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FFVII: Dirge of Cerberus - Memory Capsules

By destroying the memory capsules in the main story of the game you can unlock cinematic cutscenes which can be accessed from the Event Viewer in the Extra Features menu. Similarly by destroying those in the extra missions you unlock soundtracks, artwork and game trailers.

Story Mode

Number Chapter Map Coordinates Unlocks
1 01 Kalm 1 F-3 "Three Years Later..."
2 01 Kalm 2, South I-10 "Rosso in Edge" and "Conversation in the Shadowfox"
3 01 Kalm 2, North J-8 "What's Going On...?" and "Now Where am I Supposed to Meet Reeve...?"
4 01 Kalm 2, North H-7 "Rio" and "Dance of the Dragonfly"
5 01 Kalm 2, North H-5 "DGS Raid" and "Dragonfly Destroyed?"
6 01 Kalm 3, West F-8 "A Cait in Reeve's Clothing" and "Return of the Dragonfly"
7 01 Kalm 3, East G-7 "Enter Shelke" and "Remodelling"
8 01 Kalm 3, East H-8 "Death of the Dragonfly" and "More to Come"
9 02 Wasteland 2 G-11 "Weiss' Invocation" and "Guard Hounds!"
10 02 Wasteland 2 F-14 "Vincent on the Roof" and "Dukes of Midgar"
11 02 Wasteland 2 J-11 "More Than I Can Say for the Engine..." and "Release the Hounds"
12 03 Edge 3 L-7 "Pegasus Riders Gone Tomorrow" and "A Little More Amusing Than Last Time"
13 03 Edge 3 G-10 "Leader of the Pack" and "Pegasus Riders Here Today"
14 03 Edge 3 E-7 "Vincent and Shalua--Face to Face" and "One Last Breath"
15 03 Edge 4, North F-2 "Survivor" and "A Boy's Plea"
16 03 Edge 4, North I-8 "DG Sniper" and "Cry of the Heavy Armored Soldier"
17 03 Edge 4, South J-14 "Fall of the Heavy Armored Soldier" and "Rosso Versus Chaos"
18 03 Edge 4, South K-13 "Friend or Foe?" and "Lucrecia's Grotto"
19 04 WRO HQ, 1F I-11 "Nightmare" and "Welcome to the WRO"
20 04 WRO HQ, Basement I-4 "Azul and Shelke" and "Assault on Headquarters"
21 04 WRO HQ, Basement G-14 "A Request for Assistance" and "Shalua's Moves"
22 04 WRO HQ, Basement J-13 "Take That!" and "Azul's Grin"
23 05 Nibelheim Sewers 1 K-4 "Ten Year Reunion" and "Sweet Dreams, Shelke"
24 05 Nibelheim Sewers 2 G-10 "Azul Returns" and "Azul Defeated...?"
25 05 Nibelheim Sewers 3 C-8 "Separate Paths" and "Sahagin Sewers"
26 05 Nibelheim Sewers 4 J-5 "Memories of Lucrecia" and "Cait Falling"
27 05 Shinra Manor Basement 1 K-7 "Solid Cait" and "The Same Container I Saw in Kalm!"
28 05 Shinra Manor Basement 1 C-8 "My Brother...Omega..." and "The Chronicles of Yore"
29 05 Shinra Manor, 2F L-4 "Rosso Returns" and "Black Widow"
30 05 Shinra Manor, 1F F-10 "The Beginning of the End" and "The Jenova Project"
31 06 Mountain Pass C-13 "That is My Sin" and "Transformation Into the Beast"
32 06 Mountain Pass L-13 "I'm So Sorry" and "The One and Only Yuffie Kisuragi"
33 06 Mountain Pass K-6 "Sisterly Love" and "Shadowfox Grounded"
34 06 Mountain Pass F-10 "Picnic" and "Shelke's Proposition"
35 06 WRO Causeway I-10 "Incoming Transmission" and "Web of the Black Widow II"
36 06 WRO Causeway I-13 "Black Widow II Destroyed" and "Goodbye, Shalua"
37 06 WRO Causeway F-10 "The End of the WRO?" and "Whose Fault?"
38 06 WRO HQ Entrance D-8 "Hey!!! Over Here!!!" and "Cid's Fleet"
39 06 WRO HQ Entrance K-2 "Vincent! Long Time!" and "Eggs for Breakfast"
40 06 WRO HQ Ruins G-6 "A More Detailed Briefing" and "You Just Remind Me of Your Sister"
41 08 Train Graveyard 1 G-8 "And the Meeting Begins" and "Cloud and Company"
42 08 Train Graveyard 2 D-9 "Synaptic Net Dive...Start" and "The Cosmos"
43 08 Train Graveyard 2 B-6 "Why, Those Conniving...!" and "Something for Someone You Care About"
44 08 Train Graveyard 2 H-6 "Just Like Old Times" and "They Attacked Wutai as Well"
45 08 Train Graveyard 3 I-8 "Number Five is Alive!" and "Chaos Out of Control"
46 08 Train Graveyard 3 D-11 "OK Dogs!" and "Tsviets in Waiting"
47 08 Train Graveyard 3 G-5 "Yuffie and the Boys" and "A Present from Shelke"
48 08 Train Graveyard 3 J-10 "Attack on Midgar" and "A Few Klicks Off Target"
49 08 Train Graveyard 4 K-7 "WRO Squad Rendezvous" and "Just Don't Get in My Way"
50 08 Train Graveyard 5 D-15 "Born in the Slums" and "WRO Commander"
51 08 Train Graveyard 5 N-4 "A Lone Survivor" and "Fire From the Sky"
52 08 Midgar Central Tower 2 B-9 "Shrikes Down" and "Final Confrontation with Rosso"
53 08 Midgar Central Tower 4 G/H-2 "Why They Call Me the Crimson" and "Rosso in the Moonlight"
54 08 Midgar Central Tower, Top Floor B-13 "Visions of Lucrecia" and "Nero Versus Shelke"
55 09 Shinra Building Ruins 1 E-4 "Widows in Waiting" and "Black Widow TW Offline"
56 09 Shinra Building Ruins 2 G-11 "Call for Vincent Valentine" and "Waiting at the Bottom"
57 09 Shinra Building Ruins 6 I-7 "The True Azul" and "More a Beast than I"
58 09 Shinra Facilities, Data Vault I-1 "Lucrecia and Chaos" and "The Door Opens"
59 09 Shinra Facilities, Research Area I-11 "Mako Reactor from Afar" and "DG Elite"
60 10 Deepground Outer Wall 1 A-6 "The Call of Darkness" and "Shelke in the Night"
61 10 Deepground Outer Wall 1 N-4 "Grimoire and Lucrecia" and "Lucrecia's Failure"
62 10 Deepground Outer Wall, Interior 1 N-7 "Rest in Peace, Doctor" and "Young Sisters"
63 10 Deepground Outer Wall 2 E-12 "Forgotten Tears" and "Nero the Sable"
64 10 Deepground Outer Wall, Interior 4 L-5 "Indestructible" and "Into the Oblivion"
65 10 Deepground Outer Wall, Interior 5 B-14 "Yuffie Returns" and "Shelke in the Laboratory"
66 10 Deepground (following the Monorail Mission) B-9 "Why Didn't You Tell Me!?" and "Shelke Slumbers"
67 10 Deepground Ruins 1, East G-14 "The Dragonfly Rises" and "The Dragonfly Falls"
68 10 Deepground Ruins 1, East N-11 "Back Together Again" and "Weiss' Pulse"
69 10 Deepground Ruins 1, East I-10 "Enter Arachnero" and "Battle in the Dark"
70 10 Deepground Ruins 1, West J-6 "A Fate Decided" and "Weiss Reborn"
71 10 Deepground Ruins 1, West E-6 "Overpowered" and "Take Control"
72 10 Deepground Ruins 1, West D-12 "Chaos Awakens" and "Weiss' Last Breath"
73 10 Deepground Ruins 1, West E-1 "We Did It!" and "Omega Takes Form"
74 10 Deepground Ruins 2, Center G-6 "Commencing Final SND" and "Take This..."
75 11 Mako Reactor Zero 1 B-5 "Lucrecia's Descent" and "Battle Over Midgar"
76 11 Mako Reactor Zero 3 I-11 "Sorry About the Wait" and "Invasion"
77 11 Mako Reactor Zero 6 C-7 "Through the Membrane and Beyond" and "Almost There"
78 11 Mako Reactor Zero 7 A-6 "Free At Last" and "To the Final Stage"
79 11 Mako Reactor Zero 7 B-10 "First Encounter - Crystal Feelers" and "Second Encounter - Omega Cocoon"
80 11 Mako Reactor Zero 7 F-9 "Third Encounter - Omega Weiss" and "The Death of Omega Weiss"
81 12 Above Midgar 1 H-9 "A Finale Chaotic"
82 12 Above Midgar 1 M/N-15 "G"

Extra Missions

Mission Coordinates Method Unlocks
1. Zephyr Heathlands G-11 Gunfire Character Viewer: The WRO
2. Widow Missileer I-6 Materia Shot Sound Gallery: The System
3. Wastelings B-9 Melee Attack Art Gallery: The WRO
3. Wastelings D-6 Gunfire Official Trailer: Tokyo Game Show
4. Vincent the Mage C-12 Materia Shot Sound Gallery: Battlefields
5. Deep Labyrinth K-15 Shoot barrel above capsule Side-Mission: Boxemon
7. Gatling in the Wastes F-9 Materia Shot Sound Gallery: Events
8. Lord of the Jungle J-7 Melee Attack Art Gallery: Weapons
9. Cait Versus the World J-6 Melee Attack Art Gallery: Locations
10. Missilebreaker Melee I-7 Gunfire Official Trailer: DC Presentation
10. Missilebreaker Melee G-10 Gunfire Character Viewer: Others
11. Collector's Mind D-5 Gunfire Character Viewer: Monsters
12. Vincent the Destroyer D-5 Melee Attack Art Gallery: Event-Related
13. Rains of Gehenna J-4 Gunfire Official Trailer: Jump Festa
13. Rains of Gehenna J-13 Melee Attack Art Gallery: Monsters
14. Vincent the Grappler J-11 Melee Attack Art Gallery: Shinra
15. Red and Blue G-12 Melee Attack Art Gallery: WRO Headquarters
16. Stygian Sewers K-4 Melee Attack Art Gallery: Shinra Building
17. Messenger from Hell G-15 Materia Shot Sound Gallery: WRO
18. Badlands F-8 Shoot Crate under Barrel atop Tower Side Mission: Chamber of Ghosts
20. Deep Tower K-8 Gunfire Character Viewer: Shinra
21. Cait Versus the Crimson G-9 Melee Attack Art Gallery: Deepground
22. Shinra Manor Prime I-7 Gunfire Official Trailer: Retail Display
22. Shinra Manor Prime H-5 Materia Shot Sound Gallery: Shinra
23. Rampart Rubble M-11 Melee Attack Art Gallery: Deepground Soldiers
24. Contra Kalm J-13 Shoot Mine when near Capsule Side Mission: Missilebreaker Deathmatch
26. Cait Versus the Cerulean H-5 Melee Attack Art Gallery: Bosses
27. Vincent the Beast H-5 Melee Attack Art Gallery: Attack on Midgar
28. Cyclopean Causeway G-11 Gunfire Character Viewer: Bosses
29. Trick Arc L-7 Materia Shot Sound Gallery: Bosses
30. 100,000 Needles F-7 Gunfire Character Viewer: Deepground
31. Cait Versus the Bull On Arch Azul's Tail Melee Attack Art Gallery: Miscellaneous
32. Deepground Soldiers K-6 Melee Attack Art Gallery: Mako Reactor 0
33. Shieldbreaker G-12 Melee Attack Art Gallery: Finale Chaotic
34. Spiral D-5 Materia Shot Sound Gallery: Vincent
35. One-handed F-11 Melee Attack Art Gallery: Vincent
36. Black Widow Tetra I-5 Gunfire Character Viewer: Vincent
37. Gatling Shower I-14 Shoot Barrel atop water tower when Capsule comes into view Side Mission: Go With the Flow
39. Brotherly Love G-3 Materia Shot Sound Gallery: Tsviets
40. Unlimited DG M-10 Melee Attack Art Gallery: Tsviets
41. Drumline J-2 Gunfire Character Viewer: Tsviets
42. Two-handed K-6 Materia Shot Sound Gallery: Omega
43. Cait Versus the Empowered K-8 Melee Attack Art Gallery: Omega
44. Deepground J-8 Gunfiree Character Viewer: Omega
45. Stronghold Impervious H-8 Gun Turret Side Mission: An Invitation to Illusion