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FFVII: Dirge of Cerberus - G Reports

The G Reports are secret documents scattered in various locations. They hold information about a mysterious SOLDIER known as "G". By collecting all of them you unlock the secret ending.


The Shin-Ra Manufacturing Company is feared across the globe for its ruthless army, SOLDIER.

However, there are two members of this legion of whom few have the courage to speak.

While one is well known: the infamous "S" - a symbol of strength and destruction - the other remains shrouded in a eldritch veil of shadows.

All records of this man's existence have been deleted. The only remnant of his legacy being the lone letter "G".

In chapter 8, on the left of the Shop Machine there is a ladder behind a heavy machine gun. Climb it and protect WRO soldiers to unlock all 40 locks. The laser gate will be solved. Get in that passage, go until the end and climb up the ladder. The first G Report is here with some other items.

A Single Record

We can only begin to imagine who this enigmatic warrior might be.

There are rumors that he was biochemically constructed prototype for the soldier who would become "S". However, there are no documents to supports these claims. In fact, there is so little information on G that his existence may be nothing but a fabrication.

The only thing that may give insight into this mystery is a lone personal record which indicates that several years ago, a SOLDIER 1st Class was assigned a top-secret mission to pursue a target known only as "G".

Unfortunately, any further data on this mission been lost or destroyed.

In chapter 10, after completing the motor cart mission, a new area is unlocked. Go there and take the path on the right. Here you will face DG soldiers with protection spell. Jump onto the rooftop and at one of the corners you will find the G Report. The coordinate is N-10.

Below Midgar

"G" Slumbers below Midgar...
Silently abiding his awakening...

Or so tell the vagrants who dwell in the slums of the mephitic metropolis. However, could there exist some truth behind these rumors?

Being one of the few who was involved in their construction, I know all too well of the vast caverns that sprawl beneath our city's streets.

This will more than likely be my final entry. The last fragment is as follows:

Soldiers branded with epithets of color...

These are the hellspawn of G.

In chapter 11, there is a room with 4 MP auras in each corner. Here you will find DG soldiers with protection spell. Don't bother killing each one of them because they auto-regenerate. Stand on the plate in the centre of the room and it will now rise. Jump on the pipe and be careful not to fall off. You will find the G Report at the end of one of the pipes. The coordinate is C-6.