when the countdown reaches zero.    
Dispel Removes enhancements, starting with those most recently bestowed.